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PzKpfw IVausf B

The Ausf B was similar to the ausf A, but featured detail improvements
and an altered hull. The hull front plate was now a single 30mm plate and
the radio operator's ball-mounted MG34 was eliminated and replaced by a
vision port with a glass block. Next to this was a machine pistol port identi-
cal to that fitted to the ausf A's front plate. The driver's visor now used
double flaps, both of which moved to close and protect the vision block.
The hull top hatches were now single pieces hinged at the front. On the
turret faceted cast visor flaps replaced the early simple flaps in the turret
front plate and a new better cupola was fitted. The new cupola had more
armor and was better protected, having 5 segments of upper and lower
armor shutters to close and protect the view ports. The turret doors were
modified by the addition of small pistol ports below the vision ports,
protected by simple interna1 sliding armor shutters. The pistol ports in the
rear turret plate were covered with round flaps from ausf B onward. The
transmission was now a 6-speed SSG76.

Ausf B

This wartime drawing shows several interesting features of the ausf B. The
vehicle is shown with several rounds of tank ammunition and a few 50-rd.
drums for the MG 34's. From the left, the details include: radio antenna in
its trough; vehicle jack; axe, headlamp (with canvas cover); front flap of
mudguard (flipped back); R.O.'s vision port (visor flap raised); gun mantlet ;
loader's view flap; new cupola with 5-segment vision slot flaps. The light
colored shells are yellow (HE); the dark shells are black (APC).