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PRTG- Truly Unified Monitoring

Paessler Router Traffic Grapher.

Why Monitoring?
• Virtually all your customers’ IT
purchases attached to a network can
be monitored. Includes virtualization,
storage, servers, cloud, websites,
applications, etc.

• Even the smallest of company's have

systems they rely on in day to day
business. Such as websites, Google
apps, CRM system, databases,
temperature sensors etc.

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PRTG Product History

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Monitoring …

• avoids performance bottlenecks and breakdowns

• delivers better quality of service proactively
• reduces costs buy only what is needed (capacity planning)
• increases company profits by minimizing downtime

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Quick Download, Install &
1. Quick ad-hoc Download (160 MB)
2. Installs in 3 minutes.
3. Interactive guidance by the software: For
initial setup, most users will not need to
read the manual (or need to have training)
4. Auto Discovery creates sensors for your
network (about 1 min per device)

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Choose User Interfaces
1. Full featured web browser based
Interface: state of the art, AJAX
based web site
2. HTML only, minimalistic web
browser for mobile applications.
3. Enterprise Console: for large
4. Native Apps for iOS, Android and
smart watches.
5. SSL-secured local and remote access
and can be used simultaneously

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Comprehensive Network Monitoring
• 220+ sensors covering all network
• Uptime & Downtime Monitoring
• Bandwidth Monitoring using SNMP, WMI,
NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, Packet Sniffing
• Application Monitoring
• Virtual Server Monitoring
• SLA monitoring
• QoS Monitoring (VoIP)
• Environmental Monitoring
• LAN, WAN, VPN, and More
• Event logging
• Agent-less monitoring
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Simple Global Monitoring

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Flexible Alerting
1. 9 notification technologies: Email, SMS/Pager, syslog
and SNMP Trap, HTTP request, Event log entry, Play alarm
sound files, Amazon SNS, any external technology that
can be triggered by an EXE or batch file
2. Status alerts (up, down, warning)
3. Limit alerts (value above/below x)
4. Threshold alerts (above/below x for y minutes)
5. Multiple condition alerts (x and y are down)
7. Escalation alerts (extra notifications every x min during
8. Dependencies (avoid alarm floods)
9. Acknowledge Alarms (no more notifications for this
10. Alert Scheduling (no low priority alerts at night)

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Customers Love Maps and Dashboards
1. Real time dashboards with live
performance and status information
2. Private and public dashboards: e.g.
screens for network operations
centers or maps with at-a-glance
information for other employees
3. Interactive map designer with more
than 300 different map objects
(network icons, status icons, traffic
charts, top 10 lists, etc.)

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Why Unified Monitoring?

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Monitoring Things

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Mini Probes for Android, Linux and

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What Does PRTG do Better?
• Setup within minutes, automatic network discovery, integrated database
• Over 200 special sensors for VoIP, website, email, application, virtual environment or database
monitoring, incl. SNMP, WMI, Net Flow, Packet Sniffing
• Comprehensive monitoring functionality: all-in, no add-ons, no hidden costs
• Unlimited remote probes to monitor more than one location
• Enterprise Console PRTG , manage multiple installations with one dashboard
• Database allows storing historical data in its raw format 365 Days.
• no add-ons, This makes protecting your network investment affordable for everyone

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Monitor Everything and Anything
Common Sensors
Bandwidth Monitoring Sensors
Web Servers (HTTP) Sensors
SNMP Sensors
Windows WMI/Performance Counters Sensors
Linux/Unix/OS X Sensors
Virtual Servers Sensors
Mail Servers Sensors
SQL Database Servers Sensors
File Servers Sensors
Various Servers Sensors
< VoIP and QoS Sensors
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Hardware Parameters Sensors
Custom Sensors
The All-In-One Unified
Monitoring Software