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English, II

Title of the paper

Modal verbs

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Martha Cecilia Rest repo ID 570450

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Lic. Morelia Martínez González

Colombia, Guadalajara de Buga mayo, 16/ 2019

can could have to will may ought to
must mustn’t need needn’t should would rather
would might used to be used to get used to had better

Decide which of the

Uses modal verbs in the box
1. to ask for something politely : could- might below correspond to the
different uses. Sometimes
2. to offer to do something: can- would
more than one modal is
3. to express a strong advice: ought to- should possible.
4. absence of obligation: can- mustn’t
5. to express preferences: would rather- had better
6. to express obligation: have to- must
7. to be accustomed to doing something: would
8. toMmmmm
give advice: should
9. to express possibility: may
10. to express future predictions: will
11. to become accustomed to doing something: used to-
get used to
12. to express necessity: need- needn’t
13. to express habits or routines in the past: be used to
14. to express prohibition: can- mustn’t

Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the following sentences.

1. We are not completely sure but Cindy _______ come back tomorrow.
a. needn’t b. may c. ought

2. When I was a child, in the summer afternoons we ____________ play in the street with
boys and girls from the neighbourhood.
a. won’t b. must c. would

3. ___________ I have some more wine, please?

a. Could b. Needn’t c. Would
4. I ____________ believe my eyes. Is George the one who is standing over there?
a. won’t b. mustn’t c. can’t

5. They ___________ be the richest person in the village. He’s just bought two luxurious
a. may not b. ought c. must

6. He __________ have studied more for the final exam and spend less time playing with
the computer.
a. would b. should c. have to

7. My bedroom _________ redecorating. I’m tired of the old furniture.

a. has to b. may c. needs
8. I ___________ rather you checked my exercise before giving it to the teacher.
a. would b. should c. ought to

9. ____________ I use your mobile phone? It’s an emergency.

a. Must b. May c. Won’t

10. In many schools of England students ________ wear uniforms. It is compulsory.

a. should b. must c. may

11. Sara’s daughter ___________ write perfectly when she was seven.
a. might b. could c. mustn’t

12. I ___________ let you know when I have more information about the matter.
a. would b. will c. can’t

13. The worst __________ have happened, but fortunately everybody came back safe and
a. ought to b. might c. can’t

14. The problem was so difficult that even the teacher ____________ solve it.
a. may b. needed c. couldn’t