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Task 1.

Complete with the necessary word:

Question Answer

1. He is a good worker because he has _________ experience.

2. He isn’t very friendly, so he has _________ friends.

3. Why was Mary late ______ work today?

4. My best friend studies _______ Oxford.

5. We will be ______ holiday in July.

6. I am working ______ a new project this month.

7. My parents live ______ 24 Main Street.

8. I am in a hurry, so I have very _______ time now.

Task 2. Answer the questions:

Question Answer

1. What’s your job?

2. What is your nationality?

3. What are you good at?

4. What do you have on today?

5. Where do you usually have lunch?

6. What did you have for lunch today?

7. How often do you clean your room?

8. Where do you work (study)?

9. What are you working on (studying)

10. Where did you go on your last
12. What interesting movie have you seen

Task 3. Tenses. Put the verbs in these sentences in the correct form:
16 points
1. I (be) _____________ a teacher at school.
2. I (study) _____________ medicine for three years but then I stopped.
3. We (know) _______________ each other for 10 years.
4. Please stop chatting. I (try) ________________ to listen to the client on the phone.
5. If it (rain) ____________ tomorrow, we (not go) _____________ to the picnic.
6. Look! Pete just (break) _____________ the vase!
7. I (go) _____________ to Jack’s party on Saturday, and you?
8. Michael (not work) _______________ for T&T anymore.
9. She (not pay) _______________ her bills since January.
10. Lisa (start) ________________ school in 1984.
11. I (visit) ______________my parents in Florence this month.
12. She (not finish) ___________ her report yet. She is in trouble.
13. He (not thank) ___________ us for the invitation yesterday.
14. Peter (work) __________ for a European car maker.
15. You (be) ___________ very busy 2 days ago.
16. I (visit) _______________ the opera house every time I am in Vienna.

Task 4. Translate the sentences into English:

Question Answer

Меня не будет в городе 22 апреля, я

буду в командировке во Франции.
У нас дома есть хорошее итальянское
У нее была 5-дневная командировка в
Мой босс трудолюбивый и честный
человек, но он слегка высокомерный.
Она предпочитает чай или кофе?
Я живу в центре города. Сейчас я живу
на даче
Ты позвонил родителям? Да, я
позвонил им 5 минут назад.
У Вас есть одноместный номер на две
Я спешу, потому что все голодные
Жена Боба была в офисе в 9 вечера
Я не завтракал сегодня, но я плотно
поел в кафе в обед
Джек пунктуальный человек, он никогда
не опаздывает
Нил — самая длинная река в мире
В центре города была большая пробка
Возле супермаркета есть кафе?