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“O sublime beast,
With silken wing and ancient eyes,
With warrior’s talon and mother’s patience,
Have the gods created a more divine creature?”
- Bartholomew Tess, ‘The Sophiornelle'
Bounding from limb to limb and soaring through
wooded mountain glens, the sophiornelle live quietly
and serenely in isolation. These graceful and beautiful
owl-like creatures rarely show themselves to humans, but
whenthey do many people view encounters with these
sublime creatures as blessings from the gods.

Sophiornelle will not serve cruel or evil purposes and have

even been known to disobey or impede lawful orders that they
personally find to be too mean-spirited, specifically when
directed toward a physically weak individual. This singular
quality makes them unsuitable for many people, who would
prefer a mount with less personality and empathy. Training or
“breaking” an adult sophiornelle as a steed is practically
 impossible, although there are stories of Sophiornelle
Sophiornelle live in small groups called sonnets, that make willingly partnering with a brave hero after witnessing them
their home in the farthest reaches of the world. Although perform a particularly selfless act.
they prefer lush forests, their inherent elusiveness and Despite whatever issues their insight and compassion may
need for isolation have led them to inhabit mountainsides, cause, gaining a sophiornelle as a companion is a lifelong
valleys, and many other exotic locals that meet their bond, one that the Sophiornelle would die to defend and one
required distance from humanoids. Despite their disdain for that any adventurer lucky enough to encounter should
living in proximity to civilization, they are immensely treasure
empathetic and caring creatures and the rare sightings that
people have had of these majestic beasts generally come from
their tendency to swoop in and save travelers or adventurers
in need.
Peaceful and intelligent, sophiornelle sonnets work
together seamlessly to hunt whatever game dwells in their
territories and avoid the threats that might wander into them.
Although their placid dispositions lead them to evade danger
rather than face it head-on whenever possible, Sophiornelle
will fiercely defend their sonnetmates and young from
predators much larger than themselves, using their intellect
and teamwork to overcome whatever obstacles they may face. Credits
Written By ~ Jess Pendley
 Designed By ~ Jess Pendley and Keith Pendley
When raised from a hatchling, sophiornelle can be trained Art By ~ Anderson Maia
into excellent mounts and companions. Their training isn’t Editing By ~ Jess Pendley
difficult, given that they're as smart as humanoids, but that in
and of itself can cause other problems. Published by Underground Oracle Publishing under the Open
Game License version 1.0a. Copyright 2019 Under- ground
Oracle Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

The Underground Oracle | Creature

The Underground Oracle | Creature
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The Underground Oracle | Creature