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Complete the attached Capstone Project Action Plan or create your own timeline to

show steps and dates needed for completion.

Capstone Project Action Plan/Timeline

Project Title Talent Show

Capstone Strand Entertainment Event

Design Team -Organization that supports children with developmental needs

Members -Mentor with great experience with these children

Objective(s): Date of Completion:

-To raise awareness -To be decided once the
-To help children feel comfortable and confident of themselves organization is contacted
- To help children not feel embarrassed when it comes to self-expression

Resources Required:

I plant to have organization to host my event. But if not approved, I will inquire from a community center if they
will be willing to host the event.

Essential Skills Required:

Communication skills
Organizational skills
Leadership skills

Mentors/Community Connections:

An organization that supports children with developmental needs (or a community center) and a mentor with
great experiences with these children and who has a broad knowledge in terms of event organization

Develop Timeline for the overall Project:

Action Plan Steps:

What needs to be Who will do this part? By when? Done:

done? (add rows as
-Contact organization I will have to contact the October 26, 2019 Still waiting
organization. for response

-Discuss with the I will do the explanation of the -As soon as the organization
organization and mentor with details and a mentor will be responded, an appointment
the specific details of the with me for support and to will be made
event inform them that someone
with great experience with
these children will help me
Coming in at the -I will do this part, and -To be discussed with the
organization at a regular sometimes my mentor can organization
basis to check for progress come in with me to look at my
and for further discussion progress and for feedback -Regularly (every 3 weeks).
However, I will be in contact
with them on a much more
regular basis.

Other considerations:

The organization has already replied to my email request and I have already been invited for a meeting.

Required check in dates: Students will refer to the list of published due dates which were
provided in September and are available on the class website.