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Product Overview
Sample Preparation

Freezer Mill 2010 Geno/Grinder 1600 MiniG

8530 ShatterBox
High-throughput plant and tissue homogenizer
8000D Mixer/Mill
with an adjustable clamp that accommodates up
to six titer plates or 16 centrifuge tubes. Specifi-
cally designed for rapid cell disruption, lysis, tissue
homogenization and QuECheRS.

Tissue Homogenization, Pesticide Residue Extraction,
DNA/RNA Extraction Cell Lysis Quechers, Protein
Extraction, Biofuel
DNA Amplification

Ultimate flexibility and throughput

ProFlex PCR System
Multi-user accessible
Five interchangeable block options

3 x 32-well 96-well Dual 96-well

Dual 384-well Dual flat

Proven reliability, precise PCR optimization

Veriti Thermal Cycler

Temperature zones

Precise control with VeriFlex

temperature control technology

Elegantly simple and precise

SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler
Intuitive interface—large, easy-to-use color touch
screen for easy programming and quick status checks
VeriFlex Blocks—three independent temperature zones
for PCR optimization
Cloud-enabled—conveniently access your instrument
anytime and from anywhere with Thermo Fisher Connect
DNA Amplification

Routine PCR, elevated

MiniAmp Thermal Cyclers
Compact design—fits in everyone’s lab space
at just 7.5 in (19 cm) wide

Cloud-enabled—conveniently access your instrument

anytime, anywhere with Thermo Fisher Connect

Which instrument fits your needs?

Our engineers have been designing and manufacturing high-quality thermal cyclers since 1987. In that time, Applied
Biosystems™ thermal cyclers have built a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces. Our instruments
enable precise, consistent results for every challenge, application, and budget.

Ultimate Proven reliability, Designed for

flexibility and Elegantly simple precise PCR Routine PCR, easy robotic
Key features: throughput and precise optimization elevated Routine PCR integration

ProFlex SimpliAmp Veriti MiniAmp Plus MiniAmp Automated

PCR System Thermal Cycler Thermal Cycler* Thermal Cycler Thermal Cycler Thermal Cycler

Max. sample 480,000 reactions 96 reactions 384 reactions 96 reactions 96 reactions 384 reactions

Max. block 6.0°C/sec 4.0°C/sec 5.0°C/sec 3.5°C/sec 3.0°C/sec 3.5°C/sec

ramp rate

Block formats • 3 x 32-well • 96-well 0.2 mL • 96-well 0.2 mL • 96-well 0.2 mL • 96-well 0.2 mL • 96-well 0.2 mL
(temperature (3-zone VeriFlex (6-zone VeriFlex (3-zone VeriFlex compatible with
optimization) VeriFlex Block) Block) Block) Block) full- or semi-
skirted plates
• 96-well 0.2 mL • Fast 96-well
(6-zone VeriFlex 0.1 mL • 384-well
Block) 0.02 mL
• 384-well
• 2 x 96-well 0.02 mL
0.2 mL • 60-well 0.5 mL
• 2 x flat block
• 2 x 384-well
0.02 mL

* Also available as an FDA Class 1/CE-IVD labeled device.

= cloud-enabled instrument

Owl EasyCast TM
B1 Owl EasyCast TM

Cat. No. Description Max. Samples

B1A Owl B1A Horizontal Mini-gel System 24

7 x 8 cm

B1 Owl B1 Horizontal Mini-gel System

9 x 11 cm 34

B2 Owl B2 Horizontal Mini-gel System

12 x 14 cm 48


Power Supply Secetion Guide

Model Max. Max. Max. No. of DNA/ Protein Sequencing Blotting

Volt Current Power Jacks RNA

EC-105 250V 300mA 75W 2 •
EC-300XL 300V 400mA 75W 3 • • •
High Current
EC-200XL 200V 2.0A 200W 4 • • •
EC-1000XL 1000V 500mA 250W 4 • • •
EC-3000XL 3000V 400mA 400W 4 • • •

Gel Documenta�on, Nucleic Acid & Protein Florurescene Detec�on


Stand-Alone System Cost- effective Stand-Alone System Optional EPI-UV (TLC) Upgradable Chemi

Scien�fic 2 Megapixels Camera Scien�fic CX5 Camera 5 Megapixels

Extendable to 7,6 MP image resolu�on (Bio-Print only) Extendable to 20 MP image resolu�on
Epi-Wight light LED panels (Bio-Print only) Epi-Wight light LED panels
Stainless steel robust darkrooms (Bio-Print only) Stainless steel robust darkrooms
Fixed transluminator (Bio-Print only) Pad-Box concept

Chemiluminescene & Flourescene Western,

Northen and Southern Blot, Invivo and Invitro


Cost-effective Stand-Alone System Fully Automatic In Vivo / In Vitro

Real-Time PCR

QuantStudio™ family

Meet the new generation of qPCR instruments:

as trusted and reliable as their forebears, but
evolved with great new capabilities.
Picking a favorite family member is never easy, but the
Applied Biosystems QuantStudio™ family of real-time
and digital PCR systems has been designed so there’s an
option suitable for every laboratory and every budget,
whatever your needs.

Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast and

7500 Fast Real-Time PCR systems
Real Fast. Real Versatile. Real Value.
Real choices from the leader in real-time PCR
Most Powerful PCR in the market

StepOne™ System and StepOne™ Plus System

The StepOne™ and StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR Systems are remarkably simple,
low-priced systems that enable high-quality results and are designed with a
user-friendly yet powerful interface for researchers new to real-time PCR.
Genetic Analyzer

The 3500 and 3500xL Genetic Analyzers

8-capillary system that can easily be upgraded to a
24-capillary system, allowing the system to grow with your

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology tracks key

consumables data and records administrative information
DNA fragment analysis with up to six unique dyes

One array and one polymer are used for most applications
Powerful, integrated data collection and primary analysis
software provides real-time assessment of data quality

SeqStudio™ Genetic Analyzer

ONE cartridge. (capillaries, buffer, polymer, and

pump incorporated) A simple 4-capillary system
4-month on-instrument cartridge stability 4 min-
utes hands-on time, reduced from hours to min-
utes. That puts you in control of your samples, in
your own time, in your own way.

Sanger sequencing workflow

Primer design and
amplification PCR cleanup Cycle sequencing Sequencing cleanup Analyze Sanger sequencing data

Amplify the DNA Clean up your sample Generate sequencing Purify reactions Run samples Translate raw data
region of interest: with one-tube, products by to remove into corresponding
select from one-step PCR cycle sequencing unincorporated electropherograms
predesigned primer clean-up using Applied Biosystems™
pairs or design Applied Biosystems BigDye terminators
your own ExoSAP-IT and salts

Fragment analysis workflow

PCR amplification Prepare sample for analysis Analyze fragment analysis data
Perform capillary

Amplify the DNA fragment of interest by PCR Add aliquot of PCR product to size Analyze the fragment profile
using 5´ fluorescent-labeled primer standard, denature, and proceed
with electrophoresis
Next-Generation Sequencing

Ion Chef™ System

Ion GeneStudio™ S5
GE Healthcare

Products to Support Your Research

Genomics Gene Editing Cell Culture Filtration Western Blotting

illustra ™ Dharmacon ™ HyClone ™ Whatman ™ ÄKTA ™ Amersham ™

Nucleic acid sample RNAi, gene expression Cell culture media ÄKTA chromatography Systems, membranes,
prep and storage. and gene editing. products. systems.

Key products: Key products: Key products: Key products: Columns and resins Key products:
• GenomiPhi™ • RNAi: siRNA, shRNA up to • DMEM • Puradisc FP 30 syringe Key resins: • NC and PVDF membranes
• TempliPhi™ whole-genome libraries • RPMI • HiTrap™ columns • Rainbow markers
• SC GenomiPhi • Gene editing: CRISPR-Cas9 • FBS • Whatman GD/X™ syringe • HisTrap™ columns • ECL™ detection reagents
• Nucleon pooled and arrayed •R • HiLoad™ columns • Amersham QuickStain
• ExoProStar™ S screening libraries • Process water •S • Superdex™ Increase GL • CyDye™ labelling kits
• PuReTaq and • Transfection and •M columns • PlusOne reagents
Hot Start RTG PCR beads Products for cell • PD-10 desalting columns • Electrophoresis and
• FTA™ cards separation and isolation: • MabSelect SuRe™ resin transfer units
• Percoll™ • Ni Sepharose™ resin
• Ficoll™ • Protein G Sepharose resin

Instruments to support your research
Protein Analysis: Cell Imaging: Cell Therapy:

ÄKTA start Biacore™ 8K IN Cell Analyser 2250 Xuri™ Cell Expansion

Transition easily from High-throughput, Super-fast, sensitive, System
manual to automatic high-sensitivity SPR Closed bioreactor for cell
therapy applications
characterization deconvolution
gelifesciences.com/AKTAstart gelifesciences.com/biacore gelifesciences.com/cellimaging gelifesciences.com/xuri

ÄKTA pure Amersham Imager 600 Cytell™ Cell Imaging

Easily customizable to Sensitive and robust Benchtop cell counting and Come and join LiSA and
chemiluminescence and imaging system
Life Sciences Academy here
gelifesciences.com/AKTApure gelifesciences.com/imagers gelifesciences.com/cellimaging Engaging online courses

ÄKTA avant Amersham Typhoon™ DeltaVision™ Elite to learn and test your
Gain productivity with fast Scanners High Res Microscope knowledge.
and secure development Versatile and precise
quantitation of gels and blots
Refresh your own
microscope knowledge or teach
gelifesciences.com/AKTAavant gelifesciences.com/typhoon gelifesciences.com/cellimaging

Repair and maintenance services: Join ÄKTA club today for free
Need help? • Easy access to information about your
ÄKTA system
services tailored to customer needs and • Connect with ÄKTA system users and
ensuring that equipment is optimally GE experts
• Exclusive access to events
Email: EUServiceSales@ge.com

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