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Position Description

Refer to the Position Evaluation Guidelines and the AARP career paths, including corresponding corporate job titles, located in the
Compensation section of InfoNet.
Accepted corporate titles are reflected on career paths. Position titles are appropriate for business cards and organizational charts.
Position titles should reflect functional responsibility (e.g. Manager, Financial Processing) and must conform to position titling guidelines. In
some cases, the position title and the corporate title are the same.

Position Associate State Director – Job Associate State Manager/Exempt Career
Title: Community Outreach Title/Career Path

Check AARP Entity: XX AARP ASI

Foundation LCE

List the most significant responsibilities that must be completed to achieve the objectives of this position. Identify those
responsibilities which demand the greatest amount of time, attention and are of key priority to the department. Include budgetary and
leadership responsibilities where applicable.

Works with staff, volunteers, members, and chapters to achieve AARP’s social impact and member
value goals in the state. Engages local private and public organizations in community outreach,
grassroots activities, and educational forums. Works to engage members and volunteers from diverse
communities in the activities of the organization.
1. Serves as a member of the state team and is responsible for the development of strategies for
effectively implementing AARP’s work in local communities with volunteers, external
organizations, academic and business groups.
2. Works to develop volunteer leaders and to recruit, match, orient, train, and support
volunteers in Communities of Presence. Creates and implements formal volunteer recognition
plans. Provides technical assistance in the areas of meeting planning, communications, skill
development, etc. Participates in training volunteers on priority issues, strategies, policies,
and state specific initiatives and communications processes focusing on volunteer leadership
3. Expands awareness of AARP and our priorities among community, public, and non-traditional
community leaders through creation and execution of AARP events and activities in
community or through collaborating with community partners. Identifies and positions AARP
as a critical voice for all residents of the state.
4. Maintains an in-depth knowledge of AARP’s enterprise wide strategic goals, anticipating and
addressing opportunities as they arise.
5. Works in collaboration with national office staff to promote AARP’s strategic issues, priorities,
programs, and activities. Facilitates interaction and communication with national office
partners to request technical assistance and ensure that the proper resources are available
for staff and volunteers, including issue material, talking points, updates, and briefing
6. Works with staff and volunteers to promote strategic issues, priorities, programs, and
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community engagement in multicultural audiences. Organizes and maintains visible and
effective coalitions and partnerships in multicultural communities.
7. Makes presentations at workshops and conferences, as appropriate. Works with volunteers
on primary issues and community programming.
8. Works with State staff and volunteers to develop AARP’s presence in communities through
strengthening visibility and awareness of AARP’s Brand, and coordinates outreach events and
activities, including advocacy initiatives and campaigns with emphasis on engaging volunteers
and leaders in diverse communities.
9. Uses data driven analytics and AARP tools to target audiences and track results.
10. Manages budgets related to specific job duties within the state plan.
11. Demonstrates AARP values in all interactions.


Describe the complexity and major challenges inherent in this position in terms of the degree of autonomy and independent judgment
exercised; decision-making authority; the diversity of challenge; the primary nature of interaction (e.g. informative, coordinative,
advisory) the position has with others; and the type of impact this position can have on AARP’s success, directly or indirectly.

Positions at this level exercise project latitude to accomplish assigned work duties and
responsibilities. Work responsibilities definitively contribute to the achievement of
departmental/team goals and objectives. Maintains communication with management regarding
work being done in the community, with key partners, and how work is building on the state plan.


Identify desired education requirements or acceptable equivalency. Describe suggested years of service and type of work
experience. Include required proficiencies with specialized knowledge, computer proficiencies, required licenses or certifications
and/or multi-lingual abilities. Identify competencies needed to be successful in this position.

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Human Resources, and/or Non-Profit

Management, Social or Human Sciences, or a related discipline and 5-7 years of experience; or an
equivalent combination of training and experience related to the duties of the position. Master’s
degree preferred.
 Demonstrates a strong understanding of the state’s political and human services
 Ability to handle multiple issues and projects in a matrix team approach, requiring
consultation and collaboration with state colleagues.
 Willingness to adapt and embrace new technology.
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 Ability to evaluate, analyze and adjust strategies and tactics in an ongoing, fast paced
 Travel required at least 50% within the state.
 Night and weekend hours as required to meet state office needs.
 Bilingual abilities and experience working with diverse communities
 Familiarity with communities and influencers throughout southeast
Michigan preferred.
 Prior experience managing volunteers preferred.


 Incumbent(s) in this position may be required to perform other duties and special assignments not specifically stated.
 Position descriptions may be changed at any time.
 Content outlined in Section I are designated as essential job functions in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.



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