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A BYTE OF LIFE Friday, August 1, 2008



A question
of ethics
Francis P. Barclay looks into the argument Relive Ergo
behind a recent PIL that called for a ban on
the use of obscene visuals to sell condom Blitz online
» Page 04 Candid looks, swaying steps and musical notes
… Ergo Blitz was packed with high-energy per-
formances that kept everyone entertained for
those 2 days. Relive some of the best moments of
Ergo Blitz on our website - www.goergo.in. We
have uploaded videos of the event.
02 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Chennai’s lifestyle

Namma Chennai
Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi’s new magazine ‘inbox 1305’ will be
launched today at Landmark (Spencer Plaza) at 11 a.m.
The lifestyle magazine will feature topics on sports, fashion,
travel and food. A host of Chennai’s celebrities will be writing
articles in the magazine.

Actor’s house burgled

Music sans barriers
Burglars struck at the house of Tamil film
and television actor Anand (40), of the film
Thiruda Thiruda fame, at Uthandi on ECR
and decamped with 32 sovereigns of gold
and precious stones worth lakhs of rupees.
The burglary came to light after the actor Pakistani
and his family returned from an overseas
vacation on Wednesday. band
Police said the actor’s house, located on 3rd
Main Road of VGP Layout in Uthandi, was Strings
an easy target for burglars as the actor and
his family left for Thailand on July 23 for a will join
week-long holiday. Burglars gained access
to the house by breaking open an iron grill hands
on the terrace. Nearly 32 sovereigns of gold
jewellery, crystal ware and other precious with
stones kept in the almirah in the bedroom
on the first floor went missing. Parikrama
Anand and family returned home on
Wednesday night to find their home
ransacked, with clothes, bags and bottles
scattered around. A check revealed that
their valuables had disappeared.
The burglary could have occurred any time
during the family’s absence as there were
only a few domestic helps residing in the
house, police said.
Following a complaint registered by the
actor with the Neelankarai police, senior ERGO CORRESPONDENT took their act across the border to on June 17, 1991 in New Delhi.
officials, including the area deputy feedback@goergo.in India only to realise they already They have several live perfor-
commissioner of police and assistant were a recognised band in the mances and original numbers to

commissioner of police, visited the house or all those hardcore fans of country, thanks to club remixes their name. Parikrama has more
and conducted preliminary investigations. local rock, hold your breath of their songs. than 1000 concerts to their name,
Fingerprint experts were called in, who – Pakistani band Strings will which have been held all over In-
conducted a thorough search of the scene join hands for a perfor- Parikrama dia in more than 40 cities and
of burglary. mance with Parikrama, right here The word Parikrama means participated in various interna-
The estimated loss is believed to be worth in the city. ‘orbital revolutions’ in Sanskrit. tional competitions held in India
Rs. 4 lakh. The concert is being held by The band was officially formed and abroad. ■
the Indian Institute of Planning
and Management (IIPM) as part
of their annual college fest A-
maze ’08. Running on similar
lines as IIT Saarang, the college
fest will host a variety of competi-
tions, and will feature a concert
on the final day.

Strings are an internationally
acclaimed Pakistani pop band
comprising two members. The
band was formed when four col-
lege students—Bilal Maqsood,
Faisal Kapadia, Rafiq Wazir Ali
and Kareem Bashir Bhoy—decid-
ed to form a band in 1988 in Ka-
rachi. In 1992, the quartet
disbanded only to make a come-
back with two of its members, Bi-
lal and Faisal later in 2000.
While the initial band was rid-
ing on the new wave of Pakistani
pop music, the later formation
ushered a new revival in the mu- When, where, what?
sic industry of Pakistan. Event: Strings and Parikrama concert
Kapadia and Maqsood fol- Venue: Wesley Grounds, Royapettah
lowed in the footsteps of Junoon Time: 6.30pm onwards, August 2
and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Contact: 9941451007 (Deepak Ganesh),
99431 81981 (Vijay Arun)
Friday, August 1, 2008
Chennai Trade Centre from August 7 to 9.
Clean Chennai Besides exploring a wide array of cleaning-
To address the need for professional related technology and services on show, trade
cleaning services and products, Clean visitors can look forward to a complementary
India Show 2008, will be held at the educational component.

Czech film festival


When, where,
uckle up for yet another
film festival from the Indo
Cine Appreciation Founda- what?
tion (ICAF) in association Event: Czech film
with the Embassy of Czech Re- festival
public. The Czech film festival Timings: 6.15 p.m. on-
will feature six award-winning wards, August 4 to 7
films, many of which are themed Venue: South Indian
on war and love. Film Chamber of Com-
ZELARY (2003) merce, 606 Anna Salai
It is the 1940s and the Czech Contact: 9840151956
lands have been occupied by the A screen shot of Dark Blue World A scene from the film Rebel
Nazis. Eliska is a young woman
who is unable to complete med-
ical school because of war and vernment. Seasoned pilot Franta who just do not wish to have any- films thematically linked and opportunity for new adventures.
now works as a nurse in a city (Ondrej Vetchý) and young hot- thing in common with the pre- based on a series of ballads writ- HANELE (1999 )
hospital. She is also involved in head Karel (Krystof Hádek), travel sent totalitarian regime. A film ten 200 years ago by K.J Erbena, Hanele is a timeless tale of gen-
the resistance movement along to Britain to offer their skills. with a lot of songs, which provide regarded by some as the Czech erational and ideological conflict
with her boyfriend and their When Karel’s plane is shot down the film story with an important equivalent of William Shakes- set in an enclave of religious Jews
friend. not far from the base, he finds and un-changeable character of peare. in Sub-Carpathian Ukraine in the
DARK BLUE WORLD (2001) himself made welcome by an En- the end of sixties period mood of AUTUMN SPRING (2001) 1930s. Without dowry, and refus-
During World War II, a number glish woman, Susan (Tara Fitz- easygoing, and non-committal, A tragicomedy featuring a ing to marry the slow-witted vil-
of Czech airmen flew alongside gerald). in association with fate , inter- youthful 75-year-old dreamer lage boy who wants her hand,
British RAF pilots against the Ger- REBELS (2001) weaving of personal and political who unlike his worrying wife, re- beautiful Hanele escapes provin-
mans. When war ended the This is a musical film set in hot development forms the structure fuses to reconcile himself to cial Polana by joining a Zionist
Czechs went home, only to face summer of 1968. A small town in of this tragicomedy. growing older. He lives life as youth group recruiting young
imprisonment in forced labour Czech border region, three final WILDFLOWERS (2005) never ending challenge in which men and women for work in the
camps under the communist go- year school girls and three rebels, Kytice is a series of seven short every day becomes a delightful big city. ■

A storytelling session with Jeeva Raghunath
ERGO CORRESPONDENT lead a group of people with a back-
feedback@goergo.in ground in theatre and a passion for sto-
ry telling in rendering folk tales of
When, T his bilingual storyteller uses hand-
puppets, paper and sign language
to tell stories. Jeeva Raghunath,
Tamil Nadu in Tamil. Her workshops
are interactive and are based on tried
and tested storytelling ideas and meth-
where, who is well-known in the city, ods. Under her, students will be able to
specialises in training very small learn storytelling techniques, develop-
what? children and also trains adults in ing a story, communicative skills
storytelling, role-play, creative through stories, exploring India and
Event: Storytell- writing and communication skills. developing language skills through sto-
ing session with During the session, Jeeva will ries. Her programmes have been used
Jeeva Raghunath- in schools, colleges, cultural associa-
Timings: 6.30 This bilingual tions, hospitals, libraries and mu-
p.m, August seums.
storyteller uses She is now an author of children’s
Venue: Alliance hand-puppets, books and has translated 17 books and
Francaise paper and sign written two original stories, which in-
Auditorium clude a wide range of Indian and Asian
language to tell folk-tales, European tales, family sto-
Contact: stories ries, true life incidents, cross-culture
28279803/ stories and modern stories. ■
04 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Big Story
You can also send your views on the issue to us at
feedback@goergo.in. If you want to lodge a complaint against the
obscenity on condom packages with the Advertising Standards
Council of India, log on to the website www.ascionline.org

The debate over

A recent PIL filed at Madurai bench of the Madras High Court
raises an interesting debate. Francis P Barclay talks to sexologists and
a representative of the Advertising Standards Council of India

hile campaigns advertis- those sexually active, carry con- in shops. “Instead of us-
ing the use of condoms traceptives with them. Levels of ing pictures of naked
are getting vigorous and awareness on sex and related is- people on bed, they can
animated, a recent PIL sues are also high among the IT use the space to create
filed at the Madurai bench of Ma- professionals whose lead lavish awareness on condoms
dras High Court raises an inter- and swanky lifestyles.” and tell about the advan-
esting debate: should obscenity “Certainly when people are ex- tages of its use.”
be allowed on condom wrappers; posed to obscene visuals, they are
and more importantly who de- tempted to have sex. Condoms Who decide?
cides the standards. come in myriad shapes, types, Though the court
A businessman from Madurai sizes and flavours claiming to en- noted that the right
filed the PIL seeking a ban on ob- hance sexual pleasure. And pic- to carry on busi-
scene visuals on packages and tures to suit each of them,” he ness is subject to
advertisements of the condoms, says, adding that condom wrap- reasonable restric-
the Madurai bench of the Madras pers are disposed carelessly and tions that could be
High Court ruled that condom it even lands in the hands of chil- imposed in the in-
manufacturers cannot market dren sometimes. terest of decency and
their products “indiscriminately” However, he agrees that con- morality, it said that
with obscene visuals. dom promotion is crucial now it is difficult for the
His complaint is that obscene and adds that instead of using court to fix standards of
visuals on condom packages cre- those visuals on the wrapper, decency and morality
ate a wrong impression about they can be used on the inner foil. and the Advertising
condoms, primarily medical “Condoms are used even by illit- Standards Council
products and not inducers of sex- erates and the visuals attract of India (ASCI), a
ual desire. them.” self-regulatory vol-
What is the strategy behind the untary organisation
use of such visuals on condom ‘It backfires’ of the advertising in-
wrappers? Are they necessary or Finding obscene visuals un- dustry, would be in a bet-
not? necessary on condom packages, ter position to deal with the
Dr. Amudha Hari, gynaecologist issue.
A tricky issue and critic on sex-related issues, But the Council told Ergo
“It is actually a tricky issue,” makes it clear that condoms are that it has not received any
says sexologist G. Sampath Ku- primarily contraceptives, a med- complaint on condom wrap-
mar, adding that the obscene vi- ical device. It is used to avoid pers so far. “After a
suals on condom wrappers acts spread of STD (sexually transmit- consumer lodges a
as a “stimulating factor” of sex. ted diseases) and pregnancy. complaint with
“Premarital sex has become a In fact, she adds, the naked pic- us, we will place
commonplace phenomenon and tures on the wrappers make peo- it before the
there are many factors that in- ple feel that condoms are rather Consumer Com-
duce it,” he points out. sexual inducers and pleasure plaints Council for
Another city-based sexologist boosters. Due to this, the con- discussion,” said Alan Colla-
points out: “Ladies, especially sumers are diffident to ask for it co, Secreatry General, ASCI. ■

Illustration: Francis P Barclay (francis@goergo.in)

Friday, August 1, 2008
Dress Classy with Cherie- D
For designer wear drop into Studio Saks and choose from an
exclusive line of classic, contemporary and couture ensembles by
Cherie- D. Address- Studio Saks, Padmavathi Road, Gopalpuram.

Top Ten
The 3 Mistakes of My
Life – Chetan Bhagat. Rs.
2. Brida – Paulo Coel-
ho. Rs. 295
3. Sea of Poppies – Am-
itav Ghosh. Rs. 599
4. A Prisoner of Birth –
Jeffrey Archer. Rs. 270
5. Unaccustomed Earth
– Jhumpa Lahiri. Rs. 450
6. Shantaram – Gregory
Roberts. Rs. 470
7. The Kite Runner –
Khaled Hosseini. Rs. 315
8. A Thousand Splen-
did Suns – Khaled Hossei-
ni. Rs. 395
9. The Alchemist – Pau-
lo Coelho. Rs. 195
10. The Japanese Wife –
Kunal Basu. Rs. 395

Top Ten Non-

1. The Secret – Rhonda
Byrne. Rs. 550
2. The Last Lecture –
Randy Pausch. Rs. 295
3. Cold Steel: The Multi
Billion Dollar Battle for a
Global - Tim Bouquet &
Bryon Ousey. Rs. 650
4. Greatness Guide 2 –
Robin Sharma. Rs. 195
5. Execution – Larry
Bossidy & Ram Charan.
Rs. 650
6. Go Kiss The World:
Life Lessons For The
Young Professional –
Subroto Bagchi. Rs. 399
7. We Are Like That On-
ly – Rama Bijapurkar. Rs.
8. Chicken Soup for In-
dian Soul – Jack Canfield
& Raksha Bharadia. Rs.
9. Who Will Cry When
You Die – Robin Sharma.
Rs. 165
10. The Monk Who
Sold his Ferrari – Robin
Sharma. Rs. 185
Courtesy: Crossword
06 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Village Most valuable

The most valuable nutrients of the
potato are in the skin.

DO YOU SPEAK Scientists develop ‘emotional’

ENGLISH? Scientists in Britain have created an emotional robot
which appears to respond to being cuddled or
scared. The Heart Robot, developed by scientists at
the University of the West of England in Bristol, was
Maybe not if you teach it in Costa Rica aimed to explore human reaction to machine that
give emotional feedbacks. Heart Robot - in reality

ess than 10 percent of En- weaknesses in one or several of half robot and half puppet - is the star attraction of
glish teachers in Costa Rica’s the areas of reading, comprehen- the ‘Emotibots’ exhibition at London’s Science
public schools and colleges sion, speaking and writing, said Museum. With a beating heart, a breathing belly,
have a good command of the the study, carried out with the and sensors that respond to movement, noise and
language, according to the Minis- Fundacion Costa Rica - United touch, the robot reacts emotionally to being scared
try of Public Education, citing its States, which promotes English or cuddled. He flinches in apparent alarm when he is
own study Wednesday. here. shouted at.
Only 315 out of 3,193 English The problems were worse in PTI
teachers from educational insti- more developed tourist areas,
tutions across the Central Amer- where there is a growing demand
ican country were able to show for English-speaking staff, the BBC fined after new phone-in scandals
they could give good lessons to study showed. The BBC was fined 4,00,000 pounds (US$
their students. Several recent polls among 7,91,000) on Wednesday after a string of top
Most teachers showed serious Costa Rican businesses show that television and radio shows faked winners of
the country’s labor market suffers their competitions. The fine, imposed by media
Most teachers showed from a lack of good English regulator Ofcom, is the latest in a string of
speakers. similar scandals involving British broadcasters,
serious weaknesses in The deputy education minister, which has tarnished their reputation for
one or several of the Alejandrina Mata, told reporters transparency, particularly over competitions. In
areas of reading, that the ministry was working the latest round of revelations, Ofcom said that
with universities to increase the the producers of some shows had decided to
comprehension, number of improvement classes broadcast competitions which viewers invited to
speaking and writing for teachers. ■ take part had no chance of winning. Ofcom said
AFP viewers were told that if they called in to pledge
money, they would automatically be entered for
a prize draw to win flights to the United States.

Bugs save pest-controller’s life

An Australian pest controller who got lost in the desert
while prospecting for gold survived by turning for help
to the bugs he usually kills – and eating them. Theo
Rosmulder, 52, managed to stay alive in the harsh West
Australian desert for five days by knocking the tops off
termite mounds and ‘getting stuck into them’, The
Australian newspaper reported. “It’s quite funny that
the things that I kill to make a living are the things
that kept me alive,” said Rosmulder, who was
eventually found by Aboriginal trackers. Police said the
part-time prospector was in a “particularly good
condition for the ordeal” when he was found about 10
kilometres from his group’s campsite about 130
kilometres north of Laverton.

Scottish smoking ban cut heart attack

Scotland’s 2006 ban on smoking in public places
cut the heart attack rate by 17 per cent within
one year, with non-smokers benefiting most,
researchers reported on Wednesday. The study
is the first real-time, large-scale look at how a
ban on second-hand smoke might benefit
smokers and nonsmokers. Earlier research
looked at the effect of smoking bans in
individual cities, or had other limitations. The
number of people admitted to nine Scottish
hospitals for a heart attack dropped 14 per cent
among smokers, 19 per cent among former
smokers and 21 per cent for those who had
never smoked.
Friday, August 1, 2008

Lost and found

A letter that was lost for 60 years has finally made its way
This day, that year
back home. The letter never made it to its intended It was in August 1, 1936 that
recipient, and Xan Wedel of Kansas was shocked to find Adolf Hitler opened the 11th
the latter that discussed the 1948 Presidential election, a Olympic Games in Berlin.
town’s new pastor and new electric fridges in her mail box.

William’s girlfriend
prefers to be an
‘ordinary person’
when the Prince Williams’
girlfriend refused an up-
grade to first class and in-
sisted on being treated like
a regular passenger.
She asked the staff to call
her by her name and said
“Please call me Kate.”
“She may be dating the
future king but she’s so
down to earth. It’s the first
time we have had a passen-
ger turn down the chance
of an upgrade,” The Sun
quoted BA staff as saying.
Meanwhile Middleton is
set to join William this

S he might be dating Bri-

tain’s future King but
week after he leaves war-
ship HMS Iron Duke.

Kate Middleton prefers to They would be spending
be an ordinary person. next week the Caribbean is-
The cabin crew of British land of Mustique. ■
Airways (BA) were startled ANI

Celebration time PARIS HILTON

McCain defines Obama as a man who like to behave like celebrities

resumptive Republic presi- The moves are the McCain team’s tactics of seeking to make
dential nominee John campaign’s most full-throttled campaigns referendums on its
McCain has defined his effort to define Obama negativ- opponents — not a choice be-
Democratic Party rival Ba- ely, says the paper. tween two candidates — and at-
rack Obama as man who likens tacking the opponent’s perceived
himself to celebrities like Britney Voters in doubt strengths head-on.
Spears and Paris Hilton. Obama has been under an in-
McCain has aggressively la- tense public spotlight for the last Attention and adulation
belled Obama as arrogant, out of year, but polls indicate that for all Central to the latest McCain
touch and unprepared for the the enthusiasm that he has gen- drive is an attempt to use against
presidency. erated among his supporters, Obama the huge crowds and ex-
According to the New York many voters still have questions citement he has drawn, including
Times, the Republicans are trying about him, providing Republi- on his foreign trip last week, by
to portray Obama as a candidate cans with an opening to shape his promoting a view of him as more
who believes that the presidential image in critical groups like white interested in attention and adula-
race is all about him. working-class voters between tion than in solving the problems
now and Election Day. facing American families.
Audacity watch The run of attacks against Oba- McCain’s more focused assault
The Republican National Com- ma over the last couple of weeks comes after one of his worst
mittee has begun an anti-Obama have been strikingly reminiscent weeks of the general election
Web site called ‘Audacity Watch,’ of that drive, including the Bush campaign, when he seemed to
쒀 Eight year-old Nojud Ali (R) and nine year-old a play on the title of Mr. Obama’s fumble for a consistent, over-
Arwa (L), cut a cake to celebrate their book ‘The Audacity of Hope.’ arching critique of Obama, who
divorces in the capital Saana on Wednesday. And, in a concerted volley of tele- He labels Obama as winged around the Middle East
Nojud was forced into an arranged marriage vision interviews, news releases and Europe.
at the age of eight with a 28 year-old man. and e-mail, campaign represen-
arrogant, out of touch McCain has frequently spoken
Yemen has no law governing the minimum tatives have attacked him on a and unprepared for about the need for civility in poli-
age of marriage. AFP PHOTO wide range of issues, including tics. ■
tax policies and energy proposals. ANI
08 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Save the tiger

Nokia has joined hands with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support the
latter’s tiger conservation initiatives in India. The two will work towards
providing education to villagers for sustainable development and to
increase awareness on tiger conservation.

No slowdown in world
PC market: Barrett
ntel Corp, the world’s biggest could be, but it’s not a disaster.” ropean Commission could lead
microchip producer, expects Apart from broadband wire- to higher prices for consumers.
no slowdown in global de- less, and the next generation of The Commission issued addi-
mand for personal computers low-cost computers, Intel also re- tional charges against Intel ear-
despite economic problems in mains bullish about the intro- lier this month, saying the U.S.
the United States and in other duction of more digital company had paid a retailer to
countries, Intel Chairman Craig capability in health care. refrain from selling computers
Barrett has said. “There’s a huge opportunity with chips made by compet-
He also told reporters in Lis- to use it not just in the back-of- itor Advanced Micro De-
bon, where he was to sign a fice but in remote diagnostics,” vices Inc.
draft deal with the Portuguese he added. Last year, the Com-
government to make 500,000 Referring to the European mission accused In-
cheap portable computers for Union’s recent antitrust charges tel of giving
schools, that the company was against Intel, Barrett said price computer makers
upbeat on demand prospects for reductions for microprocessors rebates to limit
low-cost computers and broad- and computers have an “anti-in- their use of rival
band wireless systems. flationary nature” while prices AMD’s chips or
“We gave a relatively upbeat are rising globally and also said avoid them alto-
business forecast, saying that de- that was a testimony to high gether. ■
spite the economic problems in competition in the sector.
the United States our business is “It looks as the market is func-
so international that we didn’t tioning as it should, because ev-
see any slowdown in the PC mar- ery year consumers are getting
ket,” he said. more for less. We continue to say
Barrett said a range of econo- that, please just look at the facts,
mies have not been seriously af- don’t just listen to a competitor
fected by the U.S. slowdown, complaint,” he said.
providing hope that the crisis Intel lawyers have previously
will have limited implications. said that that new charges filed
“We are seeing ... that the slow- against the company by the Eu-
down in the U.S. hasn’t spilled
everywhere else. The world’s
economy is not as robust as it

We are seeing ... that the slowdown in the U.S. hasn’t spilled everywhere else. The world’s
economy is not as robust as it could be, but it’s not a disaster

SNIPPETS Archos’ Jukebox now also a

wayfinder Articles sourced from Infomedia
Plug any Archos 605 PMP into group and appeared first in T3
this GPS cradle, and it Magazine
Nokia’s two new Biz transforms
blowers from mobile
Nokia’s latest business jukebox to in-
phones, the slider-type E66 and car satnav. So
the full QWERTY E71, make their when you’ve NFCing things
debut this month. The latter is finished watch- Just tap Nokia’s 6212 Classic
essentially a slicker and toned- ing movies, just with the Parrot Party Black Edi-
down version of its predecessor cradle it, sucker tion speaker and they’ll sync,
the E61. What this HSDPA phone it to your wind- using Near-Field Communica-
From PMP to GPS

does new though is a 3.2-meg screen, and you’re ready to tion, faster than you can say
camera at the rear, a front-cam find your way home using its GPS gub- “Bluetooth is dead”. NFC will
for video conferencing, and Wi- bins. Excellent. As well as European soon be standard, bringing an
Fi/GPS. An upgrade to the E65, mapping, there are traffic updates, lane end to pairing phones etc via
the E66 shares the same features assistant to get you off at the right junc- user names such as “Mad Alan’s
as the E71 - sporting WiFi, GPS tion, and speed camera alerts. In combi- Nokia Funbox”. Snap these up
and HSDPA, save that it replaces nation with a 605 WiFi, it’s also got up and beat the crowd.
the QWERTY keypad with a slid- to 160GB of storage and the ability to Parrot Party Black Edi-
ing numerical one. Keep ‘em record TV shows. Not too many sat- tion: TBC, parrot.biz
coming Nokia! navs can do that now, can they? Nokia 6212 Classic,
TBC, www.nokia.com Rs 8,500* standalone, or Rs 25,000* TBC, nokia.com
with 30GB player, www.archos.com
Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to the Cabinet Ministry
KARTHIK SUBRAMANIAN I was stunned at the range of er graphic cards. for the cabinets range from
karthik@goergo.in chassis available today and that The first chassis that I saw on a Rs.2,000 to Rs. 3,500. Do note that
too at fairly affordable prices. Ze- computer that really blew my the prices do not include the

here is nothing more rock- bronics market close to 70 differ- mind was the high-end Alienware SMPS and are for the casing only.
ing that a good-looking cab- ent chassis and needless to say Systems designed with the dis- Send in your enquiries to en-
inet to add spice to that some are more eye-candy than cerning gamer with wads of cur- quiry@zebronics.info. To simply
monster gaming PC. Gam- the others. “Things have changed rency. The most striking aspect of drool over the chassis, drop in at
ers are nodding I am sure. a lot since we last met,” Rajesh Alienware is its transparent look, 4, Narasinghapuram Street. Also
For this week’s column, I points out, mostly referring to my the cash to burn. “There are the which gives gamers the opportu- note that the Zebronic Demo
thought I would catch up with an waistline and partially to the ad- dual fan chassis, the three-fan nity to truly to show off their Zone does not retail the product.
old friend of mine, Rajesh Doshi vance pointing out both at my chassis, the screwless chassis, the ware. The good thing today is that ■
of Zebronics, and discuss with waistline and also referring to the ones with temperature control, there are some low-end options Ritchie Street Chronicles is a
him some of the most gorgeous computer cases. touch-screen panels,” he reels available that are a good substi- weekly geek peek at the
cabinets (chassis, case … whatev- Gone are the days when com- out. tute. Zebronics itself has tied up electronics market situated on
er you want to call it) available for puter cases came in just three For the uninitiated, the more with game hardware major Nvi- the Street off Anna Salai, also
PCs. colours – white, off-white and the fans, the better the cooling … dia to launch a transparent cas- known as Narasinghapuram
As I walked into to the Zebron- black. Today they are some seri- especially if you are a game freak ing that is way cooler than any I Street. Ping me your feedback at
ics Demo Zone on Ritchie Street, ous value-additions if you have and have added those high-pow- have seen before. The price range karthik@goergo.in

Get those sparks cleaned up

role in burning fuel efficiently. are running lean, brow- 2. Remove the manufacturer’s
With plugs, the colour is an nish pink (on the insu- wires off the Spark specification.
important indication of en- lator) is a good sign. Plugs and unscrew After following all
gine health. Black is If you ever experi- them from their the steps listed, above
bad, you’re run- enced the car not run- mounting. insert the spark plugs back
ning rich Grey ning smooth or misfiring 3. Use a glass wool or steel into the cylinder and tighten it.
is bad, you while the engine is idling wool to scrub the thread and re- Finally attach the wires back on.

Y ou have a car, you drive it, fuel

it, polish it, brag about it to
friends and flaunt it on the
mode, then the problem
could be a dirty or faulty spark
plug. Replacing or cleaning the
move dirt that must have accum-
ulated over time. Do not use this
wool on the ceramic insulator.
It is best to replace plugs once
every 12 or 18 months. With a
clean and good set of plugs the
streets, but did you ever think of spark plug is not a tough task to 4. Use the brake cleaning fluid fuel is burnt efficiently for a nice
what goes on under the hood? execute. or the spray on spark plug cleaner and smooth ride. ■
We all know the answer, a big Here are 5 simple steps to clean and a yellow cloth or any soft Roadster is our new weekly
loud NO! We will touch upon them cloth to wipe off any oil deposit or column on all things automobile.
many sides of the engine in the 1. Before touching anything in debris. Vikram Sunderraj is a guest
future but today we will look at the engine compartment, make 5. The contact point of the columnist. He blogs on
that one tiny little part called the sure the engine is not hot. Let it plugs and the gap between them www.motorheader.com, http://
Spark Plug. It’s one of those com- cool if you just got back after a must be cleaned and the gap shoutat.blogspot.com and http://
ponents that play an important drive needs to be calibrated as per chennaiwithin.blogspot.com
10 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Food for thought

Backpackers Polish Cuisine is a mixture of Slavic culinary traditions.

It is rich in meat, especially chicken and pork, and
winter vegetables and spices, as well as different kinds
of noodles the most notable of which are the pierogi.

cruise like none other

oland’s Elblag canal is a
gravity-defying waterway
like none other, offering a
cruise that is part easy-go-
ing romp, part San Francisco ca-
ble car ride through idyllic
“It’s unlike any other canal
cruise in the world. Parts are in
the water but on other parts the
entire boat travels uphill on dry
land between canals on wide-
gauge railway carriages,” said Pa-
wel Zastepowski, 38, the skipper
of a canal boat who has spent 15
years cruising the waterway.
“It’s really quite incredible –
not only is it 148-years-old but
the hauling system is entirely po-
wered by water,” he said.
Depending on the point of de-
parture, boats are hauled nearly
100 meters (109 yards) up or
downhill – about the height of a
30-storey building – over a near
10-kilometre (6.2-mile) incline
using an ingenious system of hy-
dro-powered cable tracks on five
slipways, like steps between ca-
nals. The Oberlandischer Kanal,
as it is called, was built by Ger-
man engineer Georg Jakob
Steenke between 1845-1860 on
orders from then King of Prussia,
Friedrich Wilhelm IV, and was
used to transport goods, mostly
“It’s the only hydro-powered
technology of its kind in the
world,” Zastepowski said with
more than a hint of pride.
Water falls onto water wheels –
like the kind in old mills – to pow-
er the system of cables that haul
vessels perched atop special car-
riages along the tracks. The
mechanism has required only

minor repairs since 1860, the

skipper said. While the network’s
up-and-down section runs for
9.23 kilometres, the entire cruise
covers 82 kilometres, winding
along the canal and a string of the waterway. Yellow and white Most of the foreign tourists are year-old mother Renate. “For us hamlet of Gierloz, where Adolf
small lakes between the northern water lilies dot the waterway, and German, however, often with it’s something the grandparents Hitler built his Wolfsschanze, or
cities of Elblag and Ostroda. passengers are lulled by the family roots in the surrounding told us about.” Wolf’s Lair, a massive concrete
sound of wind rustling in lush lake districts of Warmia and Ma- Long a holiday spot, the late bunker he used as the command
From the pages of history thickets of reeds. zurian. Prior to World War II, this pope John Paul II, an avid out- centre on the eastern front
The canal can also accommo- “It’s just peace and quiet, mar- picturesque north-eastern corner doorsman, kayaked along the ar- against the Soviet Union in World
date sailboats and small yachts, shlands, lakes and a nature re- of Poland was East Prussia, or ea’s many rivers and marshland War II.
many of which enter the lush wa- serve for water fowl,” said the Ostpreussen, an exclave of Ger- waterways – sometimes likened The site went down in history
terway from nearby holiday spots skipper. “We have more than 200 many where ethnic Germans to the Louisiana Bayou – while July 20, 1944 when the German
like lake Jeziorak. The experience species, including white-tailed comprised more than 80 percent still a priest in his native Poland. colonel Claus von Stauffenberg
is both engineering and a natural eagles – there are about 20 here of the population. Since the collapse of commu- staged a failed assassination at-
marvel. now.” “It’s a present for my mum be- nism in 1989, yachting on nearby tempt against the Nazi dictator. A
Flocks of storks, herons and He said guests come “from all cause her mother came from this lakes, including Poland’s largest, film based on the story featuring
eye-catching European Kingfish- over Europe and the world really area,” Hamburg lawyer Caroline Sniardwy, has gained in popular- Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise
ers with electric blue wings and – Germany, Holland, Belgium, Moeschel, 35, said at a lodge in ity for Poles and foreigners. as Stauffenberg is currently in
bright orange bellies are among Danes, Japanese, Koreans and Galkowo, one of the stops on a But a sinister reminder of the production. ■
dozens of bird species populating even Saudis.” sentimental road trip with her 72- past sits in what is now the Polish AFP
Friday, August 1, 2008

Ape man
Perfect time to travel
Beijing hotels get cheaper ahead of Games

eijing hotels that had hoped to
MEGHALAYA’S cash in on an Olympic boom by
GARO HILLS hiking rates said Tuesday they had
to slash prices in a last-ditch bid to

E nvironmental activists
and social organisations
continue their search to as-
fill empty rooms.
Occupancy rates for the hotel industry
were lower than expected in the run-up
certain whether or not the to next month’s Games after many hotels
elusive “ape-like” and “phe- more than tripled their normal rates, they
nomenally strong” creature said.
which locals claim has been Now rates for three- and four-star ho-
sighted several times in the tels are tumbling as hotels try to fill emp-
densely populated Garo hills ty rooms by attracting both overseas and
of Meghalaya, really exists. domestic tourists. “Bookings are so low
Known as “Mande Burung” that we have no choice but to cut prices,”
(jungle man) the creature, said Zhang Ting, sales manager for the
locals claim, is around 10 Zhongyu Century Grand Hotel.
feet tall and weighs at least Zhang said that the hotel hiked its rates
300 kilograms and is some- to 2,500 yuan (367 dollars) a night – more
what like the Yeti found in than six times the rate of August last year
Nepal’s Himalayan region. – in a bid to cash in on the Games.
For the past several years
now enthusiasts from the Not up to the expectation
Achik Tourism Society say “But we put our prices too high from
they have been venturing in- the start because our expectations for the
to the hill’s deep jungles to Olympics were too high,” she said.
find out whether or not the With only 30 percent of the hotel’s 220
animal really exists and not rooms booked for the Olympic period,
just another figment of the management had no choice but to
imagination. However, those slash prices, she said. Its rates for the
who have seen the “Mande Olympics have now been cut 20 percent
Burung” have many interest- to 2,000 yuan.
ing stories to tell. It was re- “The surrounding hotels are all doing
ported on January 18, 1999 the same thing,” said Zhang.
by villagers that a man pass- Several other hotels said that they were
ing through a forest was cap- cutting prices in an effort to fill empty
tured by this mammal which rooms. The Super House International
forced him to feed on its said its room rate had gone down from
breast. The victim’s account 3,600 yuan to 2,880 for one night. Cheng
said “the milk was sour with Hong Hotel said it had cut its room rate
a mixture of bitterness”. On from 2,000 yuan to 1,400.
July 2005, a woman recount- Average rates for four-star hotels had
ed that “a big hairy creature” gone down from 1,500 yuan to 800 yuan,
entered her thatched hut while three-star rates had gone down
while she was asleep with from 700 yuan to 400, according to re-
her child. She described the ports in the state-run press on Tuesday.
animal that she saw in the Earlier this month the Beijing munici-
light of firewood as “enor- pal tourism bureau said that the occu-
mous” and “one who pancy rate for four-star hotels during the
stamped out the fire before Olympics was 44 percent – while rates for
disappearing in the dark- three-star hotels were even lower. Five-
ness”. The woman was un- star hotels were more than 70 percent
harmed, the reports said. booked.
While local forest officials Beijing officials have said that the city
carried out futile investiga- was expecting 450,000 to 500,000 foreign
tions into the incidents, visitors during the Games, with an addi-
Principle Chief Conservator tional one million Chinese tourists flock-
of Forests VK Nautiyal said: ing to the capital. However, tourist
“There may be some unex- numbers have been far lower than ex-
plored zoological species pected so far this year, with Chinese press
like some type of spiders- identiftying high hotel costs as one factor
...But definitely not a huma- keeping domestic visitors away.
noid. There is no scientific Repeated warnings of terrorism threats
basis or credible evidence as and strict security measures for the

of now about such a huma- Games that include tougher visa require-
noid.” ■ ments are the reasons often cited for few-
PTI er than predicted foreign tourists. ■
12 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008





hese are things that have berg, Oscar de la Renta, Christian flower-print dresses.
never been particularly ‘in’ LaCroix and Prada. Do not opt for a head-to-toe
or ‘out’, as if in mockery of And the red carpet circuit, in- animal-print look. Stay clear of
those wardrobe astrologers cluding Jennifer Lopez, Sharon jumpsuits. Pair animal prints
who tell you what or what not to Stone (at the Cannes red carpet), with neutral shades like black,
wear every season, every year. Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce Know- white, beige, khaki or brown.
On clothes, on the inner linings les, Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba, For example, if you’re wearing a
of coats or handbags, on swim- wears it with consummate ease. zebra-print skirt, pair it with a
suits, mittens, caps and even One of the most popular cloth- black blouse.
rugs, they have been forever. eshorses of animal prints is for- A leopard-print coat would
Nothing else has trodden those mer Spice Girl Mel B. So when look good on a black shirt. A
wide lines between classy, punk she unveiled her clothing line, cheetah-print top would look
rock and catty with as much ease Catty Couture, in April 2008, eve- good with beige trousers. And so
either. ryone knew what to expect. on.
Yes, animal prints. What bet- Leopard, cheetah, tiger and Another way is, if you’re wear-
ter way to let your wild side out zebra are the most popular ani- ing a simple knee-length animal-
without raising eyebrows of ani- mal prints when it comes to print dress try neon accessories.
mal activists. clothing, though giraffe, Dalma- This, however, suits zebra or
Animal prints are a favourite tian and cow also wander about cow prints more than others.
with Roberto Cavalli (for H&M), here and there. If you don’t lean toward
Gucci, John Galliano for Dior Choose the print that suits the adventurous, get small
(Fall-Winter 2008 Haute Cou- you. Close-knit prints like leop- animal-print pieces, like a
ture collection shown in ard suit all body types. However, cap (which you can pair with
Paris), Dolce & Gabbana, larger ones like giraffe and cow a neutral-coloured outfit), a
Proenza Schouler, should be worn with the care bag, belt or a silk animal-print
Diane von Fursten- that accompanies wearing sun- silk scarf. ■
Friday, August 1, 2008

1. Michelle Obama
features in this year’s
Vanity Fair 2008
International Best
Dressed List. Others on
the list include Carla
Bruni, Sarah Jessica
Parker, Daniel Craig,
Kate Middleton and
Michelle Obama David Beckham.

2. M.A.C. has teamed up with Manish

Arora to create a limited edition Raj-
inspired cosmetics
collection. The line
comprises Eyes On
Manish, a six-shade eye
shadow compact; two
lipsticks; two hues of lip
gloss; and two shades of
powder blush. The
collection will be
available from October
2008. Manish Arora

3. Tight-fitting trunks beat socks and

sandals into second place in a male ‘What
Not To Wear’ list. The list was compiled by
fashion experts at Debenhams. Hipster
jeans which show off women’s ‘muffin
tops’ topped the list of items women

4. The
Wall Street
plans to
publish a
new ‘lifestyle’ magazine called WSJ starting
in September, according to publishers. WSJ
will be the first new publication from The
Wall Street Journal since Rupert Murdoch’s
News Corp acquired Dow Jones & Co, the
paper’s owner. The
magazine comes as print ad
revenue for newspaper and
magazine publishers is
withering and shifting

5. Expected to fetch at
least 300 million euro
(almost half a billion
dollars), an art collection Yves Saint Laurent
amassed over four decades by late fashion
king Yves Saint Laurent and his companion
Pierre Berge goes up for sale next February.
Neither Christie’s nor Berge’s own auction
house, Pierre Berge et Associes, would
provide information on
the sale, saying details
would be released in

6. Paul Smith has

opened its first flagship
Paul Smith store in India at UB City in
Bangalore. The store has been designed by
Barnard and Wilson. The Paul Smith
Boutique is on 19- 20, UB City, 3 24, Vittal
Mallya Road, Bangalore.
14 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

The last course
In a true Chinese meal, the last course
is soup because it allows the roast duck
entree to "swim" toward digestion.

Intoxicated and aware

Now in yoga we have always

ecent research says that been saying that we can get you
joyful people have a greater into high states without any out-
number of areas active in side chemical. So I can have peo-
their brain than the intelli- ple stoned without any outside
gent or the intellectual. Once you influence! One can get people in-
are in such an exuberant state of to certain internal states, the sig-
energy, health is naturally taken nificance of which is not just
care of. That’s why I always say pleasure. It leads to a deep sense
good health is only a side-effect of well being which sets a founda-
of yoga. Yoga means that your ex- tion for a human being to seek
perience of life has become such other things.
that you experience everything as Scientists have always dismis-
one. Union has happened. You sed spiritual bliss as a hallucina-
have thrown out your sensory tion. Now there is scientific proof
body in such a way that it in- that one can go into extreme
cludes the whole universe. states of bliss that are not halluc-
Interestingly, there are millions inatory; they are chemically sup-
of cannabis receptors in the hu- ported in the system. When I talk
man brain, and no one has been about creating the right kind of
able to explain why. Recently, an chemistry, it’s about getting
Israeli scientist pointed out that deeply intoxicated with absolute
the body itself is producing nar- awareness. When you are fully
cotics and the brain is always aware and intoxicated, you have
equipped to receive it. Only those a stability which is unmatched.
people who are producing rea- Your peace and your well being is
sonable amounts of narcotic in 100% in your hands. ■
their systems are really peaceful

Honey! How about some home remedy

ho would have ever thought that your times a day) reduces the pain within a matter of
kitchen cupboard houses some of the 15 minutes.
best medicinal cures. Honey is not just
great with your ice tea. When used with Cholesterol levels on the rise?
cinnamon powder, a wonderful spice, the com- Take two tablespoons of honey, three tea-
bination of the two can provide a good cure for spoons of cinnamon powder and mix in 16
all sorts of ailments. ounces of tea, when given to a cholesterol pa-
The unique healing abilities come from the tient, reduces the level of cholesterol in the
essential oils of cinnamon and honey’s enzyme blood by 10% within 2 hours. Pure honey is also
that produces hydrogen peroxide qualify the sometimes used with food to check cholesterol.
two “anti-microbial” foods with the ability to
help stop the growth of bacteria as well as fungi. Stomach upset?
Here are a few ways you can use Honey and Honey when taken with cinnamon powder
cinnamon: also helps in curing stomach ache. For people
who are suffering from gas problems, honey
Hair loss bothering you? should be taken with cinnamon powder in
Apply a paste of hot olive oil, a tablespoon of equal quantities, relieves gas and pain in the
honey, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder before stomach.
bath; leave it for 15 min and wash.
Weight loss on the agenda?
Morning colds ruining your day? Try this simple method. Drink honey and cin-
Make a glass of lukewarm honey water mixed namon powder boiled in one cup water first
with cinnamon powder to help boost your im- thing in the morning (empty stomach). If taken
mune system during the cold season. It may regularly it reduces the weight of even the most
also help to clear your sinuses. obese person.
Also drinking by this mixture regularly you
For toothache… prevent fat from accumulating in the body. ■
Use a paste made of one teaspoon of cinna- Complied by Rini Mukkath
mon powder and five teaspoons of honey when
applied on the aching tooth (may be done 3
Friday, August 1, 2008
Oldest fruit Not all carrots are orange?
Grapes are one of the oldest cultivated The first carrots originated some 5,000 years
fruits. They have been around for more ago and were white, purple, red, yellow,
than 8,000 years. green and black. The orange carrots we find
in the supermarket come from a variety
bred in the 1700’s by the Dutch.

Smokin’ soulmates!
MITHRA SURESH tendency to sleep in his t-shirts,
mithra@goergo.in which at first he found sexy, but now
finds irritating.

e’s perfect, you both love “As a one-time bait into bed, I
sushi, you dissect the anti- found it arousing to see her wear my
feminist angle to pornography boxers. Now, she just doesn’t wear
together, you both love play- her own clothes!”
ing with house lizards and you both Greta says that the final straw in
love originality to the point of fatality. any relationship would be infidelity.
But is there a point of conflict, a “If I see even mild flirtation across the
certain bad habit that is the only room, or see my husband flipping
cause of all quarrels in your otherwise through second-hand Men’s Health
harmonious home? Even though you magazines, I cannot stand it. If he
have both accepted each others wants to be titillated, its me who he
weird ways, where do you draw the should depend on. There is nothing I
line? can’t learn.” Many women do admit
For some it is the smoking, and not that they find it insecure to find their
just because of bad breath. spouses or boyfriends checking out
“I love my husband enough to have another woman, even if the claim is
married him. I love despite the fact that these ‘other’ women look like
he’s puffing away 24/7. He smokes sluts.
heavily, but I thought, ‘Hey, everyone Here is a list of what they absolutely
has a bad habit.’ But the kids are get- hate:
ting affected now, and that’s where I
draw the line.” Male
Passive smoking is housewife Nina Constant disagreeing, bad body
Agarwal’s fear, who feels that a wom- odour, constant cry for rescuing, whi-
an will love a man forever, till her son ny, scratchy arms and legs from con-
is born. stant shaving, inability to be silent,
But let us cross into fetishes, where messy bed
we have found couples such as Tamil
Chelvi and Raj have been facing a dif- Female
ficult time recently because of gross Cheating, lying (even for it’s for our
privacy violation. “We are soulmates own good), bad body odour, bad
who have agreed that being touchy- breath, boys night out, switching off
feely will be disastrous to our rela- the phone when drunk, poor English,
tionship,” says Raj. weird wardrobe, poor communica-
He complains that his wife has a tion, hirsuteness, dirty fingernails. ■

Babies in day care gain more weight Fishy diet for

Infants who are cared for by someone other than their mum
or dad are more likely to be exposed to ‘unfavourable’ feeding
health arteries
practices. They tend to gain more weight in their first year of life, New research suggests that a
researchers have found. Researchers from University of Illinois diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Urbana-Champaign looked at child care arrangements, feeding can lead to healthier arteries. A
conditions, and weight gains of some 8,150 babies. The children study published in the Journal of
were nine months old and nearly half of them received child the American College of Cardiol-
care from someone other than a ogy found that Japanese men liv-
parent. Head researcher Dr. Ju- ing in Japan had twice the blood
hee Kim said, “Parents may want levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and
to have enough communication much lower levels of atheroscle-
with child care providers about rosis , than Japanese-American
men living in the U.S. On average,
when, what and how to feed their
babies during their stay in day Japanese eat about three ounces Expecting mothers veto nuts
care, which is important to avoid of fish a day, while Americans eat Pregnant women who eat nuts or nut products are
the potential risk of overfeeding fish perhaps twice a week. increasing the chances of their unborn children devel-
or underfeeding at home.” Re- In the past scientists have been oping asthma by 50 per cent. This only applies if women
searchers found that roughly 40 stumped by the fact that Japa- eat nuts or nut products every day, and moderate
per cent of babies placed in nese men had much less choles- amounts of nuts did not have an affect on children. How-
childcare before the age of three terol build up in their arteries ever, scientists are warning that pregnant women should
months were less likely to have despite similar cholesterol and not cut nuts out of their diet completely because of the
been breastfed and were more blood pressure readings, similar nutrients found in them. Scientists do not know why
likely to begin eating solid foods rates of diabetes and much high- some children develop asthma, although some believe it
at a younger age, leading to po- er rates of smoking. has to do with allergies.
tential childhood obesity. WENN
16 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Indian challenge ends

Indian campaign folded on a disappointing note at the
USD 10,000 ITF women’s event in Rabat, Morocco with the
second round exit of Parija Maloo. Sixth seed Parija lost
3-6, 0-6 to un-seeded Spaniard Nuria Parrizas-Diaz in the
clay court event.

With an
The next big thing?
AYON SENGUPTA former coach Akhtar Ali says: “He
ATP ayon@goergo.in is one of the most promising
players and has a very good all-
ince the much-publicised round game. He is solid from the
split between Mahesh Bhu- back of the court but, unfortu-
title under pathi and Leander Paes, In-
dian men’s tennis has
nately, he has no weapons to kill
the opponent. He doesn’t have a
his belt, reached a new low with none of
the younger players taking up the
big serve or a forehand which can
get you winners. His plus-point is
Somdev mantle to slip into their illustri-
ous shoes. Although the experi-
that he will return every ball and
will force the opponent to make
Devvarman enced duo has done well over the
years in the AFP doubles circuit,
Even Devvarman knows his
is ready to India hardly had any singles
player of repute. But young Som-
weaknesses and has found a
unique way to counter it. “I need
carry Indian dev Devvarman is in his first year
as a professional in the Tour has
to concentrate on my doubles. In
doubles nowadays points are
tennis already bagged a Challenger title,
jumping to a career high ranking
short. Long rallies are rare and
you’re always looking for ways to
forward of 345.
The 23-year-old two-time
win points quickly.
While you’re serving, you want
NCAA champion downed third to try to get your partner an easy
seed Robert Kendrick to pocket put-away. Or better yet, get a ser-
the ATP Lexington Challenger, vice winner or an ace. So you’re
kick-starting his quest in the pro- forced to really do more with
fessional circuit. “It’s a dream your serve and then when you are
come true. I started playing as a playing singles it automatically
pro from June and winning a title comes in handy,” Devvarman
so early helps you a lot. I tried to says.
remain confident throughout the Ali feels Devvarman has the po-
tournament and I think that tential to be the “next big thing”
worked to my advantage,” Dev- PHOTO: RAJEEV BHATT in Indian tennis and hopes the
varman says. ularity, his run has been amazing programme. A Sociology major, federation invests in him proper-
The rookie now heads off to so far. From training under Davis he is the first Indian to win a ly. “He is just out of college and
Vancouver and is hoping for a Cup legend Akhtar Ali in Kolkata NCAA title and will definitely fol- the tennis fraternity in India
great result there, too. “You al- and then moving onto the Am- low the footsteps of other well- should find a sponsor for him.
ways want to win and when you ritraj Tennis Academy in Chennai known former winners that in- Otherwise it’s very difficult to
are at the top of your game you – Devvarman has immensely clude John McEnroe and Jimmy sustain yourself in the Tour. All
just want to go with the flow. I benefited from his stint at the Connors. “I have set no targets the travelling needs a lot of mon-
hope I do well there,” he adds. University of Virginia and the ve- for myself. That adds up to the ey and you need a coach who will
Coming from a state like Assam ry competitive National Colle- pressure,” Devvarman says. be there with you 24X7.” ■
where tennis is yet to gain pop- giate Athletic Association tennis Speaking about his game, his

Easy win for Indians Raikkonen under pressure

Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi easily Defending drivers world champion Kimi Raikkonen of Finland is
advanced to the quarterfinals of the USD intent on staying cool this weekend at the normally-steaming
2,615,000 Cincinnati Masters tournaments along Hungaroring as he looks to keep his title challenge alive. After a
with their respective partners. The sixth seeded pair of Paes and series of poor results, the Ferrari ace has slipped from being championship leader,
Lukas Dlouhy of Czech Republic defeated Ivo Karlovic of Croatia and as he was after the Spanish Grand Prix, to just one of the chasing pack. After five
Rogier Wassen of Netherlands 6-4, 6-2 in the second round while poor races, he is seven points behind in-form Briton Lewis Hamilton, the current
Bhupathi and his Bahamian partner Mark Knowles got a walkover leader. “It’s no secret that we’re not satisfied by how the last five races went,” said
from Czech pair Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek. Both Paes- Raikkonen. “I was particularly disappointed after the series Montreal – Magny –
Dlouhy and Karlovic-Wassen pairs had plenty of chances against Cours – Silverstone. In each one of these races I had the possibility to win, but
each other and offered many a breakpoints. Both the pairs got four because of one thing or another things didn’t go the right way and I lost. I never
breakpoints each in the first set. The Indo Czech pair converted two let myself be influenced by tension and I won’t start now. I’ve just to keep my focus
and saved three to take the lead. In the second set, Karlovic and and continue to give as much as possible, race after race. That’s what I’ve done
Wassen squandered three breakpoints to hand the match to Paes every time I was in trouble. It’s still much too early to make any forecasts for the
and Dlouhy in just 58 minutes. Paes-Dlouhy combination will now championship, considering that the first three drivers are only seven points apart.
face second seeds Daniel Nestor of Canada and Serbian Nenad The positions can change in a single race.”
Zimonjic in the next round, while Bhupathi and Knowles will face Raikkonen is confident Ferrari will be strong at this weekend’s Hungarian Grand
the winners of the second round match between Mardy Fish/John Prix following a poor showing in Germany, where the world champion said he
Isner and Jonad Bjorkman/Kevil Ullyett. endured his most difficult weekend this season.
Friday, August 1, 2008
Purnima Mahato to coach women archers
Tata Archery Academy’s (TAA) Purnima Mahato has been selected as coach of the
women’s archery team that will represent India at the Beijing Olympics next month.
An accomplished archer, Mahato won a gold medal (team) in the International
Archery Championship held at Bangkok in 1993.

owerhouse nations like China, the United States and
Russia might grab all the Olympic gold medal attention

Minnows dream of
but the world’s sporting minnows plan to grab at least
some of the limelight. While some nations might
whinge about winning dozens of medals, others will be glad
of just one – and a bronze at that. More than 80 countries
competing in Beijing have never before been on the Olympic

Medal dreams
For a myriad of reasons – political, geographical, financial
– their sporting prowess has never matured. Tiny Brunei
might be oil rich but when it comes to producing athletes, it
is lacking big time. The small monarchy on the island of
hogging limelight
Borneo will be competing in its fifth Summer Olympics but
will inevitably go home empty-handed. Bhutan is bigger than
Brunei but remains one of the most secluded countries in the
world, tucked between Asian heavyweights China and India.
Their national sport is archery – competitions are held reg-
ularly in villages throughout the monarchy – and they have
an outside chance after six Games with no joy. The Maldives,
7 Days to Go....
like Brunei, has a population of less than 400,000 and has
similarly lacked medals. Being a series of tropical islands it is
not surprising that their best hope this year is in swimming.
Cambodia may not be a minnow in population terms, but it
remains that way in the sporting arena.
Its troubled history meant that sport was put on hold for
most of the 1970s and 1980s, before it once again took part in
the Olympics in 1996. Boxing is its forte and 15 athletes will
be in Beijing, including swimmer Hem Thon Ponloeu and his
16-year-old niece Hem Thon Vitiny. Timor-Leste, one of the
world’s poorest countries became the first new nation of the
21st century when it declared independence from Indonesia
in 2002, just in time to send a team to Athens. Its key sports
are boxing, weightlifting, taekwondo and athletics. But se-
vere shortages of money, facilities and equipment means the
nation faces more obstacles than most in achieving its Olym-
pic dream, and only marathon runners Antonio Ramos and
Mariana Diaz Ximenez will be in Beijing.
“In all the other sports we cannot qualify to participate in
Beijing. Sport is not a priority for the government of East
Timor and our infrastructure is non-existent,” said Joao Car-
rascalao, the head of Timor’s Olympic committee. “We don’t
have any hope of winning the marathon, but to fin-
ish the marathon is already an achievement.”

Breather for Iraq

War-torn Iraq will send just two athletes –
Haidar Nasir in the discus and sprinter
Danma Hussein – following a spat with the
International Olympic Committee last
month that led to the suspension of Iraq’s
Olympic committee.
Agreement between the IOC and the Ira-
qi government was only reached on
Wwdnesday and by that time the deadline for
competitors had passed for all events except
athletics. Like many Asian nations, Africa has its
fair share on non-achievers. While countries like Ethiopia
and Kenya have a tradition of churning out world-beating
distance runners, the vast majority of Africa nations have
never produced the goods. This includes Angola, Chad, Gam-
bia, Liberia, and Malwai. Rwanda is another lacking the
means to focus on sport, whose main medal hopes are Dieu-
donne Disi in the 10,000m and Epiphanie Nyirabarame in the
women’s marathon. Nigeria will be looking towards Vivian
Yusuf. Other countries never to have made the podium in-
clude Bolivia, Cook Islands, Jordan, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Countries like Maldives, Cambodia, Chad and
Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, Vanuatu, and Yemen. A hand-
ful of nations have won just one bronze medal since the
Games started in 1896, including Iraq, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kyr-
many more will be looking forward to win
gyzstan, and Guyana. Panama and Qatar have two bronze
each while highfliers such as Vietnam, Paraguay, Tonga, and
their first Olympic medal at the Beijing Games
Senegal have a silver medal to their name. There have been
some surprising flops over the years, with countries like Ma-
laysia only ever collecting three medals (one silver and two
bronze), on a par with Iceland. ■


18 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Fans can catch the trailer of ’Harry Potter

and the Half-Blood Prince’ on the two sites:
bcpid1529569286/bctid1699263292 http://

arry Potter and the Half-
Blood Prince has been given
a real honour after being cho-
sen as the movie that will pre-
miere at the 61st Royal Film
The movie, the sixth instalment in
the franchise, will be screened on Britney dates bodyguard
November 17, four days before its Pop singer Britney Spears seems to have been
nationwide release. The member of smitten by one of her own bodyguards. The 26-year-
the Royal Family, who will be attend- old singer is reportedly dating one of her minders
ing, has not been named as yet, but Tom Lee, an Israeli soldier, and the duo has even
money raised from the screening will spent an intimate night together. “Britney and Lee
go to the Cinema and Television Be- hit it off immediately,” The Sun quoted a source as
nevolent Fund. saying. “He is her perfect type. She loves guys who
“We are honoured that Harry Pot- work out and he is in great shape from his days
ter and the Half-Blood Prince, one of serving in the Israeli Army. He also has a few tattoos,
the most anticipated films of the which she loves. They’ve spent so much time together
year, has been chosen as the 61st that one thing led to another and their relationship
Royal Film Performance,” Daily Tele- became physical. They are in Mexico together.
graph quoted Warner Bros UK presi- They’ve been having a great time - Lee’s put a smile
dent Josh Berger as saying. on her face,” she added. Meanwhile, the Toxic singer
“Directed, filmed and produced in is struggling hard to revive her career and working
the UK with a hugely talented and on her new album. She has also been nominated for
largely British cast and crew, it is par- Best Female Video for “Piece of Me” at the 2008
ticularly fit- ting that this film will MTV Video Music Awards.
help raise funds to sup- ANI
port those from the
British film and television com-
munity most in need,” Berger added.
The film sees the reunion of its
three young stars, Daniel Radcliffe,
Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, for Depp to be next
another adventure at Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Batman villain?
The new cast members include Jim Actor Johnny Depp is being
Broadbent, who will play Potions tipped to be the next Batman vil-
Professor Horace Slughorn. lain, taking on the role of The
ANI Riddler. Movie bosses are con-
vinced that they will be able to
get Depp to take on the role, es-
pecially after The Dark Knight
broke all records at the box of-
fice shortly after its release. Now,
the National Enquirer reveals
that bosses want Depp in the
next instalment, as well as Philip
Seymour Hoffman who they
think will be perfect for the role
of another of the Caped Crusad-
er’s arch-foes, the Penguin, re-
ports Contactmusic.
Friday, August 1, 2008

Hitchcock cameos
Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Man Hitchcock appeared in every film he directed, but what part did he play?
Djimon Hounsou has topped Vanity Fair’s prestigious Here’s a selection: Easy Virtue (Man beside tennis court). Blackmail (Man
list of Best Dressed Man of 2008. Daniel Craig has on Underground train being tormented by obnoxious child). Rebecca
landed at the second spot followed by Alejandro (Man outside telephone box). Strangers On A Train (Man getting on a
Santo Domingo and Patrick Dempsey. Rounding off train with a double bass). Dial M For Murder (Man seen in photograph
the top 5 was Brad Pitt. at school reunion dinner). Rear Window (Man winding clock).

t took in a whopping 440 million dollars
at movie theatres in just the first 10
days of its release, but that doesn’t
mean that director Christopher Nolan’s
Cine City
Rajnikanth for smooth release
movie The Dark Knight was perfect. The
Batman Begins sequel has become a box
office smash worldwide, but with of Kuselan in Karnataka
cinemagoers spotting 16 bloopers in it, it
has become one of the most mistake-
ridden films of the year (08),
Contactmusic reported.
The current
Observant visitors to website Batman
MovieMistakes.com have noted a
variety of continuity errors and movie has
historical inaccuracies in the
Christian Bale starring more errors
blockbuster. The current than 2005’s
Batman movie has more
errors than 2005’s Batman Batman
Begins, with the older
movie having 12 Begins
mistakes.The errors
include characters’
altering hairstyles,
mis-matched audio,
and an additional
police truck magically
appearing in a car
chase scene.
However, taking
the cake for most
mistakes made is
the movie ’Indiana
Jones and the
Kingdom of the
Crystal Skull’ with
Actor Rajnikanth has written a letter seeking the cooperation
a whopping 40
of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) to ensure a
smooth release of his film Kuselan. Some Kannada
organisations had been demanding that Kuselan be released
in the State only after a seven-week freeze as Rajnikanth had
hurt the feeling of Kannadigas in Hoggenakkal issue.
Rajnikanth, in his letter to KFCC, has said, “I don’t want
people to have any difficulty in seeing my film in Karnataka.
I would appeal to you to cooperate to facilitate the release
of the film in the state.” The executive committee of the
KFCC has already agreed to allow the release of the film
with lesser number of prints in lesser number of theatres.

Padmapriya turns
assistant director
Padmapriya who made her debut in
Thavamai Thavamirundhu, is once
again pairing up with Cheran in
Pokkisham. The film’s shooting is in
progress at Gobichettipalayam.
Padmapriya who is the leading lady in
this film, is also working as an assistant
director. She is prompt at the shooting
spot by 7 a.m. and works as an
assistant director whenever she is free.
After Pokkisham, Padmapriya will pair
with Siddharth in a Hindi film.
20 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Batman, without “Batman”
According to IMDb, this is the first Batman
film to not have "Batman" in the title.


MAX PIX Animal Planet Zee Studio

Beta – 8 pm Raging Bull – 12-30 am The Crocodile Hunter – 9 pm Batman Returns – 10-30 pm
Raju, a lonely child had best of When Jake LaMotta steps into a The largest living lizard in the world Having defeated the Joker, Batman
everything in life except a mother. boxing ring and obliterates his are huge powerful reptiles seem now faces the Penguin - a warped
He missed his mother more when opponent, he’s a prizefighter lazy and docile most of the time but and deformed individual who is
he saw his friends being loved by portrayed in this Martin Scorsese suddenly one turns on Steve and he intent on being accepted into
their mothers. The child’s loneliness film by Robert De Niro. But when narrowly escapes serious injury. Gotham society. Crooked
disturbed the father and he decided he treats his family and friends the businessman Max Schreck helps him
to get married again so that his son same way, he’s a ticking time bomb, become Mayor of Gotham and they
gets love and affection of a mother. ready to go off at any moment. expose Batman in a different light.

PICK OF THE DAY - Saturday

Zee Café Star Plus Zee Studio Star World

50 Most Shocking Star Voice of India – 10 pm One Fine Day – 8-15 pm Bones – 9 pm
Celebrity Confessions - 10 To realize an ordinary man’s dream Melanie Parker, an architect and Brennan and her team are brought
pm of becoming a singing sensation will mother of Sammy, and Jack Taylor, in to identify the body of a man
Whether calling a press conference be the highlight of Amul Star Voice a newspaper columnist and father found in a fallout shelter. While
or telling the world on national TV, of India. A platform where viewers of Maggie, are both divorced. They cutting into the bones of the man,
celebrities have made startling will witness some of the best meet one morning when Jack is left Zach accidentally releases a deadly
announcements that took us by singing talents from all corners of unexpectedly with Maggie and fungus that causes the team to be
surprise. We’ll count down the most the nation. The show is hosted by forgets that Melanie was to take quarantined over Christmas
startling confessions. the popular Shaan her to school.


National Geographic Channel Sony Filmy HBO

Brand New Sunday - 9 pm Partner – 10 pm Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail The Prestige - 9-15 pm
Steroids, Steroids are one of the Prem (Salman Khan) is a ’date Champu Hai? – 7-30 pm Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale
most controversial issues simply doctor’ who helps men woo the After successfully spoofing Shah star as friends and fellow magicians
because they work. We will reveal women of their dreams. But he Rukh Khan through their show who become bitter enemies after a
not just what steroids do but how discovers that his tried and tested Kaun Banega Champu, Filmy now sudden tragedy. As the two devote
and why they work. tricks are no match for Naina (Lara come up with a satire on Kya Aap their lives to a rivalry played out on
Dutta), the woman he loves. Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai? That will the London stage
be called ’Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail
Champu Hai?’
Friday, August 1, 2008
Phony joker busted
Michigan police have arrested a man
who tried to steal posters and other
Batman related items from a movie
theatre, The man was dressed up like
the Joker-smeared face paint and all.

Hi Ramya,
Vintage Photos
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Wish you many more happy returns of the day. German nationals Wiele & Klein (Later:
Pirandha naal vaazhthukal da. Wiele, Klein & Peyerl). The photos were
Mani & Viji, Infosys Technologies Ltd. printed from glass plate negatives from the
Hi Chaithanya, years 1885 until approx. 1920 which have
Kick off ur shoes, take a break, Crank the tunes, Dance survived almost one century and today form
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22 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008

Escalator ban

Traffic Jam
An 80-year-old former Olympic hurdler has
been banned from escalators at several malls
in England for running up the escalators in
wrong way. Peter Hildreth used to run up
escalators as part of his training routine.


Ganesh Ram
of Hexaware
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Polite police
Chinese police waited outside a suspect’s house
for two days until the wedding celebrations
Word’s worth
"Jaculiferous" (jack-yuh-lif-er-us) an adjective
were complete before arresting him. Police meaning ’having prickles.’ Could certainly be used
didn’t want to embarrass the bride and groom to replace the overworn "He’s got a chip on his
and their families by arresting the man accused shoulder the size of Texas!"
of robbing a night club tow years ago.



Ganesha finds you in good humour. You should pay
more attention to your prime responsibilities. Finish
off the pending works before starting something
new. Since you are in a good mood, personal life
will be high on social meetings and entertainment.


Your mind will be very active today and quite
adaptive for creative tasks. Ganesha thinks that if
you remain composed, your work will get done very
smoothly. At home, you might have guests. Or
maybe you might feel like visiting a close friend.


Ganesha votes against any kind of technical
BORN LOSER activities today. Complex technical tasks may
confuse you today. So, avoid technical stuff and
stick to simple rhings. Romantic life will be action
packed due to constant exchange of sweet words.
If you’ve have been waiting to solve technical
issues, today it may get solved. Your presentation
skills may be good today. . You will enjoy ‘tender
love and care’ from your beloved today. Ganesha
finds this day to be the best day of the month.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
They say half knowledge in more dangerous than
no knowledge at all. This can imply at office today,
or you might find yourself slogging throughout the
day. With partner, you might encounter differences
of opinion. On the whole, the day is tricky.
Your mind is filled with positive energy. Hence you
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT will be able to work in good spirits. Ganesha feels
this positivity will be carried on to your personal life
as well. Your might develop friendly terms with your
partner. In short, the day is favourable for you.
You will be able to glide smoothly in the good
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be very beneficial for you in the long run. Married
couples might face emotional conflicts. For lovers,
the relationship will suddenly seem demanding.
Your stars are smiling today. You will feel lucky. At
work, your colleagues will take your ideas seriously.
Ganesha warns you against any impractical
decisions. You might get practical in love life and
may plan a long distance tour with your beloved.
Today Ganesha finds you pulling up your sleeves
and getting ready to finish off all the pending work.
Don’t ignore health. Ganesha feels you need to
handle emotional matters with due care. The lover
in you is ready to compromise or sacrifice today.
Stress is on the high today, says Ganesha. You may
feel emotional stress as well. You might lose your
cool over trifle matters at office today. Try to control
your temper, advises Ganesha. On the personal
front, you will remain attached to your beloved.
PREVIOUS You will able to finish off work with a jet speed
today. Ganesha feels you will be working till late
ISSUE’S hours today. Stomach trouble is on the cards, hence
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SOLUTIONS attention to their love lives to avoid problems.
Sharpen your skills today. This will improve your
performance immensely. Specifically, if you combine
creativity and technology, it will work wonders. A
favourable day to propose to someone. Married
couples are likely to have a romantic dinner.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
24 ERGO Friday, August 1, 2008