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Name of the program:- Pc Assembly and Maintenance Classroom configuration:-30 seats in u shape with

open end facing projection screen

Location:-Vignan Nagar, Balaji saphir first floor,class roomno.5 Evaluation:-Conducted at the end of the training(
PC will be configured in a simulation, provided no
assistance form the instructor)

Target Population:-Diploma students of

computer and networking

Overall Training Objective:-This course enables the diploma students to Minimum eligibility Creteria:-10th pass
understand the fundamentals of PC, and how to configure it in best
possible manner.

Duration of the course:-8 hrs-

Time Topic Learning Objective Learning Points Methods Material

9:15-11 :15 Introduction, welcome, Trainee will be able to know Basci of computer, I/O Lecture and simulation Audio visual, projector,
Dos and donts, Minutes Each other, create an Devices ppt training manual
environment for learning
11:30-1:30 Briefing of all Parts and its function and Get to know the each Lecture and simulation Case,mother
components and its peripheral units components and it board,cpu,RAM,Graphic
function appear in its best form card,Power supply hard
drive, Wall cord,Sata
02:00:-4:00 Determining component Where to connect which unit Which components Simulation Audio visual , training
of pc and its connecting along with its minute configured how and manual projector.
unit elements connects where
4:15-6:15 Virtual reassembling Trainee will recall the Step by step Lecture Audio visual
process learning assembling
Measure to assist transfer of learning:- A coach assigned for trainee