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Sept 19, 2019

The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission,
New Delhi, India

Re: Application for study permit for post degree program in Marketing Management at The
University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB

My name is Sushant Chiluwal, planning to pursue a two-year post degree diploma program at
University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My born date was on 1st April 1995 in Rohini,
Ward No. 04, Rupandehi, Nepal.

Soon after completing my high school, I got the opportunity to work as a Marketing Assistant at
Radio Audio. It was my score of high school’s board exams that helped me get this job available
back then which also didn’t require any work experience. I worked there for almost 9 months from
15th November 2013 to 31st July 2014. At the beginning I was scared as I took a year break to work
instead of continuing my education but slowly I started liking my job as I enjoyed what I did. My
major responsibilities at the workplace was to work with marketing team to organize and
implement marketing plans and strategies, visit customers/external agencies and also to support
my marketing manager in day to day marketing activities. This work really helped me to become
a team player, the information shared between the team members improved my knowledge and
also gave me greater motivation to enhance my creativity and level of thinking. During this period
I also learned to take responsibilities and I realized it is very skill oriented, dynamic and creativity-
based field.

I then left the job to continue my education and studied Bachelor of Business Administration
(BBA). Form the time I joined Bachelors I had in my mind that I am going to choose Marketing
as a major because I wanted to gain more knowledge about Marketing. I studied subjects like
Consumer Behavior and Advertising and Promotion Management, Sales management and Global
Marketing. Studying these subjects gave me an outline of how people run business and what
changes are they facing in terms of marketing their products to the customers. I also learned about
what pushes people to consume different products and services and how has that changed from the
past especially in the context of Nepal, where I wish to establish my own business in the future

Besides academic, during my Bachelor days I also participated in various event at college and
worked as an organizer where most of the time I took the responsibility to go out in the market and
collect sponsors/funds to run the event successfully. This gave me chance to interact with different
people every day, know more about their business and also helped me build a good relationship
with them.

I also worked as an Advertisement Coordinator to publish BIZstyle magazine with my friends.

It was the magazine published under the initiative of students which included 75% of business
content and remaining 25% of lifestyle content. I worked for it form May 2017 to October 2017
where my major roles were to collect advertisements for the Magazines, gather sponsorships to
fund for the launch of magazine, advertising tracking and reporting to Marketing Director and also
to provide necessary support to the advertising team. Working for the magazine I learned a lot
about the market reality back then. Facing rejections from the clients, clients making you wait to
give their decision, constant bargaining from the clients, time pressure, time management and most
importantly learning to hide the emotions despite any tough situations, were the things I learned
during the process of launching this magazine.

Working on all these events and gaining experience form different situations increased all my
interest to making marketing field as my career. As of now, I have rejoined Radio Audio after
completing my Bachelors and have been working here since September 1st 2018 as a Marketing
Executive. My roles has also changed as like my position in the company where now I focus on
building and maintaining strategic relationships with key vendors, agencies and industry players.
Other than that I also help in providing administrative support to marketing and sales team and
identify potential customers and form a relationship through proactive and reactive methods.

Despite all this I still believe that the knowledge I have acquired so far is still insufficient to meet
my goals in life and thus by completing Post Degree Diploma in Marketing Management I hope
to learn more about latest and modern Marketing theories and principles. I wish to study this course
so that when I return back to Nepal, I can apply all the knowledge and skills to grow and develop
Nepalese marketing culture and business.
In the future, I wish to establish my own business here in Nepal and slowly with the knowledge I
will have, it will help me to compete and sustain in the modern competitive market. On the other
hand this course will also give me knowledge about modern marketing systems like digital
marketing, building public relationship fundamentals, strategic planning and marketing, which is
must in the modern marketing era.

And thus I wish to acquire knowledge in these subjects so that I can gain competitive advantage
when I run my own business. It will also help me learn how to integrate digital, social, and mobile
platforms into a strategic integrated marketing program aligned with business goals. Other than
that it is also a PACE program (Professional, Applied and Continuing Education) which includes
a 4-week internship program. This will boost me by letting me implement all my theoretical
knowledge to put into practice so that it will be easier for me to work here when I return back to
my country. Overall, I feel that this program will provide me more exposure in the International
marketing world and will provide me advantage in the future ahead.

At the end, I hope all my academic credentials and work place as well as other experiences in this
field are enough to make me worthy enough to get the study permit to study in Canada. Thank

Yours Sincerely,
Sushant Chiluwal
Passport no: 11069688.