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Solehre Brothers Industries

Accounting Policies and Procedures

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General and Administration 1-Chart of Accounts

Account Codes

2-Files/Records Management

Master File Guide Index

Records Retention Periods

3-Travel and Entertainment

Travel Arrangements Form

Travel and Mis Exp Report

Entertain and Business Gif

4-Management Reports

Department Reporting

Daily Flash Report

Weekly Financial Report

5-Preiod-End Review/Closing

Six Week Cash flow

Budget Vs Actual Report

Financial Statements

6-Controlling Legal Costs

7-Taxes and Insurance

8-Property Tax Assessments

Tax Calendar

9-Confidential Info Release

Non Disclosure Agreement

10-Document Control

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Document Change Control

Inventory and Assets
Accounting Policies and Procedures
General and Administration

Document ID Title Print Date

CFO101/01 Chart of Account -
Revision Prepared By Date Prepared
0.0 Salik Rafique, Finance Manager 1st July, 2019
Effective Date Reviewed By Date Reviewed
7th July, 2019 Adil Mian, Assistant Financial Consultant -
Approved By Date Approved
HM Adnan Rana, Finance GM 7th July, 2019

Policy: Chart of Accounts should be of Internal Standards.

Purpose: Chart of Accounts reflects the Business as well as Accounting, Tax and
Management needs.
Scope: This procedure applies to all heads of Accounts of Company and all locations and
products including personal and home expenses are accommodated into it.

1.0 Step 1 – Initially the business needs are studied
(Business Needs)
1.1 All business needs are identified and discussed with management.

2.0 Step 2 - Changes in Tailored made Chart of Account

2.1 All changes are accommodated to Chart of Accounts.
Note: In some systems this may occur automatically when the Chart of Account is
incorporated in ERP and needs changes.

3.0 Step 3 – Distribution (Documentation)

3.1 Print is obtained and copies are distributed to Finance Manager, Audit Manager and CFO.
4.0 Step 4 – Changes (IT Controls)
4.1 All changes are additions and deletions to Chart of Accounts are locked and not allowed
to staff and is documented.


Revision History:

Revision Date Description of Changes Requested By

0 1st July, 2019 Initial Release