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2000 AD


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First appearance: 2000 AD Prog 2 (1977)
Created by: John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Judge Dredd is a totalitarian cop in Mega- Blue in a sprawling ensemble-led police an awful lot of blood in his time.
City One, the vast, crime-ridden American procedural about Dredd cleaning up crime
East Coast megalopolis of over 72 million and corruption in the deadly Sector 301. With stories such as A History of Violence
people set 122 years in the future. Judges and Button Man, plus your hard-boiled
possess draconian powers that make them Mega-City Undercover Vols. 1-3 action heroes like Dredd and One-Eyed
judge, jury, and executioner – allowing them Get to know the dark underbelly of policing Jack, your love of crime fiction is obvious.
to summarily execute criminals or arrest Mega-City One with Justice Department’s Has this grown over the years? What
citizens for the smallest of crimes. undercover division. Includes Andy Diggle writers have influenced you?
and Jock’s smooth operator Lenny Zero, and
Created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra Rob Williams, Henry Flint, Rufus Dayglo and JW: I go through phases. Over the past few
in 1977, Dredd is 2000 AD’s longest- D’Israeli’s gritty Low Life. years I have read a lot of crime fiction,
running character. Part dystopian science enjoyed some, disliked much. I wouldn’t like
fiction, part satirical black comedy, part DREDD: Urban Warfare to pick any prose writer out as an influence.
police procedural, Dredd serves a brutal One for fans of the 2012 movie DREDD. Set in As far as strip goes I have a very high
and repressive system but his incorruptible the movie universe and following directly on regard for Frank Miller’s Batman Year One.
principles make him an unlikely anti-hero. from the events at Peach Trees block. Stylistically I learned a lot from it.

WHERE TO START READING READ MORE Your Dredd stories have ranged from single
Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Read interviews with many of Dredd’s episodes to wide-ranging epics, from
Start at the beginning with Volume #1 to see greatest creators – from Mick McMahon to police procedurals to supernatural capers;
how Judge Dredd and his world evolved – Jock – in these ebook collections, available on what, for you, makes a good Dredd story?
from his corrupt brother to combating a robot Amazon and from Rebellion Publishing:
rebellion, and even a spell in charge of the JW: Good character interaction. It seems
www.2000adonline.com/creatorinterviews kind of counter-intuitive but I get a bit bored
moon. Skip ahead to #5 for groundbreaking
art by Brian Bolland, Mick McMahon, and sometimes writing action, I just want to get
Carlos Ezquerra in stories such as The Dark LISTEN past it to the next juicy verbal encounter.
Judges and the epic The Apocalypse War, or Listen to the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast’s epic three-
Volumes #9 and #10 for some of his most part podcast interview with John Wagner at: What are your thoughts looking back over
famous cases. forty years of 2000 AD and your work for it?

Origins / Tour of Duty: The Backlash / Tour JW: I’m surprised I’m still here to look back.
INTERVIEW: JOHN WAGNER I suppose it’s like everything: there are some
of Duty: Mega-City Justice
John Wagner’s revelations about the origin The Judge Dredd story you’ve written for aspects that give me satisfaction, others
story of the Judges of Mega-City One. the fortieth anniversary issue has a very where I know I could have done better. Glad
Dredd’s subsequent demands for equal sombre tone, but Dredd is often known for to see old Joe still in there fighting, though.
rights for mutants went on to have profound its black humour – which do you prefer
consequences. Stellar art from Carlos writing, and why? If Judge Dredd did not exist, in the current
Ezquerra, Colin MacNeil, John Higgins and political climate would it be necessary to
more. JW: I generally prefer the ones with an edge invent him? In other words, is the satirical
of humour. They’re a lot easier on the nerves. nature of the character as relevant today
America as it was in 1977 and has that grown more
Mature storytelling from Wagner about What were your thoughts behind this subtle or become more overt?
justice, freedom and obsession, where Dredd particular story – it felt like it was
takes a back seat and we see events from the reflecting on the Dredd strip’s own long, JW: Don’t know if you’d need to invent him,
citizens’ point of view. Features incredible blood-soaked history. but I’m absolutely certain Donald Trump is
painted artwork by Colin MacNeil. going to provide a lot of ammunition for me
JW: Yes, when Cyber-Matt said the theme and others in the coming years. Anything
The Pit for the issue was ruby/red, Blood was what Dredd can do – however little – to undermine
Judge Dredd meets The Wire and NYPD came immediately to mind. Dredd has seen that sick sucker is a job worth doing.

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First appearance: 2000 AD Prog 1632 (2009)
Created by: Henry Flint and Al Ewing

An absurdist horror comedy created by artist ZOMBO QUOTES Can you explain about the genesis of
Henry Flint and writer Al Ewing, Zombo is a Zombo for readers who are new to him?
‘Can I eat you?’
half-human, half-zombie biological weapon
created to withstand the terrain on hostile *** HF: Half-human, half-zombie, created by
alien death planets, his desire to eat people ‘I like your thinking! You’re hired!’ a questionable government to help fight a
controlled by a codpiece that shocks him to ‘...I am?’ zombie apocalypse.
ensure obedience. After crash-landing on the
death planet Chronos, Zombo tries to guide ‘Never question me. You’re fired.’ AE: Henry came up with the character
the survivors to safety as the environment *** originally – I was brought on to script and
picks them off one by one, before he ‘Zombo? I don’t know if you noticed, but your generally tinker with his plot for the first
confronts the planet’s sentient intelligence. evil twin just flambéed the leader of the free series. After that, we just went with whatever
Later, the unhinged President of Earth universe!’ was funny.
unleashes Zombo’s dark twin, Obmoz, in a
futile attempt to distract the masses, only for It’s been a while since Zombo’s been in
his plan to go wrong when Obmoz becoming ‘Mr Rabinowicz did fill out all the necessary 2000 AD – why are you bringing him back
a giant death monster. In the process forms...’ now?
Zombo’s brain is destroyed and it is revealed ‘No, I didn’t! I signed your bottom with a
his emergency ‘back-up’ personality, stored magic marker!’ HF: I assure you it’s not my idea.
in his buttocks, is that of male stripper Eric
‘Well, I had the release form tattooed on my
Rabinowicz. Later still, theme-park magnate AE: It’s my fault. Zombo got harder and
back. It was all quite legal.’
Lord Hank Epsilon leads Chronos’s armies on harder to write as the years went on,
a steerable planet in an attack upon Earth. *** and sticking him in an un-get-outable
‘So where’s Zombo on the creepiness index cliffhanger at the end of his fourth series
Originally inspired by Flint’s love of zombie now?’ didn’t help. But when Tharg suggested a
movies, the series turned into a bizarre ‘Nine point three. Equivalent to the local fortieth anniversary story, I had an idea for
mix of comedy, science fiction and horror, butcher looking pale and sweaty and how to play it that hopefully opens the door
incorporating farce and vicious pop-culture inviting you into the back room to sample the to more stories to come, if Henry’s amenable,
satire, parodying everything from The “special ham”.’ of course.
Beatles to The X Factor to pulp sci-fi to
geek mass media and, rather disturbingly, How important is the dark humour in
predicting President Donald J Trump. TOP CAMEOS IN ZOMBO – SPOT Zombo? Is this a classic 2000 AD element
THEM ALL AND WIN A PRIZE!* that you wanted to include?
Zombo: Can I Eat You, Please? Simon Cowell AE: People expect some humour in Zombo,
Collects: Donald Trump and some unpleasantness too. Lately I’ve
Zombo The Beatles been more feeling the unpleasantness side
Merry Christmas, Mr Zombo Susan Boyle than the humour side, but there are some
Zombo’s Eleven
no prizes, punk! good gags in the anniversary strip, so people
Obmoz Battles the Twinklie Winkler should have a good old chuckle.
Zombo: You Smell of Crime and I’m the FLINT HF: Al’s in charge of the dark humour. I’m in
Deodorant! Zombo’s kind of hard to sum up in a charge of mopping up the mess afterward.
Collects: sentence – how do you feel about giving
The Day Zombo Died it go? You managed to ‘predict’ a Trump
Planet Zombo presidency – how do you feel about that?
Planetronix: Mohawk of Menace! AE: The Hulk, but with sexy pants instead of
Secrets of Zombo’s Power! rage. AE: I feel awful, thanks.

HF: Tarzan but without the skin.

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First appearance: Starlord issue 1 (1978). Merged into
2000 AD with Prog 86 (1978).
Created by: Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill & Carlos Pino

Originally debuting in the short-lived classic story about underdogs. On another On Ro-Busters... You have to start with Book
Starlord but switching to 2000 AD when level, it’s a robot Muppets. One, I’m afraid [Ro-Busters: The Complete
the titles merged in 1978, in a world Nuts and Bolts Vol 1]. If your budget won’t
where robots are treated with contempt by For people who’ve never read it, where is allow, then the first Return to Ro-Busters
humans Howard Quartz (known as ‘Mr 10 the story now? book with Clint Langley. It can stand alone,
Per Cent’ because ninety per cent of him I think.
is robotic) uses them to carry out perilous Technically the story is complete, but I love
Thunderbirds-style rescue missions – from the characters so much I keep bringing them PAT’S TOP PICKS!
saving train-crash survivors to preventing back in the ABC Warriors. And I’d quite like Creator and writer Pat Mills picks his
building collapses – because no one cares to reboot them – if I ever get the time! favourite moments from almost forty years
if they live or die. But when Quartz attempts of Ro-Busters...
to destroy all of his robots as a tax write-off, Ro-Busters originally began in Starlord
two of them – decommissioned war robot and, along with Strontium Dog, was one of Savage: Grinders
Hammerstein and sewer robot Ro-Jaws – the strips that made the jump – why was Where Howard Quartz gets beaten to a pulp
lead an escape plot. this, and why did you decide to return to it by a Hammerstein. So overdue!
after all these years? ABC Warriors: Return to Earth
From the satire on the politics of the late Ro-Busters and Strontium Dog were the two Where Hammerstein beats the President
1970s to its song-and-dance routines, Ro- most popular strips in Starlord. There were to a pulp! Is there a pattern here? Great
Busters is an all-ages series that boasts various problems (art, etc), and it was really catharsis.
stunning artwork by Carlos Pino, Ian only with Clint Langley that I could give them
Kennedy, Dave Gibbons, Kevin O’Neill and the space they truly deserved. Having Clint Ro-Busters
Mike McMahon. It formed the nucleus of the supporting the characters has made a big In the original Ro-Busters where Ro-Jaws
popular ABC Warriors series, which itself fed difference. and Hammerstein are for sale in a showroom.
into Mills’ Nemesis the Warlock series and Because they’re so Morecambe and Wise.
Savage, the sequel to 1977’s Invasion. Over the years you’ve created an incredible
series of links between your different ABC Warriors: Return to Ro-Busters
READ MORE series – whether it’s dinosaurs from Flesh Where war is banned and the leaders of
Ro-Busters: The Complete Nuts and Bolts appearing in Nemesis or characters from states have to fight out their disagreements
Vols. 1-2 Invasion linking to Ro-Busters and ABC in a ring. It sounds mad, but it’s a lot more
ABC Warriors: Return to Ro-Busters Warriors; was this deliberate or has it sensible than what’s happening in Syria. If
Nemesis The Warlock Vol.1-3 evolved over time? only...
Savage: Taking Liberties Some of the crossovers were because it was Ro-Busters: The Terra Meks
Savage: The Guv’nor the only way I could get the characters back Where the crowd sing to Charlie ‘You’ll never
in the comic. But I always had the idea that walk alone’. A tear-jerking moment for all of us.
the 2000 AD universe should have some
WATCH crossovers like the Marvel universe does.
Discover more about the ABC Warriors on Hence why I think John Wagner has done a
the 2000 AD ABC – the bite-sized video few crossovers in Dredd and maybe others.
alphabet of 2000 AD’s greatest series! I actually think I missed a trick there when
www.2000adonline.com/the2000adabc I started 2000 AD and I should have really
pushed that with creators. To be honest, they
weren’t very keen. But, on the other hand,
some Marvel and DC crossovers are a bit
Can you sum up Ro-Busters in a sentence? forced and I know fans resent that.

It’s a robot-disaster squad exploited by a What’s your best advice to new readers
barely human boss Howard Quartz. It’s a who want to start ‘at the beginning’?

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First appearance: 2000 AD Prog 505 (1987)
Created by: John Wagner, Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra

After the Atomic War of 2150, survivors warped feels like the anti-hero schemer to Johnny’s stories, morality tales and added an alien heist
by the mutating effects of Strontium 90 fallout straight man. And of course she’s a total bad-ass. element.
were forced into ghettos and the only job open to
them was bounty hunting. Durham Red is one of D: Lauren triggered a three-stage brainsplosion D: We had it easy because our story is set in the
the toughest Search/Destroy agents, known as when she gave me the news. Stage 1. I get to co- classic Strontium Dog universe, so we didn’t
Strontium Dogs, but even amongst her own kind write something for 2000 AD. Stage 2. It’s Durham have to worry too much about the later unfolding
her vampiric mutation leaves her ostracised. After Red. Stage 3. Carlos Ezquerra would be drawing it. storylines or continuity. It’s the Durham Red we
decades tracking down the lawless on frontier I’m lucky to have survived the experience. I loved grew up with.
planets of the galaxy (even time-travelling to everything Strontium Dog as a kid. And being
rescue Ronald Reagan), Red grew weary and a massive horror and sci-fi nerd, Durham Red We discussed this on the podcast earlier this
placed herself in suspended animation – only to ticked all the boxes for me. Bad-ass mutant space year, but as creators who grew up under South
wake up after more than 1,200 years amidst a vampire bounty hunter. What’s not to love? Africa’s apartheid system what did you think
centuries-old conflict between humans and her about the prejudice at the heart of SD?
own kind where she had inadvertently become the The story will be appearing in the fortieth
Saint of Mutants. anniversary special – as long-time 2000 AD fans L: It resonated a lot. I believe in the power of stories
what does this mean to you? as metaphor, as allegory, as a way of pointing out,
From Grant and Wagner’s gun-toting vampire to very vividly, (and sometimes very bluntly – with
Dan Abnett’s smart alec caught up in a galactic L: 2000 AD was a huge influence on the kinds of mutants, for example) why the hell this is a crazy
war, Red has always thrown up interesting stories I write – using crazy high concepts as a idea, segregating people, de-humanising people,
questions about sexism, racism, religious bigotry, way of exploring resonant social issues from war sidelining people so they can only do certain kinds
and surviving in a male-dominated world. to segregation to totalitarian states with action of work.
and adventure and characters who struggled with
READ MORE their morality. D: Well put. And unlike the mutants in say, the
Catch up on Durham’s adventures with these other comic-book universes, the mutants in
collections from 2000 AD: D: Most definitely. 2000 AD stories always had the Strontium Dog universe were most often
Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files #4 such fascinating morality tales at their core. And not granted fantastical powers. They were just
The Scarlet Cantos as an illustrator myself, the black and white art physically different. That always stayed with me.
The Vermin Stars of the old 2000 AD Monthly still resonates with As an analogue for a very real-world issue it made
The Empty Suns me. As a teen I spent many a weekend trying to it just that more hard hitting. It was also so easy
replicate the style of various 2000 AD artists while under apartheid to grow up thinking that the
dreaming of one day drawing a story myself. Now situation in South Africa was somehow ‘normal’.
as an adult (sort of) I get to co-write a story. It’s After all, it was the only reality I was exposed to
Listen to Lauren and Dale discuss their love of very surreal ‘Future Shock-esque’ twist. growing up. The government propaganda machine
2000 AD and its influence on their work on the worked overtime in trying to justify apartheid. To
2000 AD Thrill-Cast at: www.2000ADonline.com/ She’s been a bounty hunter, an intergalactic normalise oppression. That’s what makes the
laurenanddale saint, and a ninja – what’s your take on Durham message in stories like Strontium Dog so powerful.
Red? It has the power to open eyes to an unjust system
WATCH of oppression.
D: Other than her physical abilities, one of her
See more of Durham Red on the 2000 AD ABC, our
greatest weapons is her conniving mind. She’s And how do you feel about working with the
alphabetical odyssey through 2000 AD’s greatest
always working the angles. That and her bloodlust legendary Carlos Ezquerra on a character he
characters – new episodes every week!
ensures she’s always keeps Johnny on his toes. co-created?
L: She’s canny, she’s ruthless, and we wanted to L: It’s mind-blowing. We didn’t even consider that
INTERVIEW: LAUREN BEUKES AND play with the things she’s prepared to do for a job he’d be the one working with us, that he’d even be
DALE HALVORSEN and how that puts her at odds with Johnny’s white- available. I hope we did his characters justice.
What was your reaction when Cyber-Matt hat style of bounty hunting.
approached you to write Durham Red? Is she a D: I’m still suffering from stage-three
character you’ve enjoyed in the past? What are the challenges of working on a ’brainsplosion’. It feels very surreal. I grew up
character with a long backstory? with his work, so having this opportunity to write a
L: I always loved Red’s moral ambivalence. She character he created is a huge, huge honour. I’m so
L: We went back to classic Red. Wild West-style excited to see what Carlos comes up with.

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First appearance: 2000 AD Prog 330 (1983)
Created by: Pat Mills & Angie Kincaid

Sláine is a barbarian fantasy adventure INTERVIEW: PAT MILLS artists over the years – do you have a
series inspired by Robert E. Howard’s Sláine is one of 2000 AD’s most popular ‘favourite moment’ of Sláine?
Conan the Barbarian, the Irish characters – what is it about him that
mythological hero Cúchulainn, and you think appeals to readers of the That’s so tough! I guess it has to be
other Celtic myths and legends. A Galaxy’s Greatest Comic? Bisley... where Ukko looks at us sadly as
devotee of the earth goddess Danu, he he remembers Sláine and says, ‘He is gone
is a warrior with the power of the ‘warp Apart from beautiful art. Well... the comic from us now’. I know that’s had readers in
spasm’, a body-distorting battle frenzy. should have a heroic fantasy hero and he’s tears and I’m sniffing myself as I write this.
Originally banished from his tribe, Sláine almost alone there. I think a lot of readers
explored the Land of the Young with his love the authentic nature of Sláine – PAT’S TOP PICKS!
unscrupulous dwarf companion Ukko. He based on Irish and other Celtic myths and Sláine: The Time Monster
later led his tribe against the Fomorian legends. That makes him pretty unique Art by Angela Kincaid
sea demons, then united all the people – most barbarians live in totally fantasy ‘Cos it was the first and it was
against the ancient, insane Lord Weird worlds, which isn’t my thing. soooooooooo tough! Especially on Angela.
Slough Feg and became first High King
But I liked the end result. It set everything
of Ireland. He then travelled through It’s always been more than just a sword up for the future and that was really
time, aiding historical figures such as ‘n sorcery strip, using real Irish folklore deliberate on my part.
Boudica and King Arthur, before returning and legend – what kind of influences
to lead the resistance to a new Fomorian and sources have you brought into the Sláine: Bride of Crom
invasion. strip over the years? Art by Massimo Bellardinelli
‘Cos the wickerman looked so cool and it
READ SLÁINE IN ORDER A lot of paganism and the occult. So was the first and one of the best warp-
All of Sláine’s adventures are available in I hung out with genuine witches and outs.
print and digital collections from 2000 AD: covens and had great (and legal!) fun
with them. It actually horrified the 2000 Sláine: Sky Chariots
Warrior’s Dawn AD editor at the time! Not to mention stuff Art by Mick McMahon
Time Killer about reincarnation. So it’s all from real- The boarding party scene – sublime! Oh
Sláine the King life sources and I think has inspired many yes, and where Sláine picks up a table as
The Horned God readers to take a pagan path. a shield.
Demon Killer
Lord of Misrule Sláine Mac Roth has gone from being a Sláine: Murderball
Treasures of Britain petulant teenager to a time-travelling Art by Clint Langley
The Grail War trouble-shooter for the Earth Goddess – Because we both talked to an Irishman in
Lord of the Beasts where is he now? Dublin who suggested this and inspired
The Books of Invasions 1-3 us.
Sláine the Wanderer Currently he’s starting to liberate Albion
The Book of Scars (Britain) from its evil, demonic tyrants, Sláine: A Simple Killing
The Brutania Chronicles: A Simple Killing the Drune Lords and the Emperor Brutus. Art by Simon Davis
The Brutania Chronicles: Primordial The giant episode in the recent saga
What would be Sláine’s ‘elevator pitch’ by Simon. I just love seeing that giant
WATCH to entice new readers? pissing and looking down on Sláine.
Watch artist Simon Davis paint Sláine as
he talks to the 2000 AD YouTube channel He’s a Celtic barbarian who fights for true
about his work: freedom, not the bullshit variety.
You’ve worked with some incredible

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First appearance: 2000 AD Prog 1035 (1997)
Created by: Robbie Morrison & Simon Fraser

In the 27th century where Imperial Russia INTERVIEW: SIMON FRASER AND Readers can sometimes be wary of
controls the world, the swashbuckling ROBBIE MORRISON picking up long sagas; what would you
thief, rogue, and ladies’ man Nikolai For people who’ve never read him say to a someone to encourage them to
Dante discovers he is an illegitimate before, can you sum Dante up in a start reading Dante?
son of the Romanovs, aristocratic rivals sentence?
to the Tsar. Bonded to a sentient alien RM: It changed over the years, but I still
‘Weapons Crest’, which allows him to RM: It’s a swashbuckling, science- like the description in my original pitch for
grow sword blades from his hands, he fiction epic in which thief, rogue, lover the series: ‘Imagine Han Solo had got the
outrages aristocratic society with his and adventurer Nikolai Dante duels and lightsabre in Star Wars, and, instead of
devil-may-care shenanigans. From romances his way to prominence in the trying to save the world with pure-hearted
protecting bearded nuns to swaggering intrigue-strewn, war-torn Russian Empire motives and noble deeds, decided to cut
his way across the cosmos, from joining of 2666, eventually becoming a great a reckless swathe across it in the name
his mother and her pirate band to leading hero – no matter how much he tries to of amoral personal gain, swashbuckling
an army of thieves and whores, in an epic avoid it! adventure and sexy romance.’
spanning fourteen years Dante first fights
in a brutal civil war before becoming SF: Drinking, improbable violence and After fourteen years of stories, Dante
an unwilling murderer for the Tsar, and sex… in the future… that looks a lot like had a very definite ending – what made
finally trying to rescue his beloved Jena the past. you want to revisit him after four years?
from the clutches of his insane, tyrannical
brother Dmitri. In 2012, Morrison and 2000 AD is known for its grim anti- SF: Money and nostalgia.
Fraser ended the series in a bold move heroes, but Dante is more of a
that brought one of 2000 AD’s most cheerful rogue (most of the time!) RM: The fortieth anniversary of 2000 AD
popular epics to a close. – was this a conscious decision to do sounded like too good a party to miss. And
something different? And what were the the story is a flashback to Dante’s younger
READ NIKOLAI DANTE IN ORDER consequences of that decision? days, so doesn’t really have any bearing
All of Dante’s adventures are available on the end of the series so far.
in print and digital collections from RM: Very much a conscious decision.
2000 AD: At the time, 2000 AD was full of grim, Any plans for more?
gritty, tremendously uptight veterans
Too Cool To Kill like Dredd, Sláine and Rogue Trooper, all RM: No plans as such, but it was great fun
The Great Game stomping about muttering catchphrases to write Dante again, and it has reminded
The Courtship of Jena Makarov like ‘I am the law’, ‘Kiss my axe’ and ‘Let’s me how much I love the character and his
Tsar Wars Volume 1 knife’. Sometimes you looked at them and world. I’d be a liar if I said that it hadn’t
Tsar Wars Volume 2 thought, ‘Wow, these guys really need to got me thinking. Right now, though, it’s
Hell and High Water get laid.’ Dante was conceived as the more likely that we might see a story set in
Sword of the Tsar opposite of everything else that was in that universe, perhaps with some familiar
The Beast of Rudinshtein the comic at the time – a swashbuckling characters, but not necessarily featuring
Amerika young adventurer with a lust for life, an Dante himself.
Hero of the Revolution eye for the ladies, and a talent for getting
Sympathy For the Devil himself into more trouble than he could SF: I actually have a plot for a Return of
handle. Nikolai Dante story worked out, but my
WATCH efforts to contract a local organised crime
SF: After twenty-odd years 2000 AD syndicate to remove Morrison is getting
Meet the artist behind Nikolai Dante –
desperately needed to get through a bit expensive. I’m thinking of doing a
Simon Fraser
puberty. Nikolai Dante was the man for Kickstarter.
the job.

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