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VOCAL SELECTION ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SONGS FROM THE MOTION PICTURE ALONE AT THE DRIVE-IN MOVIE 50 BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT 18 BLUE MOON 42, BORN TO HAND JIVE 64 FREDDY, MY LOVE 7 GREASE 2 GREASED LIGHTNIN’ 35 HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU 6 HOUND DOG 62 IT’S RAINING ON PROM NIGHT 38 LOOK AT ME, I'M SANDRA DEE 26 LOOK AT ME, I'M SANDRA DEE (Reprise) 89 LOVE IS A MANY-SPLENDORED THING 82 MOONING 46 ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY 53 ROCK 'N' ROLL PARTY QUEEN 74 SANDY 14 SUMMER NIGHTS 30 TEARS ON MY PILLOW 68 THERE ARE WORSE THINGS I COULD DO 77 THOSE MAGIC CHANGES 58 WE GO TOGETHER 84 YOURE THE ONE THAT I WANT 10 (© Reproducing shis music in any form is egal and forbidden by The Copyright Act 1988 1-2-50202 CHAPPELL MUSIC LIMITED Alone At The Drive-In Movie ‘By WARAN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Gmaio Em? Moderately slow Rock ‘n° Roll beat, in 4 4 He Bm? Ani, Py mimi?) Be Bm? FD. Am? g ci Gmaip tH . fae ie ols - eet o ons mele te a bar © ee He oo » r ca msg ae Be le tempo rit, Beauty School Dropoud Jgele and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS ebS Bb cm? Env Bb Your story's sed to tell: 4 teen-age ne'er -do-well; ——— Gm Cm Fm? Bb Gm? [od mixed-up non +de + lin- quent on the block. Your fu-ture’s so un-clear now. Moderately, in 2 Fm? bo eb m7 Abmé/Cb fain aA a am West left OF your career now? Can't ¢ - ven get a trade-in on your Scopprgne ut 128 by Nooren cae amd i aces ‘Albeit throes the wert conte’ by ra Beton Ba Ab/Bb Bb Cm Fm? Bb Eb Gm fia iG] ie Beau - ty school drop - out, a-tion day for you. Beau - ty school drop-out, missed your mid - Ab Bb Eb fae ae aa _ ai” terms and_. flunked sham -poo, Well, at least youcould have tak - en time— wash and clean your clothes up, af = ter spend = your nose up. eb cm Em? Bb 7 a ee mam Why keep your fee- ble hopes— yi You've got the dream, but not the drive. 2 Bb Eb+ Ab Dbo Em? Fb Gm iH Aa fae” ae pool Tum in your teas - ing comb and go back to high Beau -ty school Chm Fen 22 B Chm A Beau - ty school drop-out, i's you knew the B chm Well, they could - nt teach you an = y= thing — Fém7 B Gtm you're such Chm Ffm B Ba + by, don’t cm Pam? fp You're not cut out C#m Job. Bet = ter for = get it done by a slob? lash es twirled. But still the world in Who wants their Now your bangs emuel Wipe off hat Ba by, don't blow it. Fn? Bro. E cam A B be ann EB Cha Fim? B i ae ie cin chm aa tae aie" Beau - ty school a Blue Moon lytic by LORENZ HART Music by RICHARD RODGERS Moderately Dia 6 En S you saw me you knew just now Tin 00. =e Se === tind — ing with - cut ‘ what TT bo You heard me Tong = eh Tome, with - out 2 with out someone with = out comet 18 enced Ii by Metro addy ater ne, Ce Cy, CR Righe ington the wer cneitlad by Moroes Ly Inertia Coppi fered Siigtienewned hace In Engen D a we Tove of__ my own, rel > ly could love of my . = ao | Blue ar for = sudden = ly © + —— 2 G fore me a S + f And thea —s . “ ap = peared be the on + ly one x all Born Te Hand five Lrie and Musie by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Medium tempo, in 2 A G A © A San RR" sa” ae A in” a a fore 1 was bom, —Iste___one.—_—night, be = ly walk when 1 milked a cow. | my papa said, “Ev~"ty-thing’s all right When Twas tuce, 1 pushed a plow. a ami : The doc- tor made Whilechop-pin’ wood, ¢ a Ma = ma Td move lay my down, — tegs, rF oD A as) a ae with her and T at sath stom = ach boune = in’ start - ed dane = in’ while 1 c A ae Git E7 am ‘Case abe - bop ‘The town - folk an Ma-ma gave outdance "em five. “Hel bicth all to the He's a bors stork — clapped... far 1 aud Ben . SSS GIA A eee. GR” P = = SSS se Gap ae” fit D5 tiramentt Cota = a i fi Now, can you hand live, ba - by? an fe" sie” Greddy, My Love . Igrie and Musto by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Slow Rock tempo, in 2 AD AG AY AT D Dmaj? Pet tte! ee ena ee He 5 Fred - dy, my love, Fred dy, you know, Fred - dy, you'll see, to 2 Dmaj? more than.words can please keep in makes me” feel so your pres ~ ents in your. arms some wear - ing your Breust 87 Em? Ems eye" im a a whileyou're a - way. Hear - ing from you can make the me— think of you My oma will have a heart at - y— lin - ge - tie ‘Think a = bout it, my heart's “cogent 147 1904 by acces Casey Adm ae ‘isthe ev tents ave Han Co, (Cpteslnste LB em od er Eandn Wt ZR nm oA ae Fim Fligt-SiC 2 H dey s0 much bet = ter, tack when she catch - os pound - ing al- ready, rt get ting those ped know - ing - al ‘when sou = ve + nie or push - em with the you come home, we're Brust BT mp may be a tet - ter bound to go stead black leath -er patch - es — teal + ty fipped © + ver the On, how wish 1 ad a and throw your serv = fee pay a DIA G Dea? gray. casemere sweat ~ er, peck = et that match - es, Fred dy, Fred - 6y, found like con fet > ti Fred = dy, DF iy my my my Fred - dy, love, Fred - dy, love, Fred dy, my love, Freddy, my my low, Freddy, my my low, Freddy, my Az ge | love, Fred-dy, my love. lowe, Fred-dy, my love, Fred-dy, my ove. Don't keep your, letters fom mee a Fm BT Gm ag Dm i a fe a Your spell - ing's_ kind- a crum - my, but, hon - ey, 50 is FE Em?-s Aus AT Dm oy a fat fl] ER ae (reas - ure_ eve ‘ty gift - ie;_ the ting r cn Bm? Em? AT Pa fm Hee Aaa D. S$ al Coda cost you fit - ty, so you're thrift - y;_ I don't mind, Repeat and fade Code AT D Daj? > il 7a A Fred-dy, my love, Freddy, my love, Fred -dy, my love. ay Grease Words and Music by BARRY GIBB Moderately, with » beat Bm E Bm im i im 1 soe my prob-lems and 1 see the light. E Bm Fim? Em? D eel aR ih He =] lov-in’ thing..We got-ta feed it right.___ There ain't no dan = ger c Bn E Bm Fam? 7 of oom a fo too far. We start be liev - in’now that we ean be who we ame. Grease is the word. tea, 3 eed ‘ ‘They think our love is just a We take the pres-sure and we Why don’t they stand its just a Con = yen = tion - ty be = tongs 10 Fm? Em? D Bm E Bm iif ee HA aR weal We stop the fight We got to so far, We start be - liew that we can Fem? Bm aan A be what we be Tes gota groove. To Coda Fim? G laced incon fu - Fe Bm pe fan Ds Hye 2) Code Cota G Bm, ag, 38 Greased Lightnin’ lyric and Musie by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Fast Rock ‘w” Roll beat = = Sa SS = ts + en A fuel in = jee = tion cut - off — and A Pal - 0 - mi - no dath~board and plat-ed rods, oh yeah, muffler tins, oh yeah. sis need Es Ryan Anh fit four-speed on the flocr, — they'll’ be wait = in’ at pis - tons, plugs, and shocks, Tocan get off s ais, ART know that ain't no shit. We'll be get know that Taint bragegin’. She's areal = up the quar -ter mile ‘burn = in’ Light ‘The chicks - 1b We'll get some 2 Half as fast © fn fie ri Haonelessly Devoted To You Words and Music by JOHN FARRAR Moderately slow, in 2 Dm A ne Dm A fifa Bm? ARR sy My eyes to sit My heart are not the round and say + in’, ‘Gooyritt 13 by gwd Mane Le Jt PAE Buse ne. & Boge Suse Corp A denne ennui Sens Hace Inca Copyite easel Tor igs enerve first “Don't the first___ fool “Fool, Amaj? Hl fo ory. for you. Tet g0. AG ray 7 a am the first. to know by, can’t. you see on tothe end.” C7516 Fe7 ia ft Ci? Cm? Bm ET 2. Bm? cfm? m7 Bm? ca Gm? since you pushed cra Dm che hope ~ less = ly ba D8. H tno repeats) al Coda Coda Gm? cro Bbm F a im fin hopeless - ly . Hound Dog ‘Words and Music by JERRY LEIBER and MIKE STOLLER Fast Rock ‘n’ Roll bea tt Rock ‘n’ Roll beat © FA noth-in’ but a hound dog, FD. a You ain't nothin’ but 9 hound FD © or x00, mh owe no friend of — mine. rev-er caught a rab-bit, and you ain’e Well, you ain't IL fcopyrgit 1s uy Rivas Proley Mute and Lion Pate Ct (Cuma rt al ge assem e tly Sane Ameri, BPs Mute ‘hu sersuacn € Capers isin cfs tine and American redo Met a 2st: Chapt 6a aru va mies That wes a iit, a ay Well, you ain't _nev-er caught 2 sab-bit, and you ain't no friend of mine. cote pskacae 6S C at FE on , HA You ain't nothin’ but a It's Raining On Prom Night lyric and Music by WARREN CASEY and JA JACOBS Sing ml ty ome ee i Aa REA Ta I was devprived of a young gir!’s dream by the ar 8 HEH fH Fa i . iy Fett force of na-ture from the blue. In stead of a night Bm Er Es wg Ay ro - mance su-preme, all T © coprige 197 #2878 Wy Waseem Casey and Jim Jacobo ‘Al rigs hreghet th word coterie Sy Es We Moris & Coy ‘ovites af MPL Communictins ie. New York: 82 ‘appalorieLsfs Now Bond Sects Lands WEA 2B Interoatico Capit Secured Al Righe Reserved Made 1 Egle Medium Cha-Che D D Bm G Ay it ea ey fH ain - ing on prom night; my htir____ is, @ mes. wilt - ing—— the quilt -ing— on my Maid-en = form, D Si a run = ning allo. + ver. my taf ca - m flows right down my nose be - cause____of (spoken) Yes, it's raining ‘on prom night, Oh, my darling, what ean 1 do? 1 miss you It's raining rain from the skies, and it's raining reat % ar D bby Eb itl a a tears from my eyes over you ‘Oh, dear God, make him feel f f tne 5 the same way Ido naw. Make him want to see me again. eb Cm Ab Bb? a ae” fap Feat ——3I— ose rain from the skies. tears from my eyes 0 + ver ss — x teas from my eyes oo = ver pe ae eGR AR 0. Hand fs rain - ing on prom night. a ES 9 Looks At Me, Jin Sandra Dee (Reprise) lyric and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Moderately and very freely, in 1 ‘A(aadB) ‘A(adcB) grt AtaadBy/ct D Fim/B 7 89 Bm? e7 ‘AtaddB) A Dm? i i ie or Amaia a7 Br 0 B Nadal arch py BT B7/Dd 7 mm a is what you Dai? a ah Hold your head high, deep breath, and sigh, > Look At Me, Im Sandra Dee Iyric and Musio by WARREN CASBY and JIM JACOBS Bright Waltz ance D ‘eon Brot 7 i # mR tote le = gl - ty Rock Hud + son ob + ject of ‘© capri 19 £1878 by Warsen Come ad im Joab thei te wold crested ty anh ort 8 Imuraational Copyright Secured AM Aighes Rewerved Mude In Fagan from one cigarette, 8 Dm? Gr A FeT i fl Would you pull that A E7 askacnp Se i A FI Bb Bbi/D F Bb Bb? BbiF fan (spoken) Hey, fongoo!, a Repeat and fade ad By Eb6 ia fii a Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing From tha Hot Cetury Fox Maton Plcture “Lave ls A Many Splendord Thing” Igrie by FAUL FRANCIS WEBSTER Music by SAMMY PAIN Moderately Br E Chm? Gtm me py’ ARR E 2 a A ckyo4 Fim Fem chm a aa af Bio? ctr cam pay Fm6 Se bn ela B E Chm? cto a hel see fret 45 chet Fem Fame i ee ee ee He? oar Fim Femie Dams oat Chm CHmis Agm7s 6 Mooning Tgric and Music by WARREN CASBY and JTM JACOBS Moderately slow, in 2 ba Bb oe he Gm eb mm Bb Gm Eb [ad Bb aa” =o ae ant all over you, fie a di fool Gm? Em7-s aq Dm? i so all a - lone (so al 8 = for-ev + er ~ more. Gfor-ev = er a ae fone)? — There would be no. Some day you'll find — Bb Gm Eb ® Rm er" ing if you would call, me (upon ing at your front door. (At my front door. EA we the phone). ti and— give myself the red eye, ways. will un - tl T got- cha Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay ‘Words and Music by DAVE WHITE Fast Rock ‘n” Roll beat g aie) i The Rock-and roll i here. to Rock-and = roll will al > ways Crcopysgt 19888 678 Wy Sheer Mamie eng Co ‘rie tenis Cocp, Li bd Chalk Farm ead Landoe Ni foe Roti tee Istenitland ippgh cured A Ripe Revervod Made fe gied don't know why. vait, my friend Ft I don't cate. what the peo-ple say. Rock - and -roll is here to stuy.— Rockand + roll will al-ways be Te-'ll go down in his = to = ry iA atl at (We don’t care.what the peo-ple say. Rock - and-roll is hereto stay.) (Rockand roll will always be. Tt-'ll go down in his ~ to -3y.)__ Ev- "ty -bod -y rock. — Ey = "ry-bod-y rock and roll. rock and roll, rock and Rock -and + roll will al = ways be If you don't like rock + and = roll, HRT aan, It- ll go down Di Bur if you ke stroll. wait, my friend, down and. lis 4 Rock 'W’ Roll Panty Queen Igric and Musio by WARREN CABBY and JIM JACOBS Medium Rock beat F F it mae || aR la bot fb bk bk Ite bl a ta la be, . Fr Bb c E Bb F er = tb E a a nl ae a aly Lit-tle gil, doyou knowwho I mean? Pretty soon she'll be seven ~ teen 1s a, eee ‘They tell me her name's Bet -ty Jean, ah ha ha, rock 'o' roll par =ty queen. FE Es Re GR an | Friday night and she’sgot a date,— goin’ places, just a stay-in’ out late, — She's the inl that all the kids know, alk a-bouther — wher-ev = er she goes. a fae fa TR Sroppin’ dimes in the record ma- chine, ah ha ha, tock ‘n' roll 1 could write @ fan mag-a - zine’ a-bout my rock ‘n’ roll Bb Dm Sa Bomp ba bomp. ba bomp ba. Oh, no. Can 1 have the car_ to-night? Bomp ba bomp_babomp ba You should see her shake. [be the one to love youwith all of my don'tyou call it pup-py love. Don't you want true 10- Rockin’ and a-roll -in’ little par ty queen... We're fae al T toveyou so, my par - ty queen. You're my gon-na do the stroll, hey, par + ty queen. You know Sandy Words by SCOTT SIMON Musie by LOUIS ST. LOUIS Freely Am? What will they say oI , Gm7 AmiC Gm/Bb FIA Gm fae (i He fea flat) AAR” (© canyegi 198 by slg Mss Co ‘sph for US & Cavs comtalioe by Signal Mi 1s FE Am? Gm? co can’t you see Got a Bbi/F Bbm/F ‘There’s noth - int = F £b/F FT EDF a fe i Love has flown. Bhmaj? Bbin6 FE Dm Gm? cr et Bue SR fate" aie and won + dor 16 F Eb/E Bb fa? zat * TR Bao by (spoken) Sandy, my darlin’ Dm? cm? F7 i a fn some = day,_ when highschool is done, — you hurt me’ real bad. You know it's true. ro Eb/B> EbmiBb ae a fare aan how, some___ way, our two worlds willbe one. — But, Baby, you gotta believe me when I say Tim helpless without Bb gbiph Bb7 abrab BbT a Hee aR fae” i a eo In hey - (sung) Love ha flown Ebmaj7 Ebme BbIF Gm 7 b Be” Foe a fA Coda Bb Det Ebmaj7 Ebm6 Bb Dm Ebmaj7 Ebm6 Bbmaj7 (spoken) Oh, Sandy? 30 Summer Nights Igri and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Moderately No chord am of hel ie 7 BOY: “Sum-mer lov - in’ GIRL: “Sum-mer lov + int “She swam by me} ran by mes “Took her bowling ‘We went stroll - ing: rca fay ie amt hhap- pened so fast” BOY: “Met got omy suit "Saved her life: she near = ly drank lem = on “We made out a girl, cas ty forme rowned." un = der the dock.” fr r ‘pyc 1972 1978 by Worse Case ad in Jab Incereation Cop Seoured AM Rights Reserved NAAD in Coe ie re GIRL: fie rift on't “Met a boy, “He showed off, “We stayed out cute as splash-ing ‘ill ten ‘gl a a way some: thing's be - gun.— a thing. He fo, uh, But, uh, But,. A Sum-mer days Sum-mer sun, Summer Hing No chord ‘oh, those sum - mer nights. Well - well fh, those “sum - mer nights Well = a well = a, well = a uh. uh Tell Tell ‘mo more. Tell me baat ta more. Did you get ver y me more. Tell me more. Was it love at fist A far? Tell_me more. Tell me sight™— Tell me more. Tell me G/B. tar eae 4 +m, more. Like,does he have a more. Did she put up fight? — EU tuh, oh, those Stim-mer nights. sin ae a Tell me more, tell _me more, But you don't got to brag be foie nin ‘Tellme more, tell me more. "Cause he sounds like a Shu-da bop hop. Shu -da bop bop. Shuda bop bop. Shu-da bop bop. GIRL: “He got friendly, Bb Ab Eb ab ab Ab ae fer” Gat BOY: “She got friendly, down in the sand.” —_ Eb ab Bb ¢ Bm se mR AR R GIRL: “Hie was sweet; just tumedcightecn.” BOY: She wasgood. You know what 1, Ea ¢ Lo Em? Bb ae Summer heat: meet But. uh, oh those sum = ROOF 7 Ff mR Tell me more. Tell me more, How much dough did he spend?_ ae t E A FRB fol em —— Tell me more. Tell me more. Could she get me a friend? 34 Slowly omy jm oR tm eH om, GIRL:"It_ turned cold -er; that’s where: BOY:"So 1 told her A S D G A B fig ane aE ED —3I— we'd stl be friends GIRL: “Then we made al Freel ea bal Fe aa a fn RG A E Al oD A B BOY: “Wonder what she's do- in’ now." Sum-merdreams sipped at the seams. But, A D D wil ARE ve 5) fob, those summer nights. Tell me more. Tell me — more. Tears On My Pillows ‘Words and Music by SYIVESTOR BRADFORD and AL LEWIS Moderately. in 2 c Am es ie Youdon't re - mem-ber If we could start SG Am ae a ee ra Twas not $0 Tong 2 - go— Va glad - ly you broke my heart in take you back. ‘and_ tempt the hands of Tele rvensoret Saspigh Hie by ve Mi os Yar ‘hare Mateo Vander Music Coe. {il ogut Cmte y Chae & Ce. Is tere Most ses) ae Sun Cor Us 100 Ghai fed Lan forthe er acai USA Cade ecm CopyihSeseed All igs Rese “tase in and caused_ by Cc Ftmaj? Grnaj? Famaj7 Gmaj7 gg fe Fae Hi i When you find the one you love, he'll fill your heart_ with joy. m7, Fal aml ay ee would-nt hes - i - tate. Pa glad - ly take you back— Em In hands of fate. Teas on my pil - tow, heart, and_tempt the caused by There Are Worse Things I Could Deo Igri and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Freely Di3 Gmaj7 aa i E-ven though the neigh bor - hood — thinks I'm wash - y—— and no * “copii 19 a8 waren Cosy a sim Jee ‘A tne thrighout tn wot conte ip Baan Mrs Ce, Intoreationa Cenyrigh Seoured All Maite Resorvod Me én England Dmai? Bm? BD Ar A Am Be fe good, 1 sup - pose it could be tru, But there are worse e: ra a a Slow Rock tempo, in 2 Db Em Em/D 73499 a eM =H i T could flirt with all the 9 Cmaj7 Fadm7s smile at them = and bat my press a+ gainst them when we dance, make them think 7 things 1 they stand a Dmaj7 Bm? cy maj? Bbmaj7 Gm take cold show -en— ev='ty day, and ‘F Emi Cmaj? Famrs 9999 x out of spite or jest-ous - Br Emai7 cm? Fdm7s Br ae fa! am Hae g fal fn that's the worst thing I could 38 Thate Magic Changes lyrle and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Moderately, with a light beat c wl fe ante ie fa What's thet play - ing on the ra - di-o?_ Why do [___ start sway ing Tbe wait - ing by the ma - di-o You'll come back. to me some- Am, 64 2 ae iin FA He 1 have nev - er heard that song be ~ fore. Been so Jone - some since our last’ good - bye, \Geagci 174 LAT Wy Waseen Cuey and im Ds ‘Ad ats terug te rl conte Bis Malet & Ga Teron Cozi Reured AM Rkiva Reser Mae gla 9 a But if 1 don't hear it an - y - more, but I'm sing - ing as I ocry ay - aye Am F i ec ~ a thrill right through me. "Cause those chords re - mind ome ofthe the drums. re pound -ing, beat - ings of = my bro - ken heart will f ant night that 1 fit fell in Jove to those mag - ic chang vise to first place on the chart. My heart ar - rang fet aay a My heart ar - rang - es. a mel-o - dy ____— that’s nov-er the same, a mal- 0 - thosemag - ic chang - es. p FE 6. or S cna that's call -ing your mame_ and begs you, please, —___ =>}. ne Ha fe ~ gain. Oh, make them play a gain the music youwhis- per in my Fax6/ar c a a4 We Go Together lyric and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Bright Rock 'n’ Roll beat Bb aa at eB Fad ma ka ding - a da ding - a dong, re-mem-bered for = ev + er. a8 shoo-bop sha wad-da wad-da yip-pi-ty boom de boom, Poop 1 w 178 by WaeresCacey ond Jim acaba 1 ttt ang Shem cone ty Bn ris Co, [Chapwoll-Moeris Li, 6 few Den treo! London WIA UR Ioerratna Copyige Secured "Al Rights RetervedMbde In Egan 8s Bb Gm Eb FE aia fan a al Chang chang chang it -ty chang. shoo-bop, way it fle a eB fae We're one. of a kind, like dip da-dip_ a-dip doo-wop da dao bee doo. Bb Gm Eb ae fah i 3 Our names are signed doog - e- dy boog- e - dy boos - e = dy boog - ss Bb Ge FE Eb a mee mm shoo-by doo-wop. she-bop. Chang chang chang -it -ty chang. shoo-bop, we'll al = ways FE Bb Eb Bb by mail iB (Bae am and stars are shin = in’ bright the skies 87 or high school dance,_ eye a F Bb Gm fa Sal fae Vocal ad tb Repest ad tib Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb EF Bb Gm eR fet (fae a wop baba luemop and wop bam just like my — broth Seb ma fi a sha = na-na-na-na-na-na-na yip-pi- ty dip de doom. Gm Eb F ee” a fie? chang - it - ty chang shoo - bop, geth = ey wha oooh, yeah! Well Repeat and fade bb ait fae” fe Repeat and fade Youre The One Wat IWant ‘Words and Music by JOHN IARRAR, Moderately They're mul = ti = ply = in’ with ats tee > tow And Tm los you're too shy, you're sup = ply - in’. my di + ree = tion, > nk de Cor 4 its @ = lec- mi fy-in't Feel vay. eo You bet = ter shape up, veause 1 need. To bet ter shape up, ‘cause you need You bet = ter shape 1 bet - ter shape you bet = ter un if Tm gon Am ra Si to my that your vet, goth =i left for oe ea z & Yen sue down denp in - ado tm 4 You're the