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“CASE 2: R.E.

CONSTRUCTION: It’s Now or Never”

Submitted by:

Inabore, Reniel Lois


Submitted to:

Dr. Emmanuel G. Blas, RME

In Partial Requirement for the course:

Engineering Management

September 16,2019

I – Title of the Case

Correctness of Decision

II – Time Context

The problem was observed during a meeting by the employees that resulted to an

unwanted lost.

III – Perspective Viewpoint

While the meeting is held data were presented thoroughly as a result the allotted time

entirely lacks through the course of the meeting making the data narrowed to beat the time.

IV – Statement of the Problem

While the meeting is reaching its conclusion while time is lacking, the relevance of every

possible choice is narrowed making a huge gap to the desired plan and as a result the correctness

of the choice is always not correct.

V – Areas of Consideration

Areas of Consideration

1. Lack of time to tackle every possibilities.

2. Contrasting ideas of each personnel selecting the best course of action.

VI – Alternative Courses of Actions

While the correctness of decision is really a challenge towards engineer managers, one

can say that perfection doesn’t exist thus it is inevitable to sometimes come up with a not so

good decision. With this given a situation that turns out worst rather than giving up, act and take
full responsibility of it as the manager and focus on the present, as an advice instead of wasting

time, cut some slack and focus on how to deal with it.

VII – Conclusions

As a conclusion, one must forget the thought of having a perfect choice or correct

decision always while given a minimal time, the best course of action to take is to present

everything and run the best points of each action to take to maximize the efficiency while

lessening the needed time.

VII - Recommendations

I recommend that in order to minimize any damage in the future of the organizations

given unwanted factors exists, reliability and credibility is a must for a leader. Being versatile as

a person also helps, being flexible rather than being constant helps a lot when making decision as

it always tends to be more logical. Lastly, data must be checked and process meticulously in

order to established a more self-sustaining organization.

IX. Action Plan

Maximizing the efficiency while having the minimal time acquired, present the important

points of every choice. Best points is proportional to best choice which is better then that’s the

exact time to extract and prepare the taken action and materialize the thought.