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Macee Fanning

Community Service Reflection Paper

In the Spring of 2018, I was able to spend time in the Toddler Lab at the Fishback

Preschool Center. While I was there, I helped the student teachers carry out their lessons,

engaged in small group activities, set up for the day, cleaned at the end of the day,

conducted my own research and documentation, and worked with all of the children. The

toddler lab was a great first experience into the teaching world because it taught me the

basics of teaching a young child and how to interact with other teachers and parents.

As I continue my education, I will be able to use my experiences in the toddler

lab. While I helped the student teachers carry out their lessons, I was able to go on home

visits to meet a couple of the parents. This helped me prepare myself for my own home

visits during my student teaching. It will also help me know what kinds of questions to

ask parents when they come in the classroom for the first time. I want to be able to know

as much about my students as I can so that I can form a quick connection with both my

students and their parents.

During small group, I was in the physical activity group, so I joined the student

teachers as they instructed the students on different games. I had the responsibility of

demonstrating the activities and taking pictures as the students tried to do the actions.

Soon I am going to start doing my own small group activities and I am fortunate enough

to have this experience with this small group so that I that the idea of how to run my own.

Some day as a teacher, I plan on making reading small groups with my students so that I
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can have groups for different reading levels. My experience in small groups then and now

will help me develop a plan and know how to see if my small groups are affective.

In the morning, my responsibilities were to go through the safety checklist and

help make sure that everything was ready to go for morning activities. After school, we

made sure to clean the entire room and set out our activities again for the following day.

My cleaning duties were to assist whichever teacher needed the most help at the time.

More than often, this involved stacking chairs, cleaning off tables, and sweeping the

floors. As a teacher, this is something that I will be doing on a daily basis. I have to be

able to prepare my room for the day and take care of my cleaning responsibilities at the

end of the day.

I was also able to create my own research project using ramps and balls, and

document my findings. Each week, my partner and I came up with a new concept to try

with the ramps and balls to see how the students thought and reacted to new items in the

classroom. We also wanted to see how they would use the items that we gave them

differently each week with a different focus question to guide them. As we did this, we

wrote down conversations that we had with the students and took pictures to document

the conversations that we were having. I hope to continue to document progress in my

future classroom so that I can see what is working and what I have to improve on yet.

The last responsibility I had was to simply play and interact with all of the

children in the classroom. I had two children that I was specifically assigned to help with,

but as a teacher, I soon began to feel like they were all my children. I did interact more

with my assigned students for assignments, but when I was not doing a project, I was

talking to all of the students in the classroom. As a teacher, I plan on making a

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connection with all of my students and this experience will help me better understand

how I can do that.