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A Poison Tree by William Blake

Stanza 1 Meaning and Explanation Metaphor
I was angry with
The persona was angry with his ___________.
my friend:
The persona __________ his friend that he is angry at him.
I told my wrath,
They _____________ out their problems. The persona got
my wrath did
over his wrath/_________ and forgot it.

I was angry with

The persona was angry with his foe/_________. The
my foe:
A small
persona’s =
The persona did not ___________________ his anger to anger

his foe. He _____________ up his feelings. The anger

I told it not, my At first, the persona’s anger was not that
wrath did grow. became ___________ in his mind. His wrath
__________. The ‘size’ of his anger is like a
______________. __________ plant.

Stanza 2 Meaning and Explanation
The persona treated his anger like a plant. A plant needed water and sun in order to grow, and so did his anger.
The persona The persona _______ his wrath with fears. Fears are unpleasant emotions like suspicion,
And I watered it in
fed his wrath hatred and revenge. The persona was ______________ of his foe. He _________ his foe
with and wanted to __________ revenge on his foe.
_________ The persona ____________ every night and morning because he was extremely angry
Night and morning and
with my tears; with his foe.

The persona ______________ at his foe to gain Let’s relate the situation with Adam & Eve’s story in the Bible:
And I sunned it his trust. He pretended to be ____________ Scenario 2: Satan planned to take revenge on Adam & Eve
with smiles, Lucifer was driven out of heaven. In revenge he hoped he could
with his foe. get Adam and Eve to disobey God.

The persona ______________ that everything Scenario 3: Satan pretended to be friendly to deceive (trick) Adam
& Eve
was fine. However, at the same time he
"Has God told you that you can eat the fruit from all the trees?"
And with soft ______________ to trick and to trap his foe. the voice asked softly.
deceitful wiles.
The persona wished for something Then Satan told the first lie. "Oh come now, that's silly! I hardly
think such a lovely fruit would do you any harm," the serpent lied.
_________________ to happen to his foe. "God knows that if you eat the fruit you'll become just like

Metaphor in Stanza 2 – The persona let his anger grew. He let his anger to become worse.

Tree The small plant ________ bigger when it was watered and exposed to
watered sunshine. Later, it grew into a big poison __________.




The same goes to ‘anger’. The persona’s anger intensified when
 it is watered with fears and tears  it is sunned with smiles and deceitful wiles

Stanza 3 Meaning and Explanation

And it grew both day
The tree grew bigger every day. Similarly, the persona’s ____________ grew steadily every day.
and night,

The big poison tree finally produced an ____________. Outwardly, the apple’s colour was bright but it

was _______________.
Till it bore an apple
The apple is a symbol of the persona’s ______________ growing large and ripening. The anger had

poisoned the persona’s _______________ as well as his sense of right and wrong.

His foe __________ the bright and shiny apple. The apple looked delicious. Let’s relate the situation
with Adam & Eve’s story:
His foe was ______________ to eat the apple. However, his foe was Scenario 3:
Eve fell for Satan’s trick
unaware of how poisonous and ____________ the apple was.
The woman looked at the
And my foe beheld it fruit and thought how tasty
shine, In Stanza 2, the persona was planning to ___________ his foe in some way. it looked. She thought how
wonderful it would be to be
as wise and powerful as
This line means the persona had ____________________ deceived his foe. God. She believed the
serpent's lie…
His foe had _____________ for the persona’s trick.

And he knew that it

His foe knew that the apple _______________ to the persona.
was mine,
Stanza 4 Meaning Explanation

His foe _______________ into the persona’s
The foe ate the poisonous and died.
And into my garden stole
garden and ___________ his poison apple.
The foe’s death did not ________________ mean

When the night had veiled in the literal sense. It could mean that the
When darkness _________ the star
the pole:
persona had successfully exacted _____________

In the morning, the persona was __________ on his foe which led to his foe’s ______________.
In the morning glad I see
to see
The persona had never __________________ to

make peace with his foe but rather to get rid of

His foe lying _____________ under the him. That was why the persona was happy to see
My foe outstretched
beneath the tree. poison tree. his foe lying dead ____________ the poison tree.

Let’s relate the situation with Adam & Eve’s story:

Scenario 3: The Satan successfully exacted his revenge which led to Adam & Eve’s downfall
She ate the fruit… Adam took a bite as well.
Adam and Eve had disobeyed God. God told them that they had to leave the Garden of Eden. They would die as they were no longer immortal.