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Problem Set:
8. A wall in R4 Cyber Café needed to be
1. If 3a = 7b, then 3a2/7b2 = painted. Julius and Kirk can finish painting it
a. 1 c. 7/3 with skim coat, flat latex, and semi-gloss
b. 3/7 d. 49/9 finish of the chosen color in 3 hours. On the
day of the job, they worked together for 1
hour. Kirk then left Julius to rob 7-11
2. If 33y = 1, what is the value of y/33? Convenience Store in GTA V Online. Julius
a. 0 c. infinity was left to finish painting in 8 more hours.
b. 1 d. 49/9 How long it will take for Julius to do the job

3. The roots of the equation (x-4)2(x-2) = a. 10 hours c. 12 hours

(x+2)2(x-4) are: b. 11 hours d. 13 hours

a. 4 and -2 only c. -2 and 4 only

b. 1 only d. 1, -2, and 4 only 9. Kirk sold 100 pieces of black stone powder.
80 pieces of them were sold at a profit of 30%
while the rest were sold at a loss of 40%. What
4. Factor the expression 16-10x+x2: is the percentage gain or loss on the whole
a. (x+8)(x-2) c. (x-8)(x+2) stock?
b. (x-8)(x-2) d. (x+8)(x+2)
a. 14% c. 16%
b. 15% d. 17%
5.Mary is 24 years old. Mary is twice as old as
Ana was when Mary was as old as Ana is now. 10. Twice the middle digit of a three-digit
How old is Ana? number is the sum of the other two. If the
a. 18 c. 14 number is divided by the sum of its digit, the
b. 12 d. 16 answer is 56 and the remainder is 12. If the
digits are reversed, the number becomes
smaller by 594. Find the number.
6. Engr. Vic had a drinking session with his
friends. He mixed a 500 ml cocktail containing a. 258 c. 852
30% Emperador Lights and 70% Nestea Iced b. 567 d. 741
tea. His drinking buddies find it too sweet and
needs to be adjusted. How many milliliters of 11. The sides of a right triangle have lengths
Emperador Lights Engr. Vic must add to the (a-b), a, and (a+b). What is the ratio of a to b if
original cocktail to produce 40% Emperador a is greater than b and b could not be equal to
Lights and 60% Nestea Iced Tea for it not to be zero?
too sweet?
a. 1:4 c. 1:3
a. 153.33 ml c. 83.33 ml b. 3:1 d. 4:1
b. 103.69 ml d. 100 ml

12. Find EB if the area of the inner triangle is

7. Jose is as old as Edwin will be when Jose is ¼ of the outer triangle as shown.
twice as old as Edwin was when Jose’s age
was half the sum of their present ages. Edwin
is as old as Jose was when Edwin was half the
age he will be ten years from now. How old is

a. 40 c. 32
a. P 40 110.00 c. P 601 650.00
a. 32.5 c. 56.2 b. P 60 165.00 d. P 651 500.00
b. 55.7 d. 57.5
18. The perimeter of a triangle is 271 cm. The
13. In a triangle BCD, BC = 25 m., CD = 10 m. interior angles measure 50 deg, 60 deg, and
The perimeter of the triangle may be. 70 deg, respectively. What is the shortest side
of the triangle?
a. 72 m. c. 69 m.
b. 70m. d. 71 m. a. 80.72 cm c. 99.02 cm
b. 91.26 cm d. 93.65 cm

14. From the top of tower A, the angle of

elevation of the top of the tower B is 46 deg.
From the foot of tower B, the angle of elevation
of the top of tower A is 28 deg. Both towers are
on a level ground. If the height of tower B is
120 m., how high is tower A?

a. 38.6 m. c. 44.1 m.
b. 42.3 m. d. 40.7 m.

15. The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 34

cm. Find the length of the shortest leg if it is
14 cm. shorter than the other leg.

a. 30 cm. c. 17 cm.
b. 16 cm. d. 18 cm.

16. Which of the following equation is

equivalent to sin2Θ?

a. 2sinΘcosΘ c. cos2Θ-sin2Θ
b. sin2Θ+cos2Θ d. sinΘcosΘ

17. A rectangular piece of land 40m x 30m is

to be crossed diagonally by a 10m wide
roadway as shown. If the land cost P15,000
per square meter, the cost of the roadway is?