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BILLY CLUB: When Daredevil is dressed as

Matt Murdock, his club is simply a blind man's POWER MAN™

cane. The lower portion of the cane separates to Luke Cage, detective
become a fighting baton of.Amazing material. Altered Human
The part of the club with the hooked end is a
spring-loaded grappling hook. The cable is long Fighting: REMARKABLE
enough to extend into any adjacent area. The Agility: GOOD
billy club is a Unique Weapon and Daredevil
gets two column shifts to the right when using it.
Endurance: AMAZING
Talents: Gymnastics, boxing, oriental martial Reason: GOOD
arts, and wrestling. Intuition: EXCELLENT
Important People: His family is dead. He is
close to the Black Widow and to the late Eleck- Health: 130
tra. He is fond of and protects his law partner Karma: 36
Foggy" Nelson. His arch-enemy is Bullseye. Resources: POOR
Popularity: 18
Background: Son of a small-time prizefighter,
Matt gained his powers and lost his sight when
he was deluged with radioactive waste. He has Powers:
been in the hero business for a long time and
has many contacts, including the infamous THICK SKIN: Power Man has.Incredible body
Kingpin of crime. armor, because of his dense flesh.

Talents: Law enforcement.

Important People: Luke has no known fam-

ily. Iron Fist is a close friend. He has contacts
and acquaintances throughout the poor urban
areas of New York. His legal counsel is Jerwyn

DAREDEVIL™ Background: Luke was born in the slums of

Harlem. He committed many petty thefts with
Matt Murdock, lawyer his friend Willis Stryker. Eventually Luke went
Altered Human straight while Stryker became a rich criminal.
Stryker framed Luke for heroin possession
Fighting: INCREDIBLE because of an argument over a woman. Soon
Agility: INCREDIBLE afterwards the woman was killed in an assassi-
Strength: GOOD nation attempt meant for Stryker.
While in prison Luke learned how to fight in
Endurance: EXCELLENT
order to stay alive. He agreed to be a subject in
Reason: TYPICAL an experiment of Dr. Bernstein's in exchange for
Intuition: MONSTROUS early parole. A prison guard that hated Luke
Psyche: GOOD tried to use the experiment to kill him. Instead
he gave Luke Cage superhuman strength and
Health: 110 steel-hard skin.
Karma: 91 Luke used his new powers to escape from
Resources: GOOD prison. Back in New York, Luke set himself up
Popularity: 42 as a Hero for Hire. While searching for evidence
to clear his name he met Iron Fist. Together they
cleared Luke of the drug charges and set up
Powers: Heroes for Hire, a detective agency.
BLIND: Matt Murdock has been blind since he
was a teenager.

SENSES. Daredevil's four remaining senses

have been heightened to a Monstrous level. He
can detect sounds, smells, tastes and touch
sensations far beyond the normal human range
by making an Intuition FEAT roll. He frequently
listens to peoples' heartbeats in the same area
he is in to determine if they are lying. People
with pacemakers or those that have some con-
trol over their body can fool Daredevil. If his
senses are overloaded, as in a noisy crowd, his
senses are only Incredible.

RADAR SENSE: Daredevil can sense three

dimensional objects up to two areas away. He
can tell how massive an object is with this
sense. However, it is not refined enough for him
to detect details of the object. This sense oper-
ates all the time, day or night. His radar sense
can be overloaded by echoes or lots of little
moving objects. This reduces his intuition to
Incredible temporarily.
Lone wolves. They are heroes who work deadly cyber-sergeants and minions. met in the MARVEL® Comics before. This
alone. Daredevil™, Black Widow™, Power They all combine to be a deadly force can be an aid to role-playing, but don't
Man™ and Iron Fist™. All of these lone arrayed against the heroes. allow a player to change the game rules by
wolves avoid large organizations in favor To play this explosive adventure you showing you a comic in which a villain or
of being on their own. In this intricate need the MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ hero does something not permitted in this
adventure these heroes are drawn game. You need to know the game in order adventure. Remember, you are the Judge,
together to unravel a challenging mystery to play. It's a good idea to read this entire and this game requires careful balance,
and face an incredible menace. booklet before running the adventure, but something you (not the players) should
Super villains are entrenched within the it's not absolutely necessary. If you don't provide. "That's the way it works here," is
city. Kraven the Hunter™ commands read the entire booklet first, at least read a good answer for pushy players.
Sabretooth™ and Vermin™. Modok™ each chapter thoroughly before playing Once you've set up the game, it's time
directs Taskmaster™, who has turned his that scene. for the hunt. On with the adventure!
talents towards leading and training Some of the villains and heroes have

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Chapter 1:

At the beginning of the adventure Power have appeared on the scene. The heroes
Man and Iron Fist are in their Heroes for knows that Reggie is a good boy, and lose Karma (see the end of the chapter).
Hire office in Midtown while Matt Murdock good boys don't join street gangs. That
and the Black Widow are in the Nelson & was last week, and you promised to lis- BATTLE
Murdock law offices on the Upper East ten for news about the area.
Side. SET-UP. One-half of the map is a street
Read the following boxed text to both section of poverty-ridden Upper Manhat-
Read the following boxed text to the tan. Put crowd counters in areas marked
Heroes for Hire. groups.
with a "C." The heroes start in any area on
the southern border of the map. (You may
You have been working on the Lambert- We interrupt this program for the follow- have to make additional crowd counters
son case for over a month. So far, not ing news bulletin: A riot involving more since only two come with the original
even one crummy break about the than four hundred individuals is raging boxed set.) Vermin is in the alley behind
creeps who are robbing and vandalizing along Eighth Avenue in Upper Manhat- Lenny's store. Sabretooth is on the roof of
Lenny Lambertson's shop in the poor tan. Several deaths have already been the abandoned Old Town Apartments.
section of Upper Manhattan. Every few reported, and attempts to call in vari- Leave their counters off the map until a
days his storerooms are robbed and ous super hero groups have, according hero can see those areas.
vandalized. He is an important client, to our sources, failed to date. The The National Guard have men set up in
mostly because he pays his bills. Most National Guard is presently forming a every area that is on the edge of the map.
of the deadbeats that hire you don't. cordon around the affected area. Stay They let any costumed hero through with-
tuned to this station for further news out question. The guard will not move in
bulletins. unless a hero asks them to.
Read the following boxed text to Matt Mur-
dock and the Black Widow. Each group of heroes immediately
Tell the Heroes for Hire that the not is spots the other as soon as there is a clear
only a block from Lenny's store. He has line of sight. After that, all four heroes can
Foggy says it's bad business to take hired them to protect his shop. Tell the
charity cases. But what else can you do work together. The first turn that a hero is
Black Widow and Matt that Rachel's apart in a crowd area or only one area away from
when a hard working woman is about to ment looks out over the scene of the riot. I
be evicted without cause? Her name is a crowd area, have that hero make an Intu-
Reggie is involved she may lose her apart- ition FEAT roll. If it is green, the hero
Rachel. She says that her landlord is ment despite their best efforts.
evicting her because he claims that her notices rats all over the place if it is yel-
If the heroes do not go to investigate the low, the hero also notices that people
19 year old son will destroy his build- riot, things get worse. The radio reports
ing. He thinks her son is part of a street seem to be fighting with an inhuman sav-
extensive property damage and com- agery. If it is red, the hero can tell that
gang. Rachel says it isn't possible. She plains about the fact that no super heroes when a rat bites a person, that person

goes into an insane rage that lasts a short knocked unconscious or flees, the street LENNY LAMBERTSON. Lenny can
time. is two inches_deep in water, or the area is describe the riot as it looked to him.
SABRETOOTH AND VERMIN. Kraven subjected to a full turn of ultrasonic noise. If the crowd broke into Lenny's store
the Hunter has ordered Sabretooth and If the rats are removed from the crowd, the and the Heroes for Hire are nearby, he will
Vermin to conduct an experiment here riot begins to calm down. Remove two threaten to fire the heroes. The heroes
today. The rats are controlled by Vermin. A crowd counters each turn until the riot has need one green Popularity FEAT roll
rat's bite infects the victim with a chemical vanished. between the two of them to persuade
that induces savagery and rage. Since Each fire hydrant can flood the streets Lenny not to fire them.
Vermin does not follow orders very well, up to two areas away. Fire trucks can be RACHEL. Rachel has no information. If
Sabretooth is there to ensure his obedi- called in by the heroes. They arrive four questioned, she describes the riot and
ence. To find out more about Kraven, read turns after being requested. A fire truck or expresses concern for Reggie.
Chapter Two. a fire hydrant can flood any two areas to a REGGIE. This is Reggie's story.
Sabretooth must make an Intuition depth of two inches in one round.
FEAT roll each turn for each hero in his line In the Fine Tunes Stereo Shop there is "Yah, I was comin' back with what Mom
of sight. If it is successful, Sabretooth equipment to kit bash an ultrasonic stereo wanted, and ran into a crowd of people.
spots that hero. He tries to eliminate the system. It takes two successful Reason All of 'em were kicking and scratching,
heroes he has spotted one by one. He FEAT rolls to assemble it. One roll is and before I knew it, I was grabbed up.
attacks any lone hero from behind. If the allowed each round. The system can pro- I...I lost the package in the mashing
fight goes badly or reinforcements show ject ultrasonic noise seven areas away. and fighting. Didn't hardly know about
up he flees. REGGIE. Rachel's son Reggie is in the it until Bang! They grabbed me up!"
If any hero attacks Vermin, Sabretooth crowd. Put a his counter in front of
joins the battle. If Sabretooth is attacked, Rachel's apartment building. He has not If Daredevil is present, he can perceive
Vermin joins the battle. If they are losing been bitten yet. Check to see if Reggie is that Reggie is lying about some parts of
the battle, both try to flee. bitten by a rat once each turn, just like for what happened. Unless beaten or
THE CROWD. Each turn the riot can the heroes. He is attacked each turn by drugged (heroes would lose Karma for
shift its position, expand, or contract. Any- one rioter. this), Reggie will stick to his story, perhaps
body in the same area as a crowd counter F A S E R I P even lying further to cover his true knowl-
that is shifting shifts with it. Roll to deter- Gd Gd Pr Pr edge.
Ty Ty ry
mine what the crowd does each round: In truth, Reggie is in the employ of
Health: 32 Karma: 14 Kraven the Hunter (see next chapter) and
Roll Random Crowd Actions—Table 1
If the crowd in his area shifts, Reggie knew the riot would occur. He was return-
0 Crowds shift one area to the north shifts with it. If the apartment building is ing to protect his Mother when he was
1 Crowds shift one area to the south demolished, the landlord automatically caught up in the riot accidentally. As soon
2 Crowds shift one area to the east assumes that Reggie is behind it all, as he has healed any wounds, Reggie
3 Crowds shift one area to the west whether or not Reggie is actually in the goes to Kraven's lair at midnight the next
4-6 No change crowd at the time. night. The heroes might be able to follow
7 Take away one crowd counter from LAMBERTSON'S STORE. Lenny Lam- him.
the edge of the riot bertson is in his store. He protects it to the VERMIN AND SABRETOOTH. If either
8-9 Add one crowd counter to the edge end. If any rioters enter the store he imme- Sabretooth or Vermin is captured they can
of the riot diately attacks them. He is armed with a be questioned by the heroes. Both readily
Each turn a hero is in a crowd area, he is baseball bat. He is subject to the same admit that they were following orders.
attacked by 1d10 rioters. For each addi- rules as Reggie for rats and rioters attack- Sabretooth won't say whose orders. If
tional hero in the same area, subtract one ing him. questioned for more than ten turns, Ver-
attacker. The attackers are under the influ- The rioting crowds do not intend to min lets slip that it was Kraven the Hunter.
ence of the rat bite chemical. They can't destroy property, but in their madness Neither will say where Kraven's lair is.
be convinced to stop. they demolish any building they enter. A
Each rioter attacks once and then fades rioting crowd can be denied entrance to a AFTERMATH
back of the crowd. The attackers don't building by something blocking the HEALING. After this chapter, the heroes
pile up on the heroes. Each rioter has all entranceway. A block consists of a large recover their Endurance in Health.
Typical abilities, a Health of 24 and no object moved to the proper place, like a In addition to the listed Karma penalties
Karma. Each is armed with a club, bottle truck or a large fence. and awards, remember the Karma rules in
or other random blunt weapon. This the Campaign book. Heroes are responsi-
means that a hit does Good damage. CAMPAIGN ble for their actions, even if they were bit-
THE RATS. During each turn a hero is CROWD. When the riot ends, few of the ten by a rat.
next to or in a crowd area, roll 1d10. On a rioters can recall what really happened.
roll of 0 the hero is bitten by a rat. To For each person questioned, roll 1d10. On Table 2: I SMELL A RAT Karma
shake off the effects of the chemical a result of 1-4, the former rioter remem- Power Man & Iron Fist:
immediately, a hero must make an Endur- bers being bitten by a rat, then flying into Save Lambertson's store +20
ance FEAT roll. If a hero fails his roll, he or an uncontrollable rage. On a result of 5- Lenny's store destroyed -20
she becomes a savage rioter, under the 10, the former rioter recalls becoming Daredevil & Black Widow:
control of the Judge. To shake off the insanely angry. Rescue Reggie +20
effects during later turns, a hero must Everyone in the riot has been bitten at Landlord's building damaged -20
make a red Endurance FEAT roll. He or least once by a rat. Most have a variety of Each hero:
she can check once per turn to shake off other bruises and cuts from the fights. A Stop riot +30
he effect. blood sample taken from a rioter shows Capture Sabretooth +40
The rats will leave the scene of the riot if the presence of an unknown chemical, if Capture Vermin +50
any of the following happen: Vermin is tested by a hospital or laboratory. Riot stopped by National Guard-30

Chapter 2.

The heroes must discover who ordered for the nut." police have current addresses for both.
Sabretooth and Vermin to carry out this SABRETOOTH. He has no police Kraven was known to frequent two places
strange attack and why. They might record. He is a suspect in two recent mur- regularly, the Tiki Hut nightclub and the
already know who did if Vermin talked in ders, but there is no evidence. The police Brooklyn Zoo.
the last chapter. suspect that he has many underworld con- KITTY KACH. She lives in the Shanty
The next twelve sections are organized nections. Town Houses. She will speak readily of her
by clues. If a hero investigates a particular VERMIN. He was broken out of jail past employer, Kraven, mentioning that
person, place or object, find the closest recently (see the NEWS section above). she met him recently. If pressed, she adds
match and reference what is written there. He was being held in the Ryker's Island that while she does sell rare African herbs
NEWS. News from recent weeks is of Penitentiary asylum. to him, she turned down his recent offer of
interest. Sabretooth and a half-dozen ALLEY. The alley that Rachel saw the a job. He has also stopped purchasing
henchmen broke into Ryker's Island rats pour out of has a clue in it. A thorough herbs. That is all Kitty Kach knows.
where Vermin was being held. They made search reveals a spice wrapper. It is Just as the interview is ending, the Pun-
a clean getaway with Vermin. One of the labeled "Fisk Spices, Inc.," and contains isher comes in through a window. Go to
henchmen was captured. During ques- traces of a dried plant and several large the Battle section. The Punisher's goal is
tioning he revealed that he was a hireling hairs. to kidnap Kitty to question her.
of Kraven the Hunter. The next day he was If Daredevil was ever in the same area MARK SAVAGE. When the heroes
found dead in his cell, killed by a swarm of as Vermin, he can identify the hairs as arrive at Mark's place, they hear a burst of
rats. belonging to Vermin. A chemist can iden- gunfire from inside. The Punisher has just
Kraven the Hunter broke into the Brook- tify the plant as a rare African herb. He can killed Mark Savage because he Was a
lyn Zoo and stole several lions and tigers. tell that the hairs belong to a rat. However, criminal. The Punisher did get the
It would have been a complete mystery the rat would have to have been as large answers to a few questions first. Go to the
except that the night watchmen caught a as a man. Battle section. The Punisher's goal is to
glimpse of him as he herded the cats FISK SPICES, INC. Records show that escape.
aboard a truck. Fisk Spices, Inc., has the company is owned by Wilson Fisk, the TIKI HUT. Nobody knows anything
donated money to the Zoo to replace the Kingpin of Crime (see Kingpin, below). except the bartender. He saw Kitty Kach
animals. KRAVEN. Police records of Kraven the and Kraven together in a booth four days
CONTACTS. All of the heroes have Hunter show nothing new except what is ago. Kraven gave Kitty an envelope and
street contacts. Unfortunately none of in the NEWS section above. However, Kitty passed Kraven a large package.
them know very much about what hap- they do have a list of his former contacts BROOKLYN ZOO. See the NEWS sec-
pened. There is a 50% chance that a and hangouts in New York City. tion above for events that have happened
street contact gives a hero this rumor. Police records on Kraven also show that at the Zoo. Kraven stole a white tiger, two
"Kingpin has hired Kraven the Hunter to two trusted accomplices of Kraven's, Kitty panthers and a leopard.
do some dirty work. Kraven is responsible Kach and Mark Savage, are at large. The KINGPIN. The Kingpin's office is in Mid-

town. Use the Fisk Building interior on BODY ARMOR. Sumo wrestling has cooperate with him. During combat the
side 2 of the map in the MARVEL SUPER hardened his body so that he has, Poor Punisher tries to convince the heroes that
HEROESTM game box. Kingpin is in the body armor. his cause is just, and that they should
business offices on the 18th floor. There is help. This conversation has no effect on
a guard armed with a handgun in the WALKING STICK. The stick conceals a
his combat skills.
three shot laser. It does excellent damage
lobby, and another in the Security Offices CRIMINALS: The Punisher has no
and has a range of two areas. The stick
on the 18th floor. qualms about killing anyone who is a crim-
also has two doses of gas that requires a
The Kingpin knows when visitors come inal, but unless it is his current goal he
yellow Endurance FEAT roll, or puts the
calling. For the heroes (and his thugs) he won't go out of his way to do so. However,
victim to sleep for 1-10 hours. The Kingpin
has arranged a little exercise. The eleva- if it is easier to kill a criminal than beat him,
must be in the same area as the target to
tor, while seeming to stop at the 18th floor, he kills.
spray the gas. The walking stick is made
actually stops at the 10th, where six If the Punisher attacks the Kingpin he
of Remarkable material.
unarmed thugs (all Abilities Typical, 24 does not use real bullets during the first
Health points each) jump the heroes from STICKPIN. His diamond stickpin has.one round of combat.
all sides as they exit the elevator. In two dose of sleep gas (see WALKING STICK). TACTICS: The Punisher is a superb
turns the door closes unless held open. It is only usable against opponents within fighter. He uses every trick in the book.
Once the heroes get to the business slugfest range. When playing the Punisher, always try to
offices on the 18th floor, the Kingpin greets think of the most effective thing for him to
Important People: The only people of
them pleasantly. He apologizes for any do each round. For example, he might
any importance to the Kingpin are his wife
inconvenience his men may have caused attempt a bullseye to shoot a weapon out
Vanessa and his son Richard (also known
them.. He explains that he likes to keep of an opponent's hand, or a chandelier
as the Schemer).
them on their toes. down from a ceiling onto several oppo-
After a few minutes of idle conversation, Background: Wilson Fisk has organized nents.
he tells them: all of the East Coast gangs under his lead- "Keep MOVING!" is Punisher's battle
ership. He controls all crime in the area, code. A moving target is less likely to be
"So you tell me you're interested in especially in New York. Only the Maggia or hit. Each turn he shifts his position at least
Kraven. Hmph. By chance, our inter- superpowered villains can operate without one area, unless he has a good reason to
ests coincide. His last payment to me his permission. He has shown himself to stay put.
was in counterfeit currency. I would be be extremely clever and a wizard at orga- It is important that The Punisher remain
pleased if you would be so kind as to nization. At one time he was a leader of free and at large until Chapter 7. If he is
arrest him for me. He is currently laired HYDRA, a subversive organization. He is seriously wounded, he leaves. He spends
at the vacant Hawk Animal Research publicly known as the Kingpin of Crime, Karma to escape if necessary. If by some
Laboratories building..." but there is no evidence to convict him. chance he dies in battle, alter the result so
that the Punisher is only in a coma. He can
The turn after the Kingpin says where BATTLE then escape upon regaining conscious-
the lair is, the Punisher attacks. He was There are several episodes of the Pun- ness.
waiting outside on the window ledge. Go isher attacking the heroes or their con-
to the Battle section. The Punisher's goal tacts. In each case his goal is stated. This CAMPAIGN
is to kill the Kingpin. The Kingpin is, after section describes his tactics. All of the The Punisher automatically escapes
all, just another criminal. If the situation Punisher's attacks should occur whether from police custody. It is illegal for the
gets bad, the Kingpin calls in ten goons. or not the heroes investigate the scene in heroes to keep him prisoner themselves. If
Each has all Typical abilities and a hand- which it occurs. by chance the heroes do keep him pris-
gun. The goons follow Kingpin's instruc- In this chapter the Punisher carries his oner, the Punisher escapes the first
tions without question. standard assortment of handguns and an moment that he is untended.
The Kingpin M16 submachine gun. He has a knife in an
Wilson Fisk, criminal mastermind ankle holster. The M16 and the Browning AFTERMATH
hi-tech wonder are loaded with mercy bullets. The pistol Once the heroes learn the location of
and the derringer have real bullets. He has Kraven's lair, go to the next chapter. At the
Fighting: REMARKABLE enough spare ammunition to reload as
Agility: GOOD end of this chapter the heroes can recover
many times as necessary. The Punisher is twice their Endurance in Health.
Strength: EXCELLENT carrying his standard load of grenades.
Endurance: INCREDIBLE In hand-to-hand combat the Punisher Table 3: JUNGLE STALK! Karma
Reason: GOOD can use the M16 as a blunt weapon. It has
Intuition: EXCELLENT For each clue followed +5
a special stock made of Excellent strength If the Punisher kills Kitty -50
Psyche: GOOD material. He can also reverse his knife and
Health: 100 If they aid The Punisher -20
hit with the pommel; treat as a blunt If the Punisher is captured +30
weapon for Good damage. If the Punisher is held by heroes -35
Karma: 120 HEROES: The Punisher considers him-
Resources: INCREDIBLE self to be a law-abiding citizen. He shoots
Popularity: 31 innocents with mercy bullets. In the begin-
Powers: ning, he considers all the heroes to be
innocent. If a hero commits any-crime,
WRESTLING. Wilson Fisk learned sumo from jaywalking to breaking and entering,
wrestling in Japan, and so receives a the Punisher will not forget...
column shift to the right when grappling. Since the Punisher considers himself to
MARTIAL ARTS. He is a master of judo be on the right side of the law, he is deter-
and oriental boxing. mined to convince heroes that they should

Chapter 3

If the heroes follow Reggie to Kraven's lair, heroes enter the building. 1 White Tiger
they see him go to the Hawk Animal
F A S E R ! P
Research Laboratories, a vacant building
Ex Gd Gd Ex Fb Ex Fb
in Upper Manhattan. Reggie enters Heat and humidity greet you as you
through the back door. open the door. Sounds as varied as Health: 60 Special: Claws
If the heroes have found the location of those of a city street fill the air. Monkeys 2 Panthers
Kraven's lair through the Kingpin, they chatter, birds screech and honk, while
also know its location and can approach it from no particular direction comes the F A S E R I P
at will. When they do, they find a two-story dull rumble of a large carnivore. A dirt Gd Ex Ty Gd Fb Ex Fb
brick building, located in the heart of path cuts through the jungle, branching Health: 46 Special: Claws
Upper Manhattan. The front door, win- at the iron door and heading off to the
dows, and fire escape have been bricked right and left. Trees, bushes, and vines 1 Leopard
in. The walls are of Excellent material. are everywhere else. F A S E R I P
The roof is covered with glass. The
Ex Ex Ty Gd Fb Gd Fb
glass is Typical material and strong
enough to support the weight of a man. If Movement through the jungle is difficult. Health: 56 Special: Claws
two or more heroes stand close together, This is why the jungle areas on the map There are other creatures in the jungle.
the glass breaks and they fall into the are small. A hero can only see into an adja- Kraven has stocked it with snakes, birds,
building, a two story fall (one story if cent area when he is in the jungle. Since monkeys and lizards. Only the snakes
heroes fall into the jungle—see below). the building is two stories tall, there is a are dangerous. The other animals just
There are no openings in the glass roof. ground level and an upper level. If a hero screech and run away when people get
The glass roof heats the building the same climbs a tree or falls through the glass ceil- near.
way a glass roof on a greenhouse does. It ing, he or she is in the upper area. Each turn a hero is in a jungle area a
is a humid 90 degrees inside Kraven's lair. Kraven's jungle is stocked with animals. snake is nearby. If the hero makes a suc-
From the roof all that can be seen are the Before the heroes enter the building, cessful Intuition FEAT roll he spots the
tops of trees. decide where you will place the four cats. snake and avoids it. It attacks with a
The back door is made of iron and kept Each cat starts in a jungle space. The cats strength of Excellent on the grappling
unlocked. Just inside the door is a pair of have been trained to attack intruders. table. However, because the snakes are
buttons, one red and one green. Three Move the cats toward the heroes each constrictors, shift two to the left for the vic-
turns after the door is opened, the alarm turn. Each hero must make an Intuition
sounds, unless the green button is tim's attempts to escape or reverse the
FEAT roll to avoid being surprised by the grappling hold.
pushed. The red button sounds the alarm first attack of a cat. A surprised character GUARD'S ROOM. In the corner is a
instantly. gets no action for that round. square room. The guards are stationed
Read the following boxed text when the
here. The walls are made of steel and Typ-
ical strength glass. The diagonal wall is a"
large plate glass window with a glass door his men and animals engage the intruders AFTERMATH
set in the middle. Kraven keeps six guards first. He uses his rope silently to drag the
Healing: At the end of this chapter the
on duty at all times. One of the guards on heroes into the bushes one by one. Each
duty when the heroes break in is Reggie. heroes can heal up to their Endurance in
hero is allowed an Intuition check when
The guards all wear special suits that give Kraven springs an ambush. If his intended
off an odor that the cats have been trained victim's roll is successful, he spots the Table 4: LION'S DEN Karma
to avoid. ambush and is allowed an action that
Vermin captured +30
Each guard is armed with a wooden round. If any other hero makes a success-
Sabretooth captured +40
club, since Kraven doesn't like guns in his ful roll, he spots the victim being attacked.
lair. Kraven forbids his guards to enter the Each Guard captured +10
If the victim is surprised, Kraven gets a
Reggie not arrested -10
jungle or the grass hut, allowing them to bonus of a HOLD with a green result.
Each cat returned +5
walk only on the dirt paths. The cats and the snakes do not attack
Pouch discovered +5
Their sentry duties consist of walking Kraven. He trained the cats personally
Punisher rescues heroes -15
around the dirt path. They start from their and they fear him. Kraven is wearing a
Each cat killed -15
room and walk all the way around back to snake repellent of his own devising, so
Each snake killed -5
it. Then a different guard does the same snakes do not approach him.
thing. A patrolling guard walks one area
Plus all awards/penalties in Campaign
every round. CAMPAIGN book
the circular grass hut in the corner. Any of If the heroes are defeated, Kraven puts
the villains from Chapter 1 that escaped them in the animal cage in his grass hut.
are there with him. Kraven is alerted that When they awaken he tells them that they
there are intruders if the alarm sounds, a are going to be guinea pigs for his latest
guard calls out, or a cat attacks the version of the savagery drug. He leaves
intruder. the hut laughing. The heroes have 10
The hut has cabinets of rare jungle turns in which to make an escape. If they
herbs and chemicals along the wall. In the do not, the Punisher sneaks in and
center of the hut is a table filled with test releases them. However, by that time
tubes, bunsen burners and other equip- jKraven is at Modok's base.
ment. This is where Kraven makes his I On the table in the hut is a black pouch.
potions. A sample of the drug used on the If the heroes search the hut for clues they
crowd in Chapter 1 is in a small vial find it. It holds a message from Modok say-
marked "!" ing "Bring the savagery formula to my
In one corner is an empty cage, capable secret base. Here is the first part of your
of holding any creature of Remarkable payment. Modok" There is $1000 in the
Strength or less. In the other corner is a pouch as well. At the very bottom of the
small tree where Kraven sleeps. pouch is a note from one of the Kingpin's
Kraven is armed with a variety of weap- lieutenants demanding final payment on
ons. They are detailed below. the black market shipment.
GAS SPRAY. His costume has one dose None of the henchmen, including Reg-
of a paralyzing gas which can automati- gie, know anything about Kraven's opera-
cally hit one hero in the same area as tion. They were merely hired to keep
Kraven. The victim must make an Endur- people out of the place, especially cos-
ance FEAT roll or be stunned for 1-10 tumed heroes.
turns. Kraven can be questioned if captured.
KNIVES. Kraven has a knife in each He reveals that Modok is his employer. He
boot. Treat these as claws for combat. accuses the heroes of working as a collec-
DARTS. His shoulder pads carry four tion agency for the Kingpin. Kraven
darts each. Each dart is coated with a refuses to tell the characters where Modok
knockout drug. The victim must make an is based. Sabretooth and Vermin know
Endurance FEAT roll or be stunned for 1- nothing about who hired Kraven or why.
10 turns. They merely followed his orders.
ROPE. Kraven is carrying a special rope REGGIE. Rachel's son Reggie works
of Incredible strength. He uses it as a for Kraven. He agreed to the work
lasso, and is able to reach up to four areas because he and his mother needed the
away with it. A lasso attempt is treated as a money. When the heroes capture Reggie,
long-range grappling attempt. After the he begs for mercy. He says that he only did
first turn, the victim loses 20 points each it for his mother.
turn since Kraven aims for the neck. Once This puts the heroes in a dilemma. Reg-
in the noose, an Escape FEAT roll is gie did break the law, therefore, he should
required to get free. be arrested. But since Reggie has basi-
In the hut is an elephant gun. It is loaded cally good motives, despite his mistakes
with non-lethal bullets. Kraven only uses it the heroes can do their best for him within
if other methods have failed. The gun does the law.
Amazing damage to whatever it hits; use
the Slugfest table.
TACTICS. Kraven likes to hunt. He lets

Chapter 4

The heroes should now know that Modok CONTACTS. Each of the heroes has business to always know who he is dealing
is behind the riot. They do not know what street contacts. There is a 50% chance with and where they live. It took a lot of
he is plotting. Finding Modok is very that any given contact has this informa- work and money, but he knows where
tough. He is inhumanly smart and keeps a tion. The word on the street is that Modok Modok's secret base is.
low profile. Below are different sources is assembling an army, and that he needs He has no quarrel with Modok. But the
that the heroes might consult to find able-bodied recruits who are rough and Kingpin fears that Modok might be plan-
Modok: fearless. Each contact has a warning, ning something that would be detrimental
NEWS. There is nothing in the news however: none of the men hired by Modok to his business. Since the Kingpin does
that would lead to Modok. are ever heard from again. Rumor has it nothing for free, he asks the heroes if they
POLICE. The police and Interpol (inter- that a man in a black beret is Modok's would agree to complete a small, insignifi-
national police) have records of some of recruiter: he is usually found in Jo-Jo's cant task for him.
his past exploits. Unfortunately they do pool hall. If the heroes agree, the Kingpin tells the
not have any current information. It is also known that Modok has been heroes of a new gang that has been com-
S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury, director of buying arms and equipment on the black mitting robberies in the city without his
S.H.I.E.L.D., personally greets any heroes market. The purchase is always done permission. At the very moment the King-
that go there. He tells them that through an intermediary. Nobody has pin is speaking, this gang, known as the
S.H.I.E.L.D. is conducting an investiga- been able to find out where the arms and Flying Tigers, is robbing the Keesh Mall,
tion of Modok, but because none of the equipment go to, but it is commonly directly across the street from the King-
heroes have a proper secuirty clearance, believed that the Kingpin is behind the pin's building. He would appreciate justice
Fury says that he cannot help the heroes selling. being served on these interlopers...with
in their hunt for Modok. KINGPIN. If the heroes ask for an no police interference until the gang is
None of the Black Widow's friends in appointment, they are told that Mr. Fisk ready for arrest.
S.H.I.E.L.D. can tell her anything of use. cannot see them until late that evening. If the heroes disagree quietly, and do
OTHER POWERFUL GROUPS. The When the heroes meet the Kingpin later, not attempt to beat the information out of
Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the CIA he is in his penthouse on the top of the the Kingpin, he relents and tells the
are examples of other powerful organiza- building. The Kingpin greets them pleas- heroes exactly where Modok has con-
tions that the heroes might consult. Each antly. structed his lair. The Kingpin, however, is
of the examples listed above will have a The Kingpin starts the conversation by not giving the heroes a gift. "Now," the
unique response, but no information. For telling the heroes that he knows why they Kingpin says "you owe me one". This is a
example, Captain America would be likely are here. He says that he was selling guns perfect opportunity to expand campaign
to order the heroes to "let the Avengers and electrical equipment to Modok. play by setting up a adventure in which the
handles it," and give no information. Other Apparently Modok now has enough, since Kingpin arranges for the hero's debt to be
groups can be consulted, but no informa- he has stopped buying. paid off.
tion can be found. The Kingpin says that he makes it his If the heroes disagree violently, the

Kingpin reacts defensively, using Karma if The Flying Tigers are very confident. As to scan the minds of the goons in the truck.
necessary, calling in assistance as in soon as they know that they are being None of the heroes can tell, but Modok
Chapter 2. He tries to kick the heroes out attacked, they fight back. They consider has found out who the heroes are. Modok
of his penthouse apartment. using weapons to be a dishonorable quickly gives Bob secret directions by
This is not the end of the road for the method of combat. mental command. Read the following sec-
heroes, however. If the heroes leave with- The driver never leaves the truck, even tion to the heroes if they are still in the
out the information they need, within 24 if a fight breaks out. At the first opportunity truck:
hours Black Widow is approached by a that arises, six of Kingpin's goons over-
young scruffy looking man. He tells her power the driver and steal the truck. If the "A small dim light allows you to see the
that he has some information for her, but truck is disabled, the goons use a tow interior of the truck. A moment ago it
that it will cost her some money to get it. truck. If a hero guards the truck, the King- stopped, with the engine running. Sud-
For $500 the scruffy man will tell Black pin orders a diversion to acquire the truck. denly, a small square panel slides
Widow the location of Modok's base. He The Kingpin's goons take the truck next open, and Bob's voice can be heard. All
will choose a time when he thinks Black door to the Fisk Building and unload it. If of the goons in the truck tense up."
Widow to be alone to do this; if by chance any of the heroes try to stop the truck they
Daredevil is nearby, he can confirm that probably fail, as the Kingpin will use Bob quickly points out any heroes in the
the man is telling the truth. Karma if necessary to prevent the truck truck, and orders the rest of the goons to
Unfortunately for the heroes, Modok from being recaptured. attack them as part of their test for employ-
tampered with the man's mind: while he This is why the Kingpin specified that ment. Bob then slams the panel shut and
believed he was telling the truth, in actual- the police were not to be involved. In one begins to run towards Modok's lair. The
ity the spy set in motion an ambush. If this stroke, he has gained all, and probably goons attack instantly.
situation occurs, the Taskmaster is ready lost nothing. If his goons successfully Each goon has all Typical abilities and
at all times (not just the time suggested by acquired the truck, the Kingpin has the 24 Health. Each has his or her fists to fight
the spy). He stations himself in the Danger truck and the insurance money from the with. However, each goon will stop fighting
Room with 16 minions and 3 Cyber- losses to his spice shop in the Keesh Mall. once half of their Health is gone. Since the
Sergeants. Create a suitable ambush out To top it all off his control over New York truck is crowded, each hero can only be
of the information found in Chapter 5; City's criminal element is stronger than attacked by three goons at a time. For
attempt to lure the heroes into the Danger ever, with the elimination of his competi- every three goons knocked out everyone's
Room. If the heroes don't fall for the trap, tors, the Flying Tigers. Only the pride of agility in the truck is shifted two to the left.
they have the address of Modok's lair, and the heroes is hurt...a little. The truck's sides are made of an Excellent
can approach it at will. After a few days, material, and the cargo door is made of a
Taskmaster will give up and continue nor- The man in the black beret Remarkable material.
mal affairs as described in Chapter 5. Bob has all Good abilities and a Health
This battle only takes place if the heroes
of 40. It takes him a turn to run one block,
BATTLE go to Jo-Jo's after talking to one of their
and if he runs more than two blocks from
street contacts. If the heroes enter in cos-
This battle occurs only if the heroes tume, the "man in the black beret" flees at the truck, he can not be seen from the
agree to help the Kingpin. Place a truck on truck. Daredevil, however, can track Bob
once. If he gets away, the heroes must find
6th Avenue by the entrance of the Keesh another path to Modok's door. If they enter to Modok's lair at any time after the battle,
Mall. There is a driver in the truck. Place a in disguise they can speak to the man in as can anyone who can keep Bob in sight
thug counter in each of the following the black beret. while he runs. After the battle in the truck,
shops. The man in the black beret calls himself the goons will try to slink away.
Mogul's Department Store Bob. He is a recruiter of Modok's, and is
J.P. Arnson's Department Store interested in hiring anyone that expresses CAMPAIGN
Bainbridge Five & Dime a need for a job. He knows where Modok's KINGPIN. If the heroes fought in the
Kilpin's Tuxedos lair is, and if coerced will begin to say Keesh Mall, the Kingpin gives them the
Fisk Spice Shop where it is. Unfortunately, Modok has also location of Modok's secret base: an aban-
Smyth's Plain Clothes trapped the man's mind, and Bob will doned warehouse in Upper Manhattan.
Gray Moods Photography expire with a gasp before he is able to tell He thanks them for ridding him of his com-
Put two thugs in the Minute Bank and the location. If this happens, the heroes petition.
one thug somewhere in the center of the will have to find another path to Modok. MAN IN THE BLACK BERET. If the
mall. The security post has a self- Bob has organized his job quite effi- heroes follow Bob to Modok's secret base,
contained electronic security system nulli- ciently. Anyone who wants a job is told that they know that it is inside an abandoned
fier attached to it. If it is broken or the work is rough. Anyone who still wants warehouse in Upper Manhattan.
removed, alarms sound and the police a job is told to return that night at 10 p.m., The Kingpin will deny stealing the truck,
arrive in 12 turns. ready to leave the city for a long time. At but thanks the heroes for the opportunity.
All of the thugs are unarmed. Each is 9:55 p.m. a truck pulls up, and about 25
dressed completely in black. This is not an goon-types have gathered. They are also AFTERMATH
ordinary group of thieves. It is a young interested in a job. Bob tells the crowd that
Chinese-American gang of karate fight- they are to board the truck, and to follow Healing: The heroes can heal an
ers. They call themselves the Flying his orders from that moment on. After the amount of Health equal to their Endurance
Tigers. at the end of this chapter.
goons and heroes have boarded the truck,
Bob locks the cargo door and drives the Table 5: KING OF THE JUNGLE Karma
Flying Tigers
truck to a location about 12 blocks from
F A S E R I P Modok's lair. Daredevil can tell that the Find Modok's lair through Bob +50
Ex Gd Ty Gd Pr Ty Ty truck has gone somewhere in Upper Man- Agreeing to help Kingpin -10
hattan by making a yellow Intuition roll. Stopping the Flying Tigers +15
Health: 46 Special: Martial Arts Each Flying Tiger captured +10
At a prearranged signal, Modok begins

Chapter 5:

With instructions, finding the warehouse sleep in bunks here. There are always Each cyber-sergeant has a weapon
is easy for the heroes. Any villains (except eight sleeping minions in this room. Dur- instead of a left arm. Each is named after
the Punisher that have escaped from pre- ing shift changes sixteen minions are the special weapon he carries.
vious combat are here. However, they do awake for half an hour. Minions are LASER: His is an Excellent strength laser
not appear until the next chapter. responsible for their guns and uniforms, beam that does damage on the slug-
WAREHOUSE. The warehouse is a min- stored here when they are off duty. fest table. It has a range of five
iature fortress. The walls and ceiling are areas.
reinforced with vibranium steel, a Mon- Modok's Minions BLADE: His is a Good strength whirling
strous material. There are a number of F A S E R I P blade that does damage on the
doors, but all of them except one are Gd Gd Pr Pr Hack & Slash table.
Ty Ty Ty
fakes. The interior walls are regular steel, RIPPER: His is a bio-ray of Excellent
a Remarkable material. Health: 32 power that ignores body armor and
There are 32 minions stationed in the does damage on the Slugfest table.
building. Four times a day, groups of 8 Unless specified, each minion has a It has a range of 3 areas.
men enter and leave the compound. Each stun gun which does Excellent damage VIBRO: His is a vibrating ray of Excellent
group operates in six hour shirts. At any and has a range of 5 areas. The gun is power that does damage on the
one time there is one shift on duty, one in pistol-sized. Slugfest table. Against inorganic
training, one sleeping and one on leave. materials the ray does Incredible
The shifts change at midnight, 6 a.m., damage. It has a range of 3 areas.
The elite leaders of the minions live here.
noon, and 6 p.m. When the heroes infiltrate the building,
They have bionic parts implanted in them
1) THE GUARD STATION. Just inside Blade is here recharging. The others are
to improve their abilities. As an added ben-
the door is a guard station. Two guards sit in different parts of the compound. Ripper
efit, they never need to sleep. However,
behind the glass walls to check the iden- is in room 4, the training hall. Vibro is in
they do need to recharge for two hours
tity of those who enter and leave. Each room 5, the control laboratory. Laser is in
once a day.
minion has an ID card he must show to the observation room next to room 4. If
enter or leave the compound. F A S E R ! P called upon to fight, Blade can disconnect
The glass is bulletproof, an Excellent Ex Ty Ex Ex Fb Fb Pr himself from the recharging device. He
material. If the guards push a red button can only fight for five turns before his
inside the station, a net falls and covers Health: 66 weapon is useless, since he is not fully
the area immediately in front of the door. Each is linked to the main computer in charged.
The net is made of Remarkable material. room 5. They have a Reason of Remark- 4) THE TRAINING HALL. When the
The button also sounds an alarm through- ,able when directed by the computer. The heroes enter this room, read the boxed
out the first floor of the building. computer link allows them to communi- passage below aloud. (Modify the descrip-
2) THE BARRACKS. The minions cate with each other mentally. tion if this is an ambush.)

Table 6: Danger Room Effects route. In this case, his plan is to dive down
The room is like a gymnasium. The ceil- the gravity shaft in room 5. He therefore
ing is two stories over your heads. The 1) OBSTACLES. Any floor area is raised
maneuvers to be near the doors to room 5,
floor is smooth plated metal. At either up one story. This area is an obstacle to
and if pressed, calls 8 more minions to
end are two large machines flush those on the floor, but also removes any-
cover his retreat.
against the walls. Each is oddly shaped one in the area beyond the reach of the
with all sorts of bumps and knobs. floor.
This room is full of machinery. The table
There are eight men in uniform stand- 2) STUN BEAMS. The machine fires a ray
against the wall is a complete electronics
ing in the room. Close by is a strange- at someone in the room. When the com-
lab. The machinery against the wall is a
looking man, part human and part puter is in control, the target is the nearest
sophisticated computer. It monitors the
robot. His left arm is made of gleaming person to the machine. It fires with an Agil-
alarms and controls the cyber-sergeants.
metal and looks an awful lot like a can- ity of Remarkable and does Good dam-
If the computer takes 60 points of dam-
non. age. A successful hit, even if it does no
age, the alarms and cyber-sergeants
damage, has a possibility to stun for 1 to
cease to function. The cyber-sergeants
10 turns.
lose all will to fight, unless directly ordered
The ceiling is laced with girders. It is 3) TENTACLES. Four metal arms rise out
by the Taskmaster, in which case they
easy to attach swing lines or hold onto of one area of the floor and attempt to
always lose initiative, moving after every-
them. The eight men are minions of grapple everybody in the area. The arms
body else has.
Modok. They are just about to begin a les- have Remarkable strength.
Vibro is in this room. There are two
son, and are all unarmed. Their floor 4) GAS. A small nozzle appears in the
armed minions here, one on each stool.
instructor is Ripper. He orders the minions floor of an area. Everybody in that area
They attack immediately if the heroes
to attack immediately. As soon as Power makes an Intuition FEAT roll to see the
enter this room. Vibro sends a warning to
Man is hit by someone, the computer fig- nozzle. On the next turn the nozzle sprays
the other cyber-sergeants through the
ures out that he has body armor, and tells gas that fills the area for three turns.
computer link.
Ripper to concentrate on Power Man. As Breathing the gas requires an Endurance
In one corner is a drop shaft five areas
soon as a minion takes 25 points of dam- FEAT roll to avoid being stunned for 1 to 10
deep. Its antigravity allows gentle travel
age he stops fighting and surrenders if turns.
downwards at one area per round. The
retreat is not possible. These minions are 5-6) PROJECTILES. Each machine fires
shaft leads to the sub-basement where
not as dedicated as the cyber-sergeants. metal projectiles with Amazing agility for
Modok's control center is located. Task-
Normally, Taskmaster and Laser are in Good damage at the nearest person. The
master leaps into that shaft if he is pur-
the observation room in the corner of the projectiles are rods, balls, cubes, and
sued or losing a fight. Any remaining
training hall. This room controls all of the other blunt objects.
cyber-sergeants go with him. The minions
machinery in the training room. If the con- 7) ILLUSION. A hologram of anything the
are left to fight a delaying action against
trol panels take 30 points of damage or controller desires appears in the training
the heroes.
more, the training room stops working. room. It is limited to no larger than one
The door from this room into the hall is
The Taskmaster and Laser watch the fight area. The hologram cannot affect any-
always locked. As he makes his retreat,
in the training hall through the glass win- thing. Daredevil does not see the illusion
Taskmaster locks the doors behind him to
dows and the monitors. If an ambush has because it is made of light. The computer
slow down the pursuit. The doors are
been readied, Taskmaster is in the obser- has a large memory of holographic
made of Remarkable steel. None of the
vation room, while Laser, Ripper, and images to use.
minions can unlock the doors.
Vibro wait hidden behind raised sections 8-10) NOTHING. When the computer is in
of the floor with 16 minions. They attack if control and the effects are determined by IF THE HEROES NEED HELP. It is possi-
the heroes enter, while Taskmaster die roll, nothing happens. ble that the heroes can lose the fight with
attempts to seal off the Danger Room with the Taskmaster. If this begins to happen,
raised floor sections, trapping the heroes the Punisher suddenly enters the room
master is a skilled fighter. He always uses
within. and joins the fight. He goes for the weak-
his wits when he is fighting. If he can hurt
Taskmaster and Laser only enter the est first, attacking minions, then cyber-
someone from a distance, he will. For
fight if the heroes have almost defeated sergeants, and lastly the Taskmaster. The
example, he might shoot or drop some-
Ripper and the minions. Of course, if one Taskmaster has seen the Punisher fight
thing on an opponent, or manually control
of the heroes attacks them in the observa- many times, so his predictive and defense
the training room as described previously.
tion room, they join the fray immediately. abilities work against him.
Of the heroes he is fighting, he has only
The training room is a simple version of seen two of them in action enough for his
the Danger Rooms of the X-Men and the predictive powers to operate. He knows
Avengers. The four large machines in the Daredevil and Iron Fist, but not the Black Healing: The heroes can recover up to
room produce the hazards. Below is a list Widow or Power Man. He can predict the their Endurance in Health at the end of this
of the things the room can do. If one of the actions of Daredevil and Iron Fist, and chapter.
machines takes 30 points of damage it tries to defeat them first. These two must
stops working. The effects are controlled Table 7: A HARD TASKMASTER Karma
always attack with two column shifts to the
by the Taskmaster while he is in the obser- left. Taskmaster defeated +50
vation room. Each machine causes one The Taskmaster is ruthless, willing to Each Cyber-Sergeant captured +25
effect per turn. If Taskmaster is not in the sacrifice a minion or cyber-sergeant to Each minion captured +10
observation room, roll one die per save himself. While he prefers to take Taskmaster retreats down shaft +20
machine per turn to determine the effect heroes alive, the Taskmaster will use his The Punisher joins this battle -20
caused. Also roll randomly to determine lethal weapons if capture becomes impos- Enter compound without raising the
the area of affect, where applicable. sible, or escape is necessary. alarm +10
Taskmaster always plans an escape Caught by ambush -20

Chapter 6:

Any villains that were not captured in ear- he betrays the heroes. 4) POWER GENERATORS. A low rum-
lier chapters appear with Modok in this Neither man has any possessions other ble can be heard from outside the room.
chapter. This includes Cyber-Sergeants. than his clothes. Both have abilities equal When the heroes open the door read the
The walls in this level are made of to those of Modok's minions. boxed text below out loud.
Remarkable material. 3) ENTRY HALL. This is an empty
room. Stationed at each door is a minion
1) MODOK'S LABORATORY. In this armed with a rifle. They open fire as soon The room is small and packed with
room Modok conducts his experiments. as any hero steps into the room. If the min- machinery. The steady hum of turbines
The work bench along the wall is covered ions are in slugfest range they use their can be heard. Along the wall to the right
in electrical equipment. The cabinets have rifles to hit a hero rather than shooting is a panel full of dials, knobs and but-
parts and tools for electrical work. In the him. tons. Cables and wires are strung eve-
corner is a large coffin-like chamber. This If Taskmaster escaped in the previous rywhere.
is an alteration chamber similar to the one chapter, the minions are both standing by
that created Modok. Its controls are along the door to room 5. They each have their
the opposite wall. weapons trained upon the entrance. They The machines in this room provide the
Modok is trying to find a way to increase shoot at the first thing that moves in the power for the whole building. If the control
his mobility while retaining his massive entryway. For this first shot they have two panel to the right of the door takes more
intellect. The experiments have been column shifts to the right for agility. If the than 25 points of damage, it is disabled.
unsuccessful. His test subjects are the heroes enter the room without precau- Without the control panel, all power in the
prisoners in room 2. tions, the minions get a shot off before the building fails in 1d10+2 turns. If a
2) PRISON. There are two men in the heroes can take any action. The heroes machine takes 75 points of damage, it
prison cell. One is a member of AIM that can easily avoid this by throwing some- ceases to work. However, when the last
Modok's minions captured. He knows thing into the room to draw the first round blow is made, whatever is touching the
nothing about the nature of Modok's plans of fire. generator takes Amazing electrical dam-
except that Modok wants to regain control age. As long as one generator functions,
of AIM. The prisoner will agree to help the 2 Minions
there is sufficient power for the building.
heroes, but refuses to fight Modok directly. F A S E R I P Without power, the drop shaft and the
The other prisoner is one of Modok's Gc: Ty Ty Gd Pr Ty Pr machinery in room 5 stop working immedi-
minions. He committed a minor offense ately.
and has been sentenced to become one of Health: 32
the alteration chamber subjects. He also The rifles do 25 points of damage on the where Modok monitors all of his opera-
agrees to help the heroes if they ask. How- Slugfest table. Their range is 10 areas. tions and projects. When the heroes enter
ever, he is looking for a way to get back Using a rifle as a club causes Good dam- the room, read the boxed text below out-
into Modok's favor. At the first opportunity age. loud.

the hero drop it. Since the ceiling is so gress will disband S.H.I.E.L.D.. It takes
The room is large with a high ceiling.
high, Modok hovers one area above the two turns to read this information.
High on each wall is a 40 foot wide
floor. If any hero hangs from the hover- CENTER. This is the screen that shows
screen. On the right hand wall the
chair, Modok runs the chair into the near- an aerial view of Project Pegasus. If the
screen shows the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicar-
est solid surface for Remarkable damage. two Reason FEAT rolls are successful, the
rier floating over farmland. Small flying
Should his forces begin to lose the battle, screen clears. Words appear on the
cars buzz around it. The left-hand
he heads for the control panel (marked screen about another planned assault on
screen has a view of a large army base.
with a star) near the drop shaft. A signal the installation. Both AIM and Modok have
There are soaring mountains on all
from his hover-chair opens the panel like a tried this before. The key factor in the
sides. Inside the base soldiers scurry
garage door. Modok enters the drop shaft assault is the release of super-powered vil-
about as twelve large missiles are
and triggers another special function of lains held there. It takes only one turn to
being lowered into silos. The center
his hover-chair—blasting jets which pro- read this information.
screen shows an aerial view of Project The heroes can turn the information
pel him up the shaft and through a special
Pegasus, a government establishment section of the ceiling. over to any of several agencies. A few
for the imprisoning of super-powered examples are the FBI, S.H.I.E.L.D., the
His hover-chair is equipped with a
villains. Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the CIA.
safety device. If Modok is stunned or falls
Three walls of the room have panels The local police can tell the heroes that
unconscious his hover-chair orders the
full of dials, knobs and buttons. Seated
control panel marked with a star to open they cannot act on this information. It
before the center screen are two men
and automatically gets him out of the should be given to a powerful national or
in uniform, pistols at their sides. They international agency.
building. It is important that Modok
look up in astonishment as you enter.
escapes. He uses Karma if necessary. These three scenarios can be expanded
TASKMASTER AND THE CYBER- into adventures of your own if you wish.
SERGEANTS. They use the same tactics Modok or AIM should be involved in all of
as in Chapter 5. In this room they fight to them somehow. The details of the adven-
Also in the room are any super villains the finish. Taskmaster and the Cyber- ture are for you to design. If your heroes
that may have escaped in previous chap- Sergeants do not have a planned escape have more enthusiasm for exploring these
ters. If the Taskmaster escaped in Chapter route and can be captured. possibilities than you as a Judge, simply
5, he is here arguing with Modok. They are have S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives ask for the
in any area (Judge's choice) between the
door and the control panel marked with a CAMPAIGN information and assure the players that
the problems are being dealt with.
star. Any other villains, including Cyber- If a control screen has not taken 25 or
Sergeants, that remain at large are in the more points of damage, it is still usable. AFTERMATH
room. Place them in any area that is not The heroes may attempt to get information
occupied by a hero. out of it. The Black Widow has had some Healing: The heroes heal completely
The villains are surprised if Taskmaster training in using AIM's computers. She after this chapter.
failed to get down here to warn them. Oth- gets one column shift to the right when Table 8: CORNERED PREY Karma
erwise the heroes roll for initiative as using the control screens.
usual. The minions do not act on the first It takes two successful Reason FEAT Taskmaster captured +50
turn regardless of warning. rolls in a row to get information out of a Modok captured +100
screen. If an attempt fails, the self- Each cyber-sergeant captured +20
It is possible that the heroes could be Each minion captured +10
defeated in this battle, especially if many destruct mechanism is armed. The screen
clears and the words "10:00 minutes until Prisoners released +10
super villains from previous chapters are Each plot reported +10
here. If this begins to happen, the Pun- self-destruct" appear. The heroes have 40
turns until the entire warehouse begins to Warehouse melts down -25
isher joins the battle, fighting the weakest Punisher arrested +40
of the enemy first and moving on to pro- melt down into a heap of slag. They can
still attempt to get information, however. Punisher escapes -30
gressively stronger targets. At the end of
the battle, the Punisher will attempt to Damage amounting to 250 points to the
escape as quietly as possible. entire console stops the countdown, but
destroys the information. Below is the data
2 Minions that each screen holds.
F A S E R I P LEFT SIDE. This is the screen that
Gd Gd Pr Pr shows the picture of the army base. If the
Ty Ty Ty
two Reason FEAT rolls are successful, the
Health: 32 screen clears. Words appear on the
BLASTER PISTOLS: These pistols do screen detailing a plot involving a substi-
Excellent damage and have a range of five tute missile. One of the missiles has been
areas. manually reset for Avengers Mansion. It
MODOK'S TACTICS. He knows each of holds a remote radio activation device. It
these heroes. Modok has total recall and a takes three turns to read this information.
computer-like mind. He has absorbed all RIGHT SIDE. This is the screen that
available information about all the heroes shows the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. If the
he can. Of the four, he concentrates on two Reason FEAT rolls are successful, the
Power Man. He knows that Power Man is screen clears. Words appear on the
almost invulnerable to physical damage, screen revealing the name and descrip-
but not to psychic bolts. tion of a spy. One of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s regional
If any hero in Modok's area is holding an directors is an agent for Modok. His mis-
object, he uses his heat powers to make sion is to cause the helicarrier to detonate
a nuclear warhead. If this happens, Con-

Chapter 7:


This chapter occurs a few days after the again. When the heroes are putting their have captured him in the previous chap-
confrontation with Modok. The Punisher, if pencils down a police band radio nearby ters, he attacks them immediately.
he was captured and turned in to the crackles "two-eleven in progress at If the Punisher is forced to retreat, he
police, has recently escaped. Each hero Olsen's Five and Dime on 8th and Arthur. goes through the back office and outside.
has in this first section some personal All units respond. The Punisher, believed Seeing the police at the end of the alley, he
business to finish up. to be armed, is reported on the scene." moves up the fire escape. From there he
The hearing for Reggie is today. Make If the heroes respond, start them on the may go through a skylight into a different
sure that Matt Murdock knows this. He can corner of 6th and Arthur on the map that building or try to swing over to the roof of a
gain or lose Karma depending upon what comes in the game box. The police have different building.
he does about it. cordoned off the area. Patrol cars are Unless he has seen a hero perform a
Tell the Black Widow that a funeral for a along 7th and 9th from Garfield to Cleve- crime, the Punisher only uses his mercy
friend is today. She worked with him while land, and along Garfield and Cleveland bullets. If he has seen one of the heroes
she was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. He from 7th to 9th. doing anything even slightly illegal, then
saved her life once. The Punisher is inside the Olsen Five he uses whichever weapon is most con-
Lenny Lambertson is threatening to sue and Dime store. Once the heroes move venient.
Power Man and Iron Fist. He claims that inside the shop, turn the map over and use POLICE. If the police can see the Pun-
the riot was their fault. Their lawyer Jeryn the Olsen Five and Dime section. Place isher, they shoot at him if there are no
"Hogarth says that Lenny might be per- the Punisher next to the back office. A heroes or police in the same area. The
suaded not to sue if they go talk to him. man in a mask lies in a pool of blood. Read police don't want to risk hitting an inno-
Reducing their rate just this once might the following boxed text to the players. cent bystander or costumed hero.
help, too. If they meet with Lenny, a suc-
cessful Popularity roll makes Lenny The glass front of the store is in shards,
change his mind. If they offer to cut their pieces of glass everywhere. Bullet Healing: the heroes are fully healed after
price by 10°/o, he decides not to sue. holes line the walls and shelves of the this chapter.
After the heroes complete their individ- store. To one side stands the Punisher.
ual tasks, the police want all the heroes to Table 9: IT'S ABOUT TIME...Karma
He is calm but in a ready fighting posi-
come down to the precinct and fill out tion. No expression of emotion can be Individual heroes:
forms. Each needs to swear out com- read on his face. At his feet is a man Matt talks to judge about Reggie +5
plaint against all of the villains. Each vil- Iying in a spreading pool of blood. His Black Widow goes to funeral +5
lain has to be identified in a line-up. The face is covered with a ski mask. There Heroes for Hire aren't sued +5
heroes have to sign a variety of other is a pistol in his still hand. Failure (per hero) -5
forms designed to handle super heroes All heroes:
capturing super villains.
The Punisher's reaction to the heroes Punisher escapes -50
depends upon how well they worked with Punisher captured +50
BATTLE him against Modok. If they had no prob-
Just as all the heroes are finishing up lems, he tells the heroes that he has just
their paperwork, the Punisher surfaces yet helped cleanse society. If the heroes

formerly George Tarleton, scientist
altered human

Fighting: FEEBLE
Agility: FEEBLE
Strength: POOR
Endurance: EXCELLENT
Intuition: GOOD

KRAVEN Health:
THE HUNTER™ Popularity: 2
Sergei Kravin, hunter and criminal Powers:
altered human

PSIONIC BLAST. He can project beams of
Amazing energy up to two areas away. He uses SABERTOOTH™
his Psyche to determine hits rather than his Agil- (real name unknown), assassin
Agility: REMARKABLE origin unknown
Strength: REMARKABLE ity, using the Slugfest table.
Endurance: INCREDIBLE HEAT. Modok can use his psychic energy to Fighting: INCREDIBLE
Reason: EXCELLENT raise the temperature of any object in the same Agility: REMARKABLE
Intuition: INCREDIBLE area he is in. Objects become too hot to hold Strength: EXCELLENT
Psyche: TYPICAL without a successful Endurance FEAT roll. Endurance: REMARKABLE
Heated people suffer Good damage. Reason: TYPICAL
Health: 140 Intuition: GOOD
Karma: 66 FORCEFIELD. He can form a force field over Psyche: TYPICAL
Resources: TYPICAL the area he is in. The field provides Monstrous
Popularity: 33 protection from energy but only Good protection Health: 120
from physical attacks. Karma: 22
MINDSCAN. Modok can scan the mind of any- Resources: TYPICAL
RUNNING. Kraven can run five areas a round body within 5 miles and determine that person's Popularity: 4
for up to six rounds an hour. However, he must identity. If the subject has a Psyche of Amazing
move all five in a straight line. Powers:
or greater he gets a Psyche FEAT roll to prevent
NERVE PUNCH. If Kraven gets a red result in a detection. INFRAVISION. Sabertooth can see in the dark.
slugfest he has successfully applied a nerve MULTITASKING. Modok can do any two of the EXTRAORDINARY SENSES. Sabertooth has
punch. The nerve punch stuns for twice the nor- following actions in one round: psionic blast, Amazing hearing, smell and taste. He can track
mal number of rounds. The victim must make a heat, force field, mind scan. The force field a creature by making a FEAT roll once every half
yellow Endurance FEAT roll to avoid being blocks the psionic blast. hour to see if he is still on the trail. He can iden-
stunned. tify a person by smell with a successful FEAT
HOVER-CHAIR. Without his hover-chair Modok roll.
Talents: Kraven is one of the world's best ani- cannot move. The chair is treated as a ground
mal trainers, specializing in big cats. He also vehicle with Excellent control, Good speed, and CLAWS. His claws are made of Incredible mate-
knows chemistry and martial arts.
Remarkable body. The chair can hover up to two rial. As an assassin he has used them to kill. His
Background: Orphaned as a youth, Kraven areas above the ground. A called shot can hit an teeth work the same way his claws do and are
drifted to Africa, where he learned to hunt and exposed part of Modok's body. made of the same material.
survive in the jungle. A witch doctor's potion
Talents: none. Talents: none.
enhanced his natural jungle abilities. Bored with
big-game hunting, he came to America and bat- Background: Tarleton was a scientist working Background: Little is known about Saber-
tled Spider-Man. He has returned to the U.S. for AIM when he was used as an experimental tooth. He is wanted in several countries, and
several times, seeking revenge for his defeats. subject and changed into MODOK (Mental has fought Iron Fist before. It is assumed that he
Kraven often fights with nets, darts, axes, Organism Designed Only for Killing). He used is either a mutant or an altered human. He has
spears, and similar weapons. He usually keeps his powers to seize control of AIM, but was no color vision, but sees the world in black and
knives and gas sprays hidden in his costume. forced out. white.

(real name unknown), criminal
hi-tech wonder

Fighting: AMAZING
(real name unknown), criminal Endurance: EXCELLENT
origin unknown Reason: TYPICAL
Intuition: EXCELLENT
Fighting: AMAZING Psyche: TYPICAL
Agility: AMAZING
Strength: EXCELLENT Health: 100
Endurance: REMARKABLE Karma: 32
Reason: GOOD Resources: POOR
Intuition: INCREDIBLE Popularity: 7
Powers: none.
Health: 150 Talents: As a commando, he learned marks-
VERMIN™ Karma: 56
Resources: GOOD
manship, martial arts, wrestling, and SCUBA
diving (which allows him to fight underwater
(real name unknown), wanderer
Popularity: 30 without a column shift to the left).
altered human
Powers: Equipment:
Agility: EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHIC REFLEXES. If the Taskmas- GUNS. Punisher has a wide variety of guns:
EXCELLENT ter sees someone do something, he gains the M16 assault rifle: 10 shots, range 7, damage 20
ability to do it. He has stuffed Spider-Man, Cap- Mark 6 submachine gun: 10 shots, range 5,
Endurance: AMAZING
Reason: FEEBLE tain America, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Tigra, the damage 25
Punisher. and El Aguila. Because he is only Browning auto-rifle: 14 shots, range 3, damage
Intuition: TYPICAL
human, his fighting, agility, strength, and endur- 10
Psyche: POOR
ance currently are at their peak. Pistol: 8 shots, range 3, damage 6
Health: 120 PREDICTION ABILITY. The Taskmaster can Derringer: 4 shots, range 2, damage 4
Karma: 12 His usual assortment is the Browning in a hip
predict the actions of anyone he has studied by
Resources: FEEBLE making an Intuition FEAT roll for each opponent. holster, the derringer (a very small pistol) hidden
Popularity: 0 and the pistol in an ankle holster. He carries the
If the roll succeeds, the heroes whose actions
M16 or Mark 6 in his hands or slung over his
he predicted must announce their actions first
Powers: shoulder.
that round.
CLAWS. His teeth and claws are razor sharp, so At his choice, any of his guns can be loaded
Any hero whom the Taskmaster has studied
with mercy bullets. These are slugfest weapons
that he does Remarkable damage with them. must take two column shifts to the left when
rather than shooting & throwing weapons.
fighting the Taskmaster. If the Taskmaster is sur-
RUNNING. He can move 4 areas a round for as prised, this does not apply. GRENADES. Punisher carries four high-explo-
long as half an hour.
sive grenades and four tear gas grenades. Tear
Equipment: The Taskmaster carries a steel
EXTRAORDINARY SENSES. His sense of gas forces the victim to make an Endurance
alloy throwing shield, a bow with special arrows,
smell is Amazing/He can detect the presense of FEAT roll or be stunned. It reduces Intuition
a steel alloy sword, a multi-purpose billy club,
a creature up to 2 areas away by smell alone. and a .45-caliber automatic pistol. He also has a (eyesight only) by three ranks for 1-10 rounds.
ANIMAL COMMUNICATION/CONTROL. Ver- variety of common items, such as magnesium KNIFE. When wielding his knife, Punisher is
min can communicate with and control rats and flares. considered to have claws.
untrained dogs up to 2 miles away with Excel- Talents: The Taskmaster is a marksman,
lent skill. VAN. Punisher has a battle van which is not
weapon master, martial artist, wrestler, and described here. It never appears in this module.
Talents: none. pilot. With his photographic reflexes, he can See the Marvel Universe for details.
pick up any other talents he observes.
Background: Vermin was once an orphan, Background: Punisher is a former Marine
kidnapped by Arnim Zola who genetically trans- Background: The Taskmaster began his Corps captain and combat veteran. Seeing his
formed him into a human rodent. Eventually adult life as a trainer for other criminals, but his family murdered by gangsters drove him
Vermin escaped from Zola and Baron Zemo. He training centers were discovered and closed insane, and he now considers it his duty to pun-
is intelligent, but entirely animalistic. down. ish all crimes.

6859XXX1501 16
CHI: Daniel Rand can channel his psychic
energy into any of his FASE abilities. The result
is that one ability is raised one rank. It takes him
one turn of concentration to do this. The effect
lasts for ten turns after which he loses 25 health
points from exhaustion.

Important People: Both of Iron Fist's parents

are dead. He is close friends with Misty Knight,
Luke Cage, and Power Man. He still harbors
good feelings for the monks of K'un-Lun.

Background: Daniel's parents both died in

Tibet. The monks of K'un-Lun adopted him and
trained him as a fighter. In a test of his skill he
won the ability of the Iron Fist. He turned down
the monks' offer to live in K'un-Lun and returned
to the States to avenge his parents death. Even-
tually he met Luke Cage and they established
the Heroes for Hire detective agency.

She can use this "widow's line" to swing

through up to four areas in one turn.
Other cartridges on Black Widow's wrist
bracelets contain a radio transmitter/receiver
and several tear-gas pellets. One tear-gas pellet
fills one area with gas. Anyone who inhales the
gas must make an Endurance FEAT roll before
he can perform any action in a turn.

IRON FIST™ BLACK WIDOW™ BELT: Black Widow occasionally wears a belt
made of metal disks. Each disk holds a plastic
Daniel Rand, detective Natasha Romanova, former Russian spy
Altered Human hi-tech wonder explosive that does Remarkable damage to
whatever it hits and Good damage to anything
else in the same area. Use the grenade rules
Fighting: INCREDIBLE Fighting: INCREDIBLE (Campaign Book, p. 17) when Black Widow
Agility: REMARKABLE Agility: REMARKABLE uses these disks. *
Strength: GOOD Strength: GOOD
Endurance: EXCELLENT Endurance: EXCELLENT SUCTION CUPS: Black Widow's uniform con-
Reason: GOOD Reason: GOOD tains electrostatically charged suction cups on
Intuition: INCREDIBLE Intuition: INCREDIBLE the feet and hands. These molecule-sized cups
Psyche: AMAZING Psyche: GOOD allow Black Widow to climb walls and stick to
ceilings with Remarkable skill.
Health: 100 Health: 100
Talents: Martial arts.
Karma: 100 Karma: 60
Resources: POOR Resources: TYPICAL Important People: Black Widow was once a
Popularity: 20 Popularity: 30 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, so she has many friends in
that organization. She was also Daredevil's
Powers: Powers: partner for a time. Black Widow has many
friends and relatives still living in Russia.
IRON FIST: Once per day Daniel can channel WRIST BRACELETS. Black Widow wears wrist
his psychic force into his hand for one devastat- bracelets that are capable of emitting a high-fre- Background: When her husband died while
ing punch of Incredible power. He must spend quency electrostatic charge. This charge does testing a new jet plane, Natasha enlisted in the
one turn concentrating without interruption to Excellent damage as an electrical distance KGB (the Russian espionage agency). She was
do this. He can only maintain the Iron Fist for weapon. Black Widow can hit any target up to trained in the martial arts and in espionage. Her
three turns or until he connects with his punch, one area away with this weapon, which she refers first assignment was to infiltrate Stark Indus-
whichever comes first. The turn he delivers the to as her "widow's bite." tries. It was during this assignment that Natasha
Iron Fist punch, Daniel must make a red Endur- One of the cartridges on Black Widow's wrist defected. After leaving S.H.I.E.L.D., she joined
ance FEAT roll or be stunned for 1-10 turns. bracelets contains a 100-foot-long hooked wire. the Avengers.