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For first assessment in 2017 TK/PPD

gfh646 MAY 2019
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Theory of knowledge presentation planning document

Title of presentation:

Indicate the duration of the presentation: 20 minutes

Indicate the number of participants in the presentation: 2

Candidate responses on this document must be typed and limited to a maximum of 500 words for the whole of the Candidate
section (not per field). It is not permitted to exceed the two sides of the candidate section.

Describe your real-life situation:

First real life situation that we chose is a theory that ”the Earth is round”. Long way back in the history, a lot of people believed that
the Earth is a flat board, until the Greek philosopher Pythagora proved it differently. His theory was not accepted right away, and
there are still people that believe that the Earth is flat despite all the evidence that is is round.
The second real life situation that we presented was the appearance of two diseases that are connected: HIV and AIDS. It was
discovered approximately 40 years ago. Back then, people had no clue about the disease itself because it was a new discovery,
so it was an issue how to deal with it. It was believed that it can be transmitted by shaking hands, breathing, or other normal
everyday activities that were inevitable. Today, it is well known how AIDS and HIV can be transmitted. However, there are still
many poor countries in which people are not educated and is still believed that it can be transmitted for e.g. through air.
State your central knowledge question (this must be expressed as a question):
To what extent does the education in general affect our perspectives and attitudes?

Explain the connection between your real-life situation and your knowledge question:
The first real life situation and our knowledge question were connected by a question: “How did this discovery, that the Earth is
flat, change our lives?” After Pytagora’s theory was accepted, people did not longer believe that their boats will fall of the edges of
the ocean, which gave a whole new perspective to the world and answers our question. After that, a lot of new discoveries were
made, such as gravity.
One of the most famous people that died from AIDS in the years of its discoveries was Freddie Mercury. His death encouraged
people to educate about this disease as well as using contraception (condoms) during intercourse.
Magic Johnson waste of the most famous NBA basketball players in history. The truth about his infection completely changed his
life and the way people started to look at him. As everybody already knew a lot about the virus and the disease they were
frightened of the consequences of his virus and the threat he posed to others around him, like other players.

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International Baccalaureate TK/PPD (page 2)

Outline how you intend to develop your TOK presentation in the context of your real-life situation. Include analysis
of your main knowledge question and related knowledge questions as well as arguments and perspectives.
Responses can be presented in continuous prose or as a list of points:
-huge development in branches of medicine and education that improved our lives and saved many people, examples are
presented in real life situations
-our main focus was on the AIDS and HIV so the knowledge question is formed this way
-by mentioning theory that Earth is flat, we wanted to expand the topic which fits in the presentation

Show the significance of your conclusions with particular reference to your real-life situation and indicate how those
conclusions might be relevant to other real-life situations:
-we proved that the society has benefitted from the knowledge about shape of Earth

-people gained knowledge about AIDS and HIV by being educated about it
-they also gained knowledge about how the disease is dangerous and how to distinguish between the virus and the disease,
causing less panic overall.

-in conclusion we said that education truly does change the beliefs and perspectives of the individual, as well as it changes our
-his conclusion can be applied to probably every other real life situation because based on these three we just mentioned, we
proved that the education does change our believes as it should be

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Enter your mark (0-10) for this presentation: 7

Provide brief comments to support your assessment of the presentation. These should include remarks on the extent to which
the knowledge question was well formulated and connected to the real-life situation, and on the effectiveness of the arguments
and TOK analysis.

Although cliche knowledge question and real life example were used, presentation was clearly focused, with satisfactory linking
both concepts. Arguments were clear, with good and productive tok - discussion which followed.