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Section : JPMAP MEMBERS BENEFITS Effectivity Date:


1. As a member of the Junior People Management Association of the Philippines Cagayan

de Oro Chapter, a JPMAP Member is entitled to the following rights and privileges:
A. JPMAP CDO Chapter E-Journal: The JPMAPer(not sure about the name).
Released at least __ a year, the e-journal shall include articles featuring famous
and not-so-famous JPMAPers, major activities sponsored by local chapter of
Cagayan de Oro City, pertinent information, updates of the Chapter and other
trivial facts. In line with this, the Editorial Board is inviting and encouraging
correspondents and budding writers from local members and school chapters to
contribute articles and photos of activities and other materials and issues related
to the well-being of the JPMAPer. Every member is entitled to a copy of every
issue of The JPMAPer.
B. Enhancement Programs
The PMAP Chapter of Cagayan de Oro could help provide Guest Speakers and
Judges for local school chapters and city-wide activities of JPMAP that need
participation of the above-mentioned people; provided that, the requesting local
chapter/region pays for the transportation and accommodation needs of the
guest, unless otherwise specified. Enhancement Programs are not limited to:
Seminars, Workshops, Learning Sessions, Conferences and Training Program.
C. Off-Campus Assistance
All Members are given On-the-Job Training, Career Guidance, Mentoring
Program, Employment Referral, Free Job Post and Job Fair opportunities.
D. Special Events
The Chapter will ensure the harmonious development of the mental, physical,
social and spiritual faculties through Social Interactions, Sports Activities,
Community Outreach Programs, Institutional Trips, and Awareness Programs
E. Discounts
All Members are given discounts to all training programs of the Local Chapter or
any School Chapter in Cagayan de Oro City.

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