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Submitted in partial fulfillment of Master of Business Administration for Session



“Grievance Handling Procedure in Beverage company with

special reference to _(company name)_”


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I, (YOUR NAME) , roll no.1772370XXX, student of Axis

Colleges 2018-2020 batch declare that every part of the Project Report “Grievance Handling Procedure
in Beverage Company with special reference to ” At (name of
Co) ” that I have submitted is original.

It contains no material previously published or written by another person, nor has this material, to a
substantial extent been accepted, for the award of any other degree or diploma of the university or other
institute of higher learning. I was in regular contact with the nominated guide and contacted several times
for discussing the project.




The research project report is one of the important parts of MBA program conducted at Axis colleges,
Kanpur. It has helped me to gain a lot of experience and insights benefiting my career.

I did an internship at _(Name of the Company) from 11 June 2018 to 10 July 2018.
It is one of the leading paint companies of the India. My area of work was to
I am thankful and fortunate for having an
opportunity to work in an active, friendly as well as challenging environment of the company.

I express my gratitude and profound thanks to Mr. (org head) and

Mr. (org guide) , project guide in the organization who have guided and
helped me in preparation of the project.

I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of indebtedness and gratitude to Dr. Vineet Kumar
Pandey, Head of Department, MBA (AIPM) for his encouragement, support and guidance in
carrying out the project.

I am also extremely thankful to my faculty guide (name of the guide) ,

Assistant Professor, MBA Department for her interest, constructive criticism, persistent
encouragement and untiring guidance throughout the development of the project. It has been my great
privilege to work under his/her inspiring guidance.

Last but not the least; I am grateful to my parents, friends and all those who have directly or indirectly
helped me during my project work.


A grievance is any discontent or feeling of unfairness and in the workplace, it should

pertain to work. The objective of the project report is to determine the effective
handling of the faced by an employee. The study identifies the most common factor for
arising the grievances are wages and salary, working environment, promotions, transfer,
lack of communication, inter- departmental relationship, etc.

The study also looks for the root of grievance faced by an employee, grievance handling
techniques, and the management procedures of resolving the grievances. Effective
grievance handling is an essential part of cultivating good employee relations and
running the organization smoothly, successfully and gaining the good productivity of

The research project mainly focuses on the various aspects of Grievance handling in the
(Company name) . It also focuses on the relationship between all the three
levels of management and the dissolving of grievances among the employees of the soft
drink industry.

Sr. No. Particulars Page No.

1. Introduction
 Introduction to the company 1
 Company profile 10

2. Research Objective 39

Research Methodology 41
i. Research objectives 42
ii. Types of research 42
3. iii. Data collection method 43
iv. Sampling technique 43
v. Sample area 44
vi. Sample size 45

4. Data Analysis & Interpretation 46

5. Findings 61
6. Conclusion 63
7. Limitations 67
8. Recommendations and suggestions 69
9. Bibliography 73

10. Annexure 1

Sr. No. FIGURE Name Page No.

Fig 1.1 Major segments of the beverage industry 2

Fig 1.2 Key drivers of beverage industry 3

Fig 1.3 Key players of beverage industry 4

Fig 1.4 Alcoholic beverages 5

Fig 1.5 Incremental Human Resource Requirement 6

Fig 1.6 Subdued employment growth 6

Fig 1.7 Soft drink concentrate manufacturing 11

Fig 1.8 Distilled spirits industry 15

Fig 1.9 Steps in grievance procedure 30

Fig 1.10 Step ladder procedure 31


Sr. No. TABLE Name Page No.

Table 1. Age groups 48

Table 2. Supportive culture in the industry 49
Table 3. Years of experience 50
Table 4. Superior’s instructions 51
Table 5. Physical condition of the workplace 52
Table 6. Opinions of the respondents 53
Table 7. Remedial steps taken by the grievance 54
Table 8. Methods of solving grievance 55
Table 9. Acceptance of the complaints 56
Table10. Satisfaction with existing grievance procedure 57

Table 11. Grievances related to performance appraisal 58

Table 12. Grievance related problems in the industry 59

Table 13. Nature of Grievance 60


My research problem was related to the “Grievances” in the Beverage industries with special
reference to “softdrink “industry. It mainly describes about the various reasons which could lead for
the occurrence of grievance in the industry that is when the employees are not satisfied with the
various facilities being provided to them. This project report mainly deals with the process whether
the employee complaint is treated fairly in the industry, and how employee show their
disappointments and injustice regarding the working condition.

I have taken the soft drink industry as the main part of beverage industry and carried out my
research in the soft drink industry. The research was conducted amongst the employees of the
industry regarding the various grievances they feel while working in the organization, what are the
points which lead them to create conflict with the top level management, and to identify the
grievance handling system which could lead to the mutual understanding between the workers and
the management of the industry. The project focused on to identify that whether the grievance
handling system leads to a favourable attitude towards the management of soft drink, and also to
know the satisfaction of the employees in the industry during grievance handling process.

The research design used in the project is defined as the “Descriptive Research” as I have performed
the research in the industry amongst the employees working in the various departments of the
industry i.e. HR, maintenance, quality, production and utility and determined what are the various
reasons which could lead the occurrence of grievance in the industry and what are the various
process that are used to handle the grievances within the industry. The sample size used is 50
employees i.e. 10 employees from all the 5 departments within the two companies of the softdrink
industry. The sample technique which I have used in this research project report is “convenient
sampling” as I have collected the data using the questionnaire method and the interviews from the
various HOD’s of the various departments.

The conclusion after the research concluded that 21-30 are more than other areas of age groups.
From the study, I conclude that the few changes in organization policies and procedures to be
increased to increase the productivity from the employees. The management has to improve the
communication part to their employees about their issues. The organization must reduce the
transfers frequently, and provides more training to their employees. The grievances were effectively
redressed in the organization and the speed and time must be increased to redress the grievance
faster and these helps to reduce the grievances in the organization. Considering the above analysis in
Beverage industry, the employees were satisfied with most of welfare, medical safety facility
provided by the industry.