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Basic War of Emperium

So basically I am going to try keeping this as short as possible. I'll try to bust out some basic information about the different chars you play / should play in war of emperium if you want to take it seriously. So if you do not want to improve your gameplay, have a discussion or even pay more effort into woe then you are already paying, you might as well skip this whole thing here. I am going to shorten the information here into more or less notes, then rather writing a full story here.

What is War of Emperium

War of emperium (woe) is in fact a big PvP (Player vs Player) part of the Ragnarok Online game. the big difference here between normal PvP and WoE is that you try to reach for your goal as a Team ( your guild) vs other guilds. So overall the goal is to beat other guilds with your guild you are playing woe in.

Me as a Guild-Member in terms of woe

Task and responsibilities you have to obey as a member.

Be reliable - Organizing woe is kind of annoying for every woe-leader, tell the person who is responsible in terms of creating party and leading woe that you will or will not be able to participate in woe 2-3 days before woe is going to be played.

Follow Orders - Stop running around alone, stay with the Songs(?) ill explain this later. If the

leader says B-wing you B-wing, if he says gather, you gather

show you as a Knight runing to the emperium trying to hit it. You are worthless alone.

etc. This is not a one man

Participate in woe - being alone is not enough, the woe leader needs feedback, and information about in wich terms his leading can be improved during wars. what is in your opinion wrong or went wrong etc. AFTER WOE. Also :buy yourself materials for war of emperium, yes there are certained jobs / chars wich are supportive for the guild and need to be supported in terms of mats for woe because in the end its also for u. (Support alche /devo Pala for example). Take advantage of ASPD-Potions on each class, Wizards use Berserk Potion etc. Keep Box of gloom active in gvg, the free dex is amazing.

Equipment - Every player needs at least an unfrozen armor, crain shield, raga muffin , crystal pumps, popo hat and devotion targets immune.

Be online - at least 45 before woe starts, this is needed to organize partys, see whos able to play and so on. you don't have to be active, be online accept party invite, get your mats ready and then you can go afk and be active when woe starts again. The woe leader is thankfull !

The Guild as a Team

Our goal is to win fights as a Team and eventually be able to take the castle at the end, to show dominance even outside of woe. To be able to reach this goal, every player has a important role to play. I am going to explain each role later, and focus for now on the guild stacking and movement during woe / gvg. there are basically three different situations in wich a guild can get into. The first one is the classic GvG (Guild vs Guild) open field situations. This situation is showing the most, how well your teamplay is, what guild has the better woe leader and is in the end the stronger guild. I am going to refer to each Situation I am going to explain here inside the Chapter for deeper information about the different tasks for each role and Char.

The First situation (1) :

tasks for each role and Char. ​ The First situation (1) : 2 Guilds facing each

2 Guilds facing each other, both have a Frontline and a backline. And they both have the same goal : get the other guild out of the castle. This can be reached by killing the front or backline, or if you are simply way more people by just overruning them like a bus.

You do not want to leave the defensive Landprotector! Yes there are some situations where you do want to do that. But I'll explain them later. Pushing forward , when you are ahead in dmg and you see enemy frontline is droping, is usually 2-3 cells. Do not hit knights inside us, let them get lex'd by our Priests and Monks Asura them. Do not panic when they are in us. Hold your ground. Assist each other, for example if you see OLP sage in trouble, cast Safty wall under him, agi up him and so on.

There is a slight advantage on the defending castleowner side because they dont have to take the risk of miss clicking by getting more ground / pushing up to the enemy. Front and backline consist out of different chars and roles, wich I am going to explain in the next chapter.

The next Situation (2) :is the Precast / Portal def. This is a giant advantage for the guild that is staying behind the portal.

advantage for the guild that is staying behind the portal. Big points here is to not

Big points here is to not let the enemy Knights into the wizard stack and kill the screaming dancers asap, if they get out of the Lokis.

The most dangerous situation you can get into as a guild is the next Situation (3) : the fight between 3 or more guilds.

This situations most likely are coming up when you are gvging and a third guild

This situations most likely are coming up when you are gvging and a third guild shows up from a different angel. If u cannot retreat to a save ground / out of the way between the other guilds, you are pretty sure wiped out of the castle soon. It is important that the woe leader, knows how to react there and instantly guides the stack of the guild to a more optimal spot.

The speed of moving through the castle is determined by the woe leader or the Bragi/sp songs. Because the whole guild stacks around songs at any given time to be gvg ready at any point and have less random deaths then running alone to portal. The guild should be stacked / grouped at any time in the castle.

Different Classes in War of Emperium ( PreTrans)

I am going to give some tips for each role now and refer to each Situation and if needed also the movement inside the castle. I am also trying to provide a good video, so you can see how to perform as the class and so on. General Tip Priest and Crusaders can also use friendlist to provide support for important chars.

Priest Class Important Spells are , Status Rec, Lex Aterna, Blessing, Agi Increase. All you do in woe is that you perma status rec the DMG-Dealers and give out some blessing from time to time. Lex Aterna is to be used, when we are pushing for the win a gvg or on called targets. While moving keep the party buffed, while gvg keep DMG chars stun free and bless dispelled targets. Side info : there is not much difference between trans or pretrans priest. As long as there is no anti-stun gear.

Priest PoV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-kxe64Q_VY


Sage Class There are 2 different Sages in a guild. Usually you try to get at least a 12-Man Player Roaster wich will provide 3 Sages, 2 offensive once and 1 defensive.

OLP (offensive) You are the frontline of the guild, one of the most important targets for enemy sages and monks. At the start of the you are the one dispelling the enemy frontline and you try to counter the enemy LP ( Landprotector ). Remember to use Safty wall on you when you are trying to go for the CounterLP. Try to stay in devo range at anytime. OLP POV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q1TyeuEYZI& DLP (defensive) The DLP is stacking in the middle of the guild, and has the job to keep the LP under our stack up, to dispel aggressive targets and stone curse Knights in us. He also tells if he dies, so another Sage can take over the DLP. Standard Wizard Class Since we prolly dont differ between SG Wizard , MS , and so on ill just do a small hint on this. You are a DPS class, stay close to your devotion. Friendlist the priest in your party. Try not to miss click, pay attention to where you are going. Stay behind the OLP Sages and Knights. If not called out, watch if another wizzy casts sg, spam MS. Wiz POV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q1TyeuEYZI& Devo Pala / Crusader Class Gameplay is just the same. Spam devo on your targets. Stay in the middle of the stack, care where your targets are going so u dont get baited out of the stack by casting on out of range. Devo PoV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgbzjhvFk1U& Hunter Class Hunter is basically a Status class in Pre-Trans. He does 0 dmg, but provides alot of cc for the guild. Trap behind or around your guild and tight areas. Dont leave the stack when we are gvging. use status arrow shower and switch on crain when ur not arrow showering. Remov traps infront when we are pushing Hunter PoV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jGA4upPlYw&,


Bard Class Stay in the middle of our stack. Do not get killed. use sleep arrow bow after u switched the 3 Apple, Bragi, Assassin songs. Dancer Class Spam Scream, switch SP song, and if we have an aggressive dancer try to slow grace enemys. Use Sleep arrow shower.

Monk Class Care for enemy Sages, Use absorb spirit on enemy monks. Sometimes bless your party. Focus on enemy Sages and Monks and Asura lex'd Knights inside us. Take advantage of Fridollar Card. Switch 4 drops fist in when you have used your asura spell, so you are able to rebuild asura stance faster. Monk PoV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AOTcvWS9mU& Knight Class You are basically the meat shield, frontline and a little bit of cc in long term. Also the main breaker for the emperium. Use status aoe spells inside enemy stacks, dont rush alone into enemy stacks. Play smart, a Knight is not only a "run into them" char. Knight PoV at 3 minutes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlOESrj4jls

Overall a good video with most of the woe scenes in it


optimal 12 man


Sages ( 2/1) (devo)


Priests (1 Priest Stauts Rec wizzy other the monk)


Bard (devo Traget) dont die !



3 Devotins ( Tragets one of each sage) The Devo whos targeting DLP also takes care of the Bard

1 Monk (devo Traget)

1 Wizard ( devo Target)

16 man

+ 1 Monk

+1 Wizard

+ 1Devo

+1 Hunter

18 man

+ 1 Priest

+ 1 Knight / Sage

20 Man

+1 Dancer

+1 Monk

25 Man

+ 1 Bard / Monk

+1 Sage

+1 Priest

+ 1 Wizard

+1 Devo