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Event Name: Mulyankan

Hash Tags Associated With the Event: #Business #Finance #Equity #Research #College Festival
#Presentation #Stock Pitch
Date of Event Going Live: xx/11/2019
Last Date of Registration: xx/11/2019
Team Size: 2-3
Location: (NA if the event is online): 2 Rounds Online; Final Round on Campus
Rounds (Flow of the Competition)
Round 1: xx/11/19
A quiz comprising of 25 question in 30 minutes.
Round 2: xx/11/19
Firm Name will be floated on xx/11/19 whose equity research report is to be submitted on
Round 2: xx/11/19
Top 5 teams battle it out face to face on campus on xx/11/19.

About Event:
“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out
of which victory is evolved”- Sun Tzu
“Elegante” – The cultural fest of IIM Bodh Gaya presents you the Paramarsh 3.0, Annual Finance
Club event calling out all Finance enthusiasts out there to try their hand at the equity research
competition. The most realistic valuation will win exciting prizes. So take out your models and
start working..."

Rules of the Event:

Team rules:

· A team must consist of 2-3 members

· Team members must be of the same college/ organization

· A team member cannot register in more than one team

· In case of discrepancies, the decision of the judges/event organizers will be final

· No change in the team structure is allowed after the team is registered

· Registration will close by xxth November EOD

· Travels will be done by the teams themselves and a TA of up to 500 per team member mag be

Important Dates:
Online Quiz xxth November
Result of Quiz xxth November
Target Firm Name Disclosure xxth November
Equity Research Report Submission xxth November(which may have optional 2 day
extension )
Result of Report selection xxrd November
Reporting on Campus during Eleganté 3.0 Xx November
Final Competition Results Xx November


Contact Persons For The Event:

Name – Veeresh Singla Name – Abhinav Aggarwal
Email ID – veereshs2020@iimbg.ac.in Email ID – abhinava2020@iimbg.ac.in
Phone No. – 9041720621 Phone no – 9814019882

Please refer this link for any doubt regarding the format: