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Rizal Annotation of Morga`s Sucesos De Las Islas Filipinas


What is Sucesus De Las Islas Filipinas? What lead Jose Rizal for his annotations? Who is Antonio
de Morga Sanchez Garay? What are those annotations of Rizal? And what are the learnings we
gather if we read and analyze on it?

It means the events in the Philippines isles. A child Jose Rizal heard from his uncle, Jose Alberto,
about the history of the Philippines written by a Spaniard named Antonio De Morga. Rizal with
his own expense, he bought in the museum where he found few remaining copies of that work.
Rizal had a bursting desire to know exactly what the condition in the Philippines is before and
during the Spaniards came in our country. Because according to Rizal states that Philippine has
already a lively and prosperous community. We already have tradition and culture even before

It is one of the most important work on the history of Spanish colonization of the Philippines
published in Mexico in 1609 by Antonio Morga consist of 351 pages. Antonio Morga lives in
Spain, a historian, Spanish lawyer and a high rank official. On august 1593 selected Lieutenant to
the Governor-General of the Philippines second most powerful position. It is written based on
Morga`s observation, documentary, involvement and personal experience about the indios. Morga
has bias and false stating facts about the Filipinos for his defense in Spanish.

There are several annotations written by Jose Rizal against Morga. According to Morga that
civilization here in our country are developed during the time they came here. Morga stated that
ancient Filipinos had army and other materials used for war. Before the Spanish enters in Manila,
Raja Soliman was called “Rahang mura” or young king, but later it was called “Rajang matanda”
or old king. From the early Spanish days their ship was built in the islands in the Philippines which
we considered that the evidence of the culture, hardship and civilization in our country. We
Filipinos has already songs for worshiping and praising deities. Morga states that during the
Spanish colonization that they conquered the islands in the Philippines but Rizal argued of this
statement because according to him it was not all the island but in certain islands only. In location
Morga said that Philippine was not a place for living but Rizal had a counter attack that it is a
wonderful place and very habitable. Morga also said that the location extend up to 12 degrees
south latitude but Rizal claim that it actually exactly 25 degrees and 40 minutes latitude north until
12 degrees latitude south. In climate aspect Morga written that winters and summer are opposite
in Europe. Rainfalls from the month of June to September and summer from the October and to
the end of May. Rizal explained that in December to February, the temperature goes down and
also in august to September, summer is on March to July. Morga said that ginger ale, vinegar are
preserve food , betel\buyo made of leaf which are all abundant but Rizal said that betel is kasubha
in Tagalog. In society, the body tattoo, Morga said that the native also known as Visayans, a pattern
drawn by putting powder where blood comes out and Rizal agree with Morga that it is the same
method as the Japanese. Morga stated that the natives who live in the mountain or tribe that they
were not be saved and violence people, on the other hand Rizal also states that they choose to
become violence during the government enters because of strict and brutal way by the friar’s
command. In aspect of gender, Morga said that men and women are money lover but in contrary
Rizal said that we Filipinos find it everywhere and find ways in any way just to survive. In
government, Morga said that there are no queen and king in different islands instead they
considered high rank among the natives, somewhat Rizal agree that there are no such king and
Lords. In faith, Morga said that the natives are afraid of crocodile because of its power. Those who
are lairs, broke promises may suffer the wildness of buhaya. Likewise, Rizal explained that
crocodiles are indios servants. In healing, Morga said that sorcerers and wizard deceived people
and has the ability to communicate them whatever the wish. Natives believe the superstitious so
that they could tell whether the people were lived or die. In the contrary Rizal speaks out that there
are some evidences and experience throughout the Spaniards about the cure and it is effective. In
dead, Morga states that native buried their dead in their own houses keeping their bodies, skulls
and bones in the long time in boxes. Somehow, Rizal said that the natives are not keeping it home
and the other dead bodies were not found. In economy, cotton is raised through the island and they
spin it to thread and sell it. They also weave blankets in various ways which they also sell and
trade according to Morga and Rizal agreed on it. In terms of artifacts, the natives of the islands sell
artifacts to the Japanese and as the matter of fact this basis has become very integrate the demand
for them by Morga. Rizal agreed with Morga, as he read from Dr. Jagor that this jars has an
interesting history. In gold, all of the island are abundant of gold and other mineral products which
are connected to the natives through worshiping and pleasing the mining but after the Spaniards
had settle in the land, the natives become more lacks in the mining of gold contenting themselves
of what they already have in the form of jewelry or ancient kind of gold, inherited their formers
which were abundant in themselves by Morga. The indios , on seeing that wealth aroused the
capacity of the soldiers, abandoned the work in the mines, and priest are relate that, in order to
save them, they recommended to them such procedures by Rizal. Igorots felts that their gold was
kept more securely in the ground than in their own homes settlements by Morgas statement and
Rizal did agree the Igorot were right.

Rizal annotation work serves to awaken to all Filipinos their consciousness of our past about the
inhumane ways of ruling here in our country of the Spaniards. To plant to every memory the
falsified statements of Morga about the native. They came here in the Philippines to serve the
religion or specified Roman Catholic but instead of the gospel of God they become the rulers in
our country in which Filipinos turned into being ignorance, timid, idiots, and dumb. Spaniards
must to correct their errors conception of all Filipinos as people with limited intelligence. And
lastly I will be thankful to our national hero Jose Rizal because of his admiration, dedication,
braveness to defend our country from evil giants.