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Educational Qualifications

Experience Summary

Masters in Industrial & Management Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Database Design of Analytical Tool EmpowerU

(Promorph, IITK)

Designed an efficient database for an analytical tool (EMPOWERU) to be used in educational institutions.



Performed SQL programming to fetch data to show insights of various parameters of the analytical tool through descriptive statistics.

Bachelors in Production Engineering at BIT Sindri, Dhanbad.



Created simulation environment to test the actual loading condition on the database using database simulation tool.

Work Experience

Predicting the student dropout from Government Secondary

Promorph Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Education Systems

(Promorph, IITK)



Identified the possible factors leading to the student dropout from secondary schools in Giridih district of Jharkhand Government.

Physics Worm (Intern - 2015)

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Assistant System Engineer (2012-

Created a logistic regression model to predict the student dropout in government secondary schools of Giridih district.



Development of Product strategy for analytical tool



(Promorph, IITK)

Technical Knowledge

Collaborated with project stakeholders to gather relevant business requirements for developing and customizing the tool EmpowerU.




Worked in a team to gather technical requirements and decide on the architecture of the tool being developed.


Provided inputs in the design of the User Interface for the tool as per the client requirements.


Analyzing the RoHS Compliance of various Electrical and

Research Experience

Electronic Components GE Healthcare Project

(TCS, Bengaluru)

Master’s Thesis Title: Cloud Healthcare Management:

Analyzed the description of components used by equipment manufacturer and identified category of the component.

Identifying the privacy and security concerns and their moderating effects on the adoption of cloud healthcare services.

Identified percentage composition of components and find suitable replacement of concerned components from eMARS database.

Documented report to inform equipment manufacturer about level and specification of replacements needed for products.

Paper Published


Cloud-Based Healthcare Management: Identifying the privacy concerns and their moderating effect on the cloud- based healthcare services. (Wiley Security & Privacy)

Analysis of factors affecting the box office revenue collection

of Bollywood Movies


Identified possible critical factors affecting the revenue generating capability of any bollywood movie.

Performed data exploration to find distribution of variables and their correlation.

Contact Details

Developed linear regression models to identify the best training model.


Mob: +91-8172827148 Email: k.ashutoshiitk@gmail.com LinkedIn

Presented results in a reproducible document prepared using R- Markdown.