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Case 4.

1 SRI International
Q: 1
In this buying center we have Akshay Menon who is the Head of the SRI’s Dallas Operations. He is also in
role of initiator, decision maker controller and purchasing agent. Margie Cabellero is the Production
Manager. She is also in the role of influencer, initiator, gatekeeper and user. George Whitaker is the Chief
Financial Officer. He plays the role of controller, influencer, and user. Lastly we have Gloria Sigel. She is
the Human Resource Manager and she is in the role of influencer and user.

Menon needs to make a pronouncement today by selecting one of the proposals brought to him by
Margie Cabellero, the production Manager, who is also the second most important person Menon must
confide with in making this decision. The decision that he is must make is one of compromise and best
interest of the company. Based on the input of these three main influencers, the best selection to go
with is the proposal for three moderate speed scanners and one high-speed scanner.

Q: 2
In the buying center, Menon, the head of SRI's International Dallas operations, Menon has to make the
buying decisions which are a great source of risk for a business member. In case of Margie Cabellero, the
production manager felt the risk of breaking down the scanners. For this reason, she was pushing for
more scanners for production for greater protection. George Whitaker, the chief financial officer wanted
to minimize the higher cost risk by hiring and retaining fewer operators. Gloria Sigel, human resources
manager, agreed the risk of local employment market hiring. She just care about the difficulties to hire
new employees. If I were a scanner salesperson, I would reduce the risk of buying decisions of new
scanners, production of more scanners for protection, minimizing higher cost by hiring fewer operators
and new employment hiring by human resource department.

Q: 3
Assuming that I am a market scanner and the situations what I find is pretty typical in a market. These
information influence my marketing activities by getting proposal from the buyers as a buying center. My
first job is to review the proposals for some new scanners. My buyer should also be a renowned
company in the market. Then, I have to ship all the products with their draft. My job is to make a specific
decision about shipping all the specified scanner machines through ship. On the other hand, I need to
consult with my production manager who has the duty to control my production unit by protecting the
scanners when shipping. As a marketing manager, my job is also to observe the financial site where my
financial officer has the responsibility to reduce extra costs by hiring fewer operators that helps to get
higher speed scanners which is cheaper to operate. Finally, my human resource division has the job to
hire new employments to operate the scanners which has to control by me. Though high speed scanners
reduce employers to work, still it has some problems cause high speed scanners are too unreliable and
that paper jams has to be cleared too often
Case 4.1 Environmental Services
1. Explain Sylvia's and Frank's motivation in terms of the buyer behavior choice model. You may need to
make assumptions about their jobs, so be sure to state those.

Ans.1. First of all for making any purchase decision, the organization must go through some steps that is
explained with the behavior choice model:

Here, Sylvia's and Frank's motivation in terms of the Buying Behavior Model

1. Identify the situation: Here for Sylvia and Frank, the situation is to find out the reliability of the
system, as far as the situation goes the current system is not good enough to meet the organization
need. But there is a personal orientation of Sylvia where she find out the trouble with the network
system. Therefore Frank suggests to go for Tata to enhance their reliability of works.

2. Evaluate personal relevance: As Sylvia has faced the problem with the system and also wants the
company to get to the expectations, she must have found out enough personal relevance to go for new
experience with Tata as outsourcing. And Frank also has the motive to take the company further by
getting better way through outsourcing.

3. Assess action alternatives and requirements: The requirements of the company is concerned with the
path of easier ways to operate the network and also the rise of the possibility of outsourcing some of the
works to Indian engineers. So the alternatives comes instead of doing by themselves.

4. Choice behavior strategy: Here the step is to select the strategy. They can choose offensive strategy
where they will try to maximize the gain or they can choose defensive strategy where they will try to
minimize threats. By adopting outsourcing and having the work done those engineers.

2. What are the risks that Sylvia and frank face

So, there will be some risks involving the assignment of outsourcing. Likes of:

1. Financial risk: Going to India for outsourcing there will a great risk and possibility of loss because this
costs the money. Due to the unmatched procedures and as well as the distance.

2. Performance risk: The Company must have some prominent way to conduct their works. This
outsourcing practice may bring the adverse situation to the performance of the task. So, there will be
some relevant amount of performance risk with this outsourcing phenomenon.

3. Social risk: Those Indian engineers might not emulate their personal satisfaction. Because there is an
actual difference of conducting this certain task of network system of the company. The company and
the co-workers might not get their observed and expected outcome of the operations conducted
through outsourcing.