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IB Psychology Lesson Plan — Danku YR 1 YL Week 11, Days 1-5

Weekday Monday 11/4 (A) Tuesday 11/5 Wednesday 11/6 Thursday 11/7 Friday 11/8
Topic The Brain & The Brain &
Limbic System Limbic System
Objective Describe the Describe the
SWBAT nervous system nervous system
and its and its
subdivisions and subdivisions and
functions in the functions in the
brain, including brain, including
major brain major brain
regions, lobes and regions, lobes and
cortical regions cortical regions

Subtopics -lower level -lower level

brain structures brain structures
-cerebellum -cerebellum
-limbic system: -limbic system:
amygdala, amygdala,
hippocampus, hippocampus,
hypothalamus hypothalamus
-cerebral cortex -cerebral cortex
-brain -brain
hemispheres hemispheres
-functions of the -functions of the
cortex (motor, cortex (motor,
sensory, sensory,
association association
areas) areas)
-brain lobes -brain lobes
Guided -Finish -Workday: My
Instruction, Introduction to Brain is Mush!
Activities & Brain Structures project
Differentiation ppt
-Milner (1966)
-HM: The Brain
that Couldn’t
Remember Article
& Questions
-Brain labeling

Skills & Use of -Google Slides -Google Slides

Technology -Magill.edu -Magill.edu
-identify -identify and
apply to model
Homework -“HM: The Brain -Read
That Couldn’t Localization &
Remember Article Plasticity in
and Questions” InThinking.
-Complete self-