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Republic of the Philippines


Schools Division of Batangas City
Mahabang Dahilig Senior High School
Mahabang Dahilig, Batangas City

First Semester
Second Quarterly Examination
21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
Grade 11

1. Use permanent ink only in answering the tests. Erasures and alterations are not allowed.
2. Answers must be concise, complete and in correct spelling.
3. Unanswered questions/items will be marked wrong.
8. Most students could not fathom the
I. Vocabulary works of Shakespeare unless translated
Directions: Select the word or phrase that in the modern English language.
means most nearly the same as the A. understand
highlighted word. Shade the letter of the B. measure
correct answer on your answer sheet. (1-10) C. teach
1. The fishing village looked desolate D. sense
during the typhoon. 9. There was a disparity in the mayor’s
A. deprived treatment of the rich over the poor.
B. deserted A. dissimilarity
C. haunted B. equality
D. homely C. likeness
2. Wearing a veil to mass is now passé, D. similarity
rarely do we see such practice in the 10. All Filipinos must face their country’s
country. problems with fortitude.
A. fashionable A. complaints
B. expensive B. curiosity
C. outmoded C. self-sacrifice
D. well-liked D. strength
3. The students clamored for a reduction
of their tuition fees. II. Literary Classification
A. demanded Directions: Write L if the given item is an
B. fought example of PROSE FICTION, O if it a
C. demonstrated POETRY, V if DRAMA, and E if
4. You should learn how to haggle with the
vendors in the public market. 11. Epic
A. bargain 12. Legend
B. compute 13. Sonnet
C. count 14. Novel
D. measure 15. Farce
5. One resident pestered the condo board 16. Character Sketch
about every little thing. 17. Elegy
A. surprised 18. Ode
B. shocked 19. Autobiography
C. annoyed 20. Song
D. worried 21. Dramatic Monologue
6. Many Filipino workers go abroad 22. Fairy Tale
because they get a good remuneration. 23. Diary/Journal
24. Parable
A. housing
25. Essay
B. promotion
C. salary
D. treatment
7. Television can do startling things to
A. beginning
B. tragic
C. alarming
D. sad
38. “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings;
III. Matching Type Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Directions: Read the following sentences. What emotion is displayed?
Identify the figure of speech used. Write only A. rage
the letter of the correct answer on the space B. regrets
before the number. C. disappointment
D. pride
A. Allusion 39. English literature had its earliest beginnings
B. Synecdoche with the ________.
C. Personification A. Anglo
D. Simile B. Jutes
E. Hyperbole C. Celts
F. Metaphor D. Saxons
G. Metonymy 40. Shakespeare’s dramatic poetry was written
H. Apostrophe more than four hundred years ago. The New
I. Irony Testament is almost two thousand years old;
J. Symbolism the Old Testament seem hundred years
older. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey were
26. The autumn leaves – yellow, black, pale, composed three thousand years ago. They
and hectic red – are like pestilence – are classics because they have ________.
stricken multitudes. A. passed the test of times
27. Like the bright hair uplifted from the hand B. been reprinted so many times
of some fierce Maenad. C. been read by millions of people
28. The boss hired six more hands. D. been written a long time ago
29. A heavy weight of hours has chained and 41. To foreshadow is to give a hint or to forecast
bowed me. a future event. What is foreshadowed in the
30. Spring blows her clarion over the following lines from Beowulf?
dreaming earth. But fate, that night, intended
31. “Come sleep, oh sleep! The certain knot Grendel to gnaw the broken bones
of peace! Of his last human supper
32. Success is counted sweetest by those A. Beowulf’s proclamation as hero
who never succeed. B. End of the reign of terror
33. She spent the whole night reading C. Outcome of the battle between Grendel
Shakespeare. and Beowulf
34. The clouds are angels of rain and D. The Grand celebration following victory
lightning. 42. Which of the following does NOT describe
35. If winter comes, can spring be far Grendel?
behind? A. Sinister
B. Destructive
IV. Multiple Choice Type C. Cowardly
Directions: Read the following statements D. Evil
carefully. Answer the question or complete 43. The central issue of Beowulf is
the statements by writing the letter of the A. conflict between humans and animals.
correct answer on your answer sheet. B. struggle between good and evil.
36. What does this stanza suggest? C. friendship between Sweden and
“The glorious lamp of heaven, he sun, Denmark.
The higher he’s a – getting, D. competition between Christians and
The sooner will his race be run, pagans.
And nearer he’s to setting.” 44. What kind of man would say this “It has
A. Life is too short, so make the most of always been my wish to live honorably, and
time. after my death, to leave to those who come
B. Death is inevitable. after me my memory in good works”?
C. Life offers you a lot of wonderful A. honorable, proud
things. B. principled man
D. Spend more time with your loved C. just, fair, simple
ones in consideration of life’s brevity. D. industrious, trustworthy, trustful
37. What figure of speech is used in this line? 45. What is Beowulf’s tragic flaw?
“And this same flower that smiles today, A. greed
tomorrow will be dying.” B. lust
A. personification C. pride
B. metaphor D. gluttony
C. simile
D. hyperbole
46. John is reading a book with an omniscient 49. The day has come when this lord needs
narrator. What IS a characteristic of this type sound men to give him support. Let us go to
of narration? him. We must bond together, shield and
A. The narrator tells the internal thoughts helmet, mail sheet and sword. What character
and feelings of all the characters. trait does this express?
B. The narrator is NEVER the main A. strength
character. B. selflessness
C. The narrator is ALWAYS the main C. fatalism
character. D. leadership
D. The narrator ONLY tells the internal 50. Washington Irving often wrote under a
thoughts and feelings of the main pseudonym. What does this mean?
character. A. He wrote on comission.
47. Your English teacher uses a popular comic B. He published in instalments.
book to illustrate onomatopoeia, or a literary C. He published anonymously.
device that occurs when D. He used fake names.
A. the written words repeat vowel sounds.
Prepared by:
B. the written word sounds like something it
C. the written words repeat consonant
Teacher I
D. the written word sounds nothing like what
it represents.
48. These are written works which deal with
themes of permanent and universal interest.
A. fiction
B. poetry
C. prose
OIC - Principal
D. literature