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GROUP: 90121_16



Activities to develop

Part 1: After checking the Unit 1 Topic 2: Modal Verbs, write 1 sentence using each
one of the modal verbs regarding your duties and rights as UNAD student: can –
could – may - must - should - ought to – have to – need to- had better - would.

 I must follow the netiquette rules to participate in the forum.
 I can’t present the English quiz three times because there are only two

you must study the topics of Units 1 and 2.

 I must know rules as well as responsibilities of students.

 I should be provided counselling sessions as well as training to be able to
tackle such situations.
 I can be informed about their academic as well as extracurricular progress by
their teacher.
 I could be given equal rights to participate in activities at school.
 I have to follow the rules and regulations of the UNAD
 I need to be listening to their teachers' guidance.
 I had better use the facilities like computers, sports materials, or accessing
the restricted areas without permission.
 I would not only keep their academic record good but also they should be
implementing their learning.
 I may request a second review if necessary
 I ought to do my work at the appropriate times for delivery

Part 2: According to the topic Past Progressive (Unit 1: Topic 3), each student must
write 5 things you were doing recently and 5 things you were not:

Example: I was reading the new book by Stephen King.

I was not listening to my favorite music.

1. I was seeing the movie “The Joker”.

2. I was doing exercise
3. I was eating some food.
4. I was sleeping all night
5. I was cleaning my house.
1. I was not playing anything
2. I was not talking with my friend
3. I was not Reading a book
4. I was not writing the newspaper
5. I was not dancing because i dont know

Part 3: Write a text about how you imagine yourself in ten years. Use at least two
pictures related to your text. You should write four paragraphs:

Example: I will work in a multimedia company in New York.

 Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself.

 Paragraph 2: Your working life.
 Paragraph 3: Your loved life.
 Paragraph 4: Your sporting life.

Each paragraph must have minimum four (4) sentences and maximum six (6)
sentences. It must have a title, from 230 words to 250 and it is necessary to use and
highlight the following topics:
 Modal verbs
 Future
 Phrasal verbs

Hi my name is Juan Pablo Abarca i live in Girardot, Cundinamarca. Currently i study

systems engineering in UNAD I have 32 years old and I have 2 efecty where I work
all days. My dream when i was younger are become soccer player but an injury in
my knee cut that option, in this moment i like will be programmer and i looking
forward to study App programs.

Currently, I’m with jobs that pay my bills do live but when i finish my grade in
engineer, I Will search a job for a app programmer and study to learn more about
this specialization but continue with efecty to more cash.

I hope in the next five years, I will settle down and start a family. I will have at least
one child, who will be my bundle of joy. I pray to have a fun and loving family. We
will also be spending quality time each day as a family. We will have breakfasts and
dinners together.

In this moments i try to do something about exercise but my plan on living a healthier
lifestyle it more ambitious, I Will be joining gym to keep my body well-toned and keep
my weight, i Will eat less junk food and to limit my calories intake looking to reduce
my chances to have a heart diseases and hypertension.

Best regards
Juan Pablo Abarca

Part 4: Students must comment about two partners’ contributions and make
corrections if necessary.

Remember: All the participations must be written directly in the forum. Please do
not attach any files because they won’t be taken into account!