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1806191591 – Setyawan Pratama

1.[30] Define each block of 9-block in BMC.

1. Value Preposition
Value Preposition describes the advantages of the product, containing the advantages and values offered
by the company to customers so that the business looks attractive and different from other businesses.
The advantages and values offered can be in quantitative form (cheap, efficient product prices) and
qualitative form (user experience).

2. Customers Segments
Customers Segments defines the consumer segments that will be targeted by the business. Segmentation
can be done based on the needs, preferences, and consumer behavior. By doing this, companies can
customize products and increase customer satisfaction.

3. Channels
Channel is a media that is used to promote products or services offered (Media marketing). With the use
of the right channel, the value preposition will well arrived at the consumer. Channels can be online
advertisement (website, social media) or offline advertisement (sales person, banner).

4. Customer Relationships
Customer Relationships describe the way companies use to bond with customers so that customers do
not turn to other businesses (Customer Retaining).

5. Revenue Streams
Revenue Streams explains how a company gets income from consumers. Example: selling assets,
subscription fees, licensing, advertising.

6. Key Resources
Key Resources are the main resources owned by the company to run operations. Resources are generally
in the form of capital, knowledge, labor, and finance.

7. Key Partners
Key Partners explained the network of partners that are established with companies to help the
efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Cooperation is made by companies to obtain
resources, and reduce business risks.
8. Key Activities

Key activities adalah semua aktivitas utama yang harus dilakukan perusahaan untuk menciptakan produk
dan layanan yang memuaskan. Aktivitas utama dapat berupa memperluas jangkauan pasar, menjaga
hubungan dengan konsumen, dan yang terpenting yaitu memperoleh laba.

9. Costs Structures
Cost structure menjelaskan semua biaya yang dikeluarkan unutk mengoperasikan model bisnis. Cost
structure yang baik memudahkan pengelolaan biaya secara efisien sehingga proses bisnis menjadi lebih
hemat dan dapat meminimalkan resiko kerugian.

2. [70] Pick a business (real or example) and sketch a business model canvas of the business. You are not
obligated to provide the drawings. You can simply list your answer using bullet points. Yet, if you opt to
provide canvas drawings, you can capture your drawing or digital drawing then attached on your reply

Business : Grab and Go Coffee (ex. Kopi Kenangan)