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Air Pollution

Air pollution is a condition in which the air around us is polluted by chemicals,

substances, or other negative particles, or other biological substances that are harmful to
human being. Air pollution is the impact of human activities itself. Those causes like
smoking, fuel usage, vehicle emission or fumes. The main impact of air pollution is a health
problems such as the occurrence of respiratory disorders, cough, asthma, global warming,
and prevent the growth of plants. Possible solutions for reducing air pollution are using bio
refined fuel oil, using public transportation, and smoking only in the smoking area.

Smoking is one of causes of air pollution. As we have known that cigarette smoke
contains much poison gas. Many men smoking in the public area, and it makes other people
around them disturbed. We can handle this problem by doing outreach to the community
about the importance of clean air and also free from pollution, and appealed to the smokers
to smoke only in smoking area. One of smoking areas in Makassar is in Food Court MTC
Karebosi Makassar on the 4th floor.

Fuel usage also can cause air pollution. How to overcome this problem is changing
refined fuel oil with bio refined fuel oil like biogas or pertalite. Biogas is gas produced by the
anaerobic digestion or fermentation of organic materials including animal waste, and
domestic waste. The main content of the biogas is methane and carbon dioxide. Pertalite is
fuel which has little emission. Pertalite contains sulfur maximal 0,05 % m/m equivalent to
550 ppm. Biogas and Petralite usage can reduce gas emission.

Fumes are the cause of the pollution that is easy to find. This is because the vehicle is
a transportation that anyone have it, either cars or motor vehicles. Fumes daily produced by
billions vehicle every second will cause air pollution. We can reduce the fumes by used to
using public transportation, reduce the use of private vehicles, and start a healthy life with

So, those are several things that can be done in an effort to reduce air pollution on
earth like using bio refined fuel oil, using public transportation, and smoking only in the
smoking area. Keep our environment before it gets worse and do efforts to create a clean
and fresh air, and the establishment of pollution-free area.

Group 5
1. Hasrah Binti Abd. Razak
2. M. Ansar Sudin
3. Fitri Vebrianty
4. Aynun Raniyah Mubarikah