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(Vivek Sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal Pandya)


MAHASHAKTI RADIANCE (Vivek Sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal Pandya)


We bow down to Lord Ganesha, it's due to his blessings we can use intellect
and discriminate between the reality and unreality.

We bow down to Maa Durga to bless us with this Divinity and making us the
medium for this divine and the powerful modality.

We bow down to Mahasaraswati, who is the goddess of knowledge and speech,

and by her blessings only we have explored this knowledge .

We bow down to Goddess MahaKali, it's due to her grace that we follow this

We bow down to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalaxmi by the virtue of whom
we are blessed with this divine energies.

We bow down to Lord Agni Dev who has enabled us to access the sacred
knowledge of mantra.

We bow down to all the Divine masters in physical and etherical forms who
have guided us directly or indirectly.

We bow down to to all the Siddhas of Shambhalla, who have guided us to seek
the true soul path.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who have chosen to be part of this


Infinite love
Infinite wisdom.

The principal purpose of this group is to help human being evolve by understanding their true
spiritual character by healing their mind, body and souls using Ancient Indian Spiritual practices.
Our sincere effort is to explore the scientific basis of these ancient Indian practices and to bring
forth these ancient practices in modern practical ways.


•Master Vivek Sharma:

Spiritually inclined since very young age and with a strong desire to serve humanity he is into
spiritual practices since past 15 years. A divine soul and a compassionate person, he is always
ready to help every one. He is Reiki Grand master Higher Band 18, Akashic Intelligence
Practitioner, Multi Modality Practitioner, Auto Writing Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Master, Lama
Fera Master Teacher, Vedic Astrologer, Energy Vastu Specialist, Tarot Reader, In Mediumship and
Channeling Practice,
the Creator and founder of Mantra Energy Vortex(MEV) ;
And the Founder & Recreator of MATRIKA NAAD SADHNA © Vivek Sharma.

•Mrs Rajni Mahajan :

Practicing spirituality and healing since past 18 years . Her compassion and love to help
everyone around her and spread happiness and peace has got her here. She is Usui Reiki
Grandmaster, Karuna and Kundalini Reiki Master, Auto Writing Practitioner , Lama Fera Master
Teacher , Sujok Therapy Practitioner , Tarot Reader, Creator and founder of Mantra Energy
Vortex(MEV);And the Co-founder of MATRIKA NAAD SADHNA © Vivek Sharma.

•Mrs Hetal D Pandya:

Commenced spiritual practices by Divine will. She is Soul Record /Akashic Reader, Intuitive
Reader, Mediumship and Channeling, Usui Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner, Womb
Healings, Lama Fera Master Teacher, Multi-modality healer, Mantra Energy Vortex Master
Teacher;And Facilitator of MATRIKA NAAD SADHNA © Vivek Sharma.
With the Divine blessings we at MAHASHAKTI RADIANCE along with paid workshops , also do
voluntarily services like -

• Twice a week healings by Vivekji(Free healing with golden rays of Infinity code; Free healing
with Angelic beings & Shambala Masters),

• Once a month Lama Fera healings;

• Daily Free Healings with *Mantra Energy Vortex by our 25+ MEV Healers in our MEV Free
Healing Group in facebook ;

• Switch Mantra Series we share in MAHASHAKTI MANTRA MANIFESTATION facebook group

and all our MAHASHAKTI RADINACE whatsapp group.

•We give Mahashakti Healing Transmissions during each Navratri & Gupt Navratri

• We give Weekly tips and guidances and also shortly we are coming up with a powerful Karmic
Clearings healings session.

• Free workshops are also taken by us 3-4 times a year.


MAGICAL KNOTS : the Indian way of Healing & manifesting with

Threads and knots have been used for protection and healing since ancient eras. In India, The
Mauli Or Kalava (red-yellow colored thread ) is being tied during the puja (prayer) ceremony or
havan (Holy fire) since ages. The reference of tying threads during different holy ceremonies
appear in Rigveda(hymn10.85.28) and also in Atharvaveda Samhita( section 2.11).

Reference of tying Mauli on right hand wrist as a shield of protection during the war is also found
in the scripture of Mahabharata too.

Tying red or golden or multicolored thread(Rakhi) by a sister to her brother on Raksha Bandhan
is an age old tradition in India.

In Jainism, protective threads with amulets are called 'Raksapotli'.

Since ages, people are tying threads on different holy places for granting a wish.

In Hinduism, threads are tied around the holy trees like peepal, banyan etc during pujan on some
specific festivals.

Black waist thread is known as 'tagdi' in north and as 'araijan kayiru' in south.

According to Indian mythology, black thread is supposed to be an absorber of all the evil things.

Among Hindus, there is a tradition of wearing holy white thread (Janeu) by the male members.

Black, red, white & yellow threads with lockets or Tabeez(amulets) are commonly worn around
the neck and arms all over the world.

Knots have been the subject of interest from their ancient origins. A knot is a knob formed in a
thread or string, which signifies bindings, promises & vows. The tradition of knotting is common
especially in wedding customs, gift-giving and wrappings, festive occasions, shrine and temple
ritual contexts. The art of binding Knots to cast a spell is known to be practiced since ancient
Mesopotamia, ancient Babylon and in almost all ancient civilizations. In India, knot symbolizes
Love, affection, belongingness and the vows or promises we make. When a knot is tied, it makes
our Sankalp-shakti (power to keep our promise & sticking to our vow) and our intention stronger
. This is the power that converts simple knots into magical knots.

Tying Mauli or other threads around the wrist has a scientific significance too. our body
constitutes of 72,000 nerves. Almost all the important veins pass on to the other parts of the
body from wrist only. If a small amount of weight is placed on the wrist it activates the nerve
centers in that area.

Thus, when Mauli is tied around the wrist it activates the nerves center and helps in improving
the blood circulation which balances the Tridoshas ( three Dosha (Faults )in body, namely Vaat
(Wind), Pitt (Bile) and Kaptha (Phlegm) ).
It also helps in keeping the negative energies away from our aura and acts like a protecting

Black thread on waist helps to keep weight and waist size under control by increasing
metabolism in waist area and thus, by improving digestion.

Black thread on waist helps improve fertility. As black is a cold colour and keeps the things
contracted, it keeps the region near waist and reproductive organs cool and contracted.


Threads of Various colors like red, orange, white, black and yellow exist in the section of sacred
threads. All these colored threads have their own importance & significance –

RED – Red is color of the planet Mars; it is also the color of the Sun and the Fire.Thus it symbolizes
everything that is intense and passionate ,vibrant and full of life. It represents energy and power
& shows vitality and creativity. The redness of Mars is also associated with the RBC (red blood

This is the color of the base chakra. So, we can use it to meditate when we want to strengthen
our passion or just want to feel safer.

So, the red thread or Mauli(Kalava) symbolizes long life and protection against enemies. Hence,
it is also called ‘Raksha Sutra’(Protection thread). It is believed that wearing this will keep God’s
blessings with you.
ORANGE : Orange is a warm and energetic color. It is the color of affection, sensuality and
warmth. This is the color of the second charkra, or the sacral chakra. Therefore, this color can be
used in our meditation process. It increases the harmony and abundance in our life. This is said
to bring fame, power and guard the person against all evil.

Red & orange threads are used for manifestation, protection and are considered good &
auspicious for the beginning of new things.

A bright, happy and joyful color yellow,Scientifically represents – Purity, Positivity, Good health,
Happiness and Hope. It symbolizes optimism, hope, courage and personal power.

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, the 3rd cahkra. So, you can meditate with this color
when you need a courage boost or more confidence.

It is also the color of Jupiter, a benefic planet. Its color has a warming effect and energizes the
nervous system. The yellowness produces stimulating effect on intellect. It improves
knowledge,creativity and mental sharpness, and gives a lot of happiness & self-confidence to the

Black is the color of Saturn and Rahu. Black is a calming color for agitated persons and is also
known for its protective properties against negative qualities like resistance, obstruction,
opposition, and enmity.

According to Indian mythology, black thread is supposed to be an absorber of all the evil things.
It also keeps away people from evil spirit or unwanted tantra mantra done. It is worn to protect
oneself from the bad vibes or thoughts from people.Parents tie it to their childrens ankles in

It may be worn as a good luck charm or just a fashion statement too. A black thread is worn for
the protection from bad curses ,omen and spirits.

Some people believe that for women it helps in regulating their cycle.

Black colored thread can absorb all kinds of negativities and do not let the negativities affect us,
so it is used for protection, clearance and also for cord-cutting.
This color reminds us of nature and the environment. Therefore, green is the symbol of health,
youth, renewal and fertility. It also symbolizes good luck and money. It is the color of the heart
chakra, the 4th chakra. Green color can be used in our meditation when we need healing or

The white color contains all the seven colors of the spectrum and has purifying properties. It
influences the thought process and leads towards virtue and spirituality.


In all thread rituals, we should use either cotton or silk threads. The more natural the thread is,
better it would be. Because, the natural threads are chemical-free, uncontaminated, so are
considered pure & auspicious.


After lots of research in energy science we are sharing our research work here about the life of
The threads, that we tie for different purposes and during different occasions should be worn
only for a short span of time, as every thread has a saturation period.

•We should not wear any of the threads for more than a year, as usually the thread worn on
body tends to absorb negative energy with time.

•The black thread or red thread(mauli) worn for protection should be changed after every two

• Red thread or yellow which is specially energised with specific mantra can be worn maximum
upto one year.

•People, who are more prone to evil eye(nazar), should change the black thread every 15 days.
•Mauli or any thread that is worn during mass pujans or gatherings(like during Ganesh utsav,
Durga pujan etc.) should be untied in a week.

•If any of the thread changes its color, or starts wearing out, losing its fibres; we should
immediately change it.

•Avoid wearing used thread of any other person.

•Avoid wearing multi colour thread as a fashion, it attracts negativity and takes attention of
many people so the energies can disturb you.

While exploring the ancient Indian practices of healing, We have rediscovered

some very effective and amazing rituals of threads & knots and we are going to
share these with you …


These knots work magically for the loving & harmonious relationship between a couple.

• Red cotton thread (little thick)
• Diya


•Take red thread and cut in the size of your whole palm( from beginning of palm to the tip of
your middle finger).

•Now take the remaining red thread and cut it to the size of your spouse's palm.
•Now hold both the thread together in your hands and invoke the energies of ShivShakti to
bless you and your partner with unconditional love and compassion.

•Now place both threads together and tie 3 knots on it.(tie the two knots on sides and one in
the centre, keeping little distance from each other)

•Now hold this knotted thread close to your heart and give intentions to it (With the blessings
of Shiva & Shakti, may there be peace, understanding, harmony and love in the relationship)

• Now take the knotted thread, move 7 times clockwise around the flame of the diya and give
positive intention of good relationship in front of Lord Agni.

•Now place this energised knotted thread under your mattress.

•This ritual can be done on any Fridays and Sundays

Besides friday and sunday this ritual can be specially done on Full Moon day


Significance of ShivShakti blessings :

As per Hindu culture, ShivShakti

together symbolises holy union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti, the union of masculine and
feminine energies of the universe (Purush and Prakriti).

Significance of red thread:

Since ages red thread has been used in all auspicious and sacred ceremonies. Red is the colour
of the Sun, fire and blood, and it represents the energy of Root Chakra and prakriti, so it is
associated with energy, strength, power, passion, vitality that brings manifestation in our life.

Significance of three knots :

Here the 3 knots attributes to the three main chakras that plays major role in any relationship.
First is Sacral chakra ( the main chakra of desire and for relationship), second is Heart chakra, (
the chakra that gives compassion, emotions, and love) and third is the Third Eye chakra that
gives understanding and wisdom. By uniting the energies of chakras with the knots, the true
relationship is build from body, mind and heart (soul).

Significance of taking red thread palm sized :

The palm represents our entire body. When we take the thread of that size, we give strong
intention to the universe to create energy imprint of the person. Even during Hindu marriage
ceremony palms of the bride and groom are placed on each other for many rituals.


You can keep this red thread with 3 loving knots under your mattress maximum for one year.
After that disperse the thread in some water body or under some tree.

(Vivek Sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal Pandya : Mahashakti Radiance)


These magical Knots are very effective for enhancing knowledge & intelligence.


1 •24 inches Yellow cotton or silk thread (little thick)

2 •Ghee lamp
3 •Incense sticks


•Lit ghee lamp and incense sticks in your temple / altar and place the thread next to it.

•Invoke the energies of Goddess Saraswati and request her to bless the person who will be
wearing this thread with infinite knowledge, wisdom and intelligence.

•Now rotate the yellow thread clockwise 7 times above the ghee lamp and incense sticks and
purify it.

•Hold the thread in your hand and chant Goddess Saraswati's beej mantra ‘AIM’(ऐं).

•After reciting it 4 times , tie one knot on the thread, similarly you will tie 27 knots and recite
the beej mantra 4 times before tying each knot.

•Hence you will be reciting the beej mantra 108 times totally (27*4=108) along with 27 knots.

•Now the thread is fully energised to be worn. It can be tied around the neck or wrist.

•This ritual is to be done on any Thursdays of the week.

Besides thursdays, this ritual can also be specially done during Navratri, on Basant panchmi or
Guru Poornima day


Significance of beej mantra ‘aim’ :

‘Aim’ beej mantra is one of the Shakti mantras and is associated with Goddess Saraswati, goddess
of knowledge, wisdom, learning and she also dispels darkness and ignorance. Shakti mantras are
chanted to create , dissolve patterns or form forces within us at the deepest levels.

Significance of mantra recitation 108 times:

As per Astrology the whole akash is divided into 12 zodic and 27 constellations (nakshtaras) .
And each constellation is further divided into four charans, so (27×4=108) covers all the
constellations, also 108 times chanting covers all the 9 planet and 12 zodiac signs energy(

Significance of yellow thread :

Yellow colour is the colour of Planet Jupiter (Guru grah) which is responsible for improving
knowledge, wisdom, mental sharpness and gives lots of happiness to the wearer.


Wear this yellow thread with magical Knots of Knowledge maximum for 3 months. Then change
this thread with the new one after following the above process again.

Note : These knowledge knots are very useful and effective for the students and for all those
who are looking forward for more knowledge, more intelligence and in learning more skills.

(Vivek Sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal Pandya : Mahashakti Radiance)


These magical knots can provide protection from all kinds Of negative energies.

• Black cotton thread (little thick)
•Ghee lamp
•Incense sticks
•Little water
•Small plate


•Place the black thread in a small plate.

•Sprinkle little water on it.

•Offer incense stick on it.

•Rotate it 7 times clockwise over ghee lamp and again place it on the plate.

•Now offer flower on it.

° This way it is energised and blessed by all the 5 elements.°

•Now hold this energised thread near your third eye and give very strong intentions to protect
you from all negative energies.

• Now tie 7 knots to this thread while reciting the following switchmantra 21 times –
"Balaaye Kawachaaye Hum". (बलाय कवचाय हं)

•While tying Each knot, recite ‘Balaaye Kawachaaye Hum’ 3 times. (Thus 7*3=21 times.)

•Once done place the thread back on the plate and leave it in your temple/altar overnight and
tie it around your ankle next day.

•This ritual can be done on any Tuesdays and Saturdays .

Besides Tuesdays and Saturdays, this ritual can be specially done on Full Moon and No Moon

If you wish to wear this protection thread around your neck instead of ankle , then use Red
thread instead of black

NOTE: This thread has to be changed after every month and people who feel that they are
frequently effected by evil eye &negative energies should change it every 15 days


Significance of black thread :

Black is associated with planet Saturn ( Shani Grah)and Rahu. It is used world wide in many
rituals and spells and is a known for its protective properties against negative qualities like
resistance, obstruction, opposition, evil eye and enmity.
It has highest ability to absorb any form of negative energy as compared to other coloured
threads. So it is most frequently used color for protection as it does not let the negativities
affect us.

Significance of lamp, incense sticks, water and flower :

Here light of lamp represents Fire element, fragrance from incense sticks and flower represents
Earth element, smoke represent air elements, Water represents element water and colour of
the flower represents Ether (space) element. Thus by incorporating these five elements in any
rituals enhances its effect multiple times.

Significance of Seven Knots :

Seven knots here represents the seven chakras of the body, and seven layer of aura. By creating
this knot with the power of mantra, we are programming it with the intention to protect all our
chakra and aura.

Significance of switchmantra BALAAYE KAWACHAAYE HUM :

This mantra has been taken from our switchmantra series. Chanting this switchmantra creates
a very strong protection shield with the power of Shiva, Bhairav and Fire to protect us from any
danger and negative ENERGIES.
To know more about these miraculous switchmantras you can join our Mahashakti Mantra
Manifestations facebook group by clicking on this following link.


(Vivek sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal pandya : Mahashakti Radiance)


1 •Coconut (with water & fibrous husk)
2 •Green cotton cloth to wrap the coconut
3 •Black cotton thread (little thick)


•Take black thread and cut it to the height of the person (who is having health issue) from head
to toe.

•Wrap the black thread around the coconut, and tie a single knot covering the coconut.

•Cover this thread wrapped coconut with green cloth.

•Now rotate this coconut wrapped with black thread and covered with green cloth 7 times
Anticlowise around the person.
•Now this green cloth covered coconut is to be dispersed in water body.

•Before dispersing, hold it in your hands and take the name of the person (who is having health
issue) and pray for his recovery and good health .

•This ritual can be performed on any Saturday, No Moon Day or during Navratri, deewali,
and holi time.

⚡ In case of critical
health issue, this ritual can be performed on any day⚡


Significance of coconut :
Coconut have higher auric field than human body. It can range from 10-15 mtr. It can easily
absorb the lower and negative energy from the surroundings and from human aura. When we
move anticlockwise it absorbs all negativity from the aura.

Significance of black thread :

Black colour absorbs all negative vibrations. It has highest ability to absorb any form of negative
energy as compared to other coloured threads. We take the thread size of the same height of
person which represents STRONG INTENTION and create an ENERGY IMPRINT of the person, So
when we wrap it with coconut , the coconut absorbs all the negativity from the imprints.

Significance of green cloth :

Green represents health, youth, renewal and fertility. This is a powerful colour that helps to
fasten the healing process. Hence in this ritual coconut represents human body, black thread as
negative absorbing agent and green cloth implies good health and youth.

Significance of dispersing in water body:

Water element instantly neutralises the negativity of anything and send it to mother earth.
⭐Note : Its been two years, when we have shared this ritual in SHAKTI SADHNA- 2 (Shakti
Sadhna is our regural Navratri Sadhna workshop) and since then, a number of people have
been benefitted from this ritual.

(Vivek sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal pandya :Mahashakti Radiance)



As the Shraadhs(श्राद्ध) Or the annual Pitra Paksha (Ancestor's Fortnight ) is ongoing from the
24thsept to 8th Oct, here in India(Though a Hindu ritual it can be applicable to all).It is said at
this time all our ancestors come down and visit their biological children. The fact is our
ancestors in their ethereal bodies are at our closest at this time and their blessings do a lot of
good. They are very easy to please and the results are soon visible (Removal of negativity &
obstacles from life, better health and better finances etc.)

So here we are sharing a very powerful & effective Magical Knot for receiving Ansectral
Blessings and thereby to remove obstacles from our lives.

* A lonely place, where you feel connected with nature, be it forest, beach, mountains, lakes or
rivers etc.

*A strand of Durva Grass(Picture attached. Read about Durva Grass in the end of the post )


* Go to a lonely place-forest, beach, river side, mountains etc

* Stand Facing southwards.

* Take Durva and tie a knot.

* Raise your arms and showing the durva grass to the Divine presiding Deities such as the sun
etc. utter the following words –
"I pay obeisance to all my pitars(ancestors).May all of them are at peace and satisfied with
my devotion. Please accept this offering (raise your hands holding knotted durva grass) and
liberate me from any debts from my pitars and shower your blessings upon me for
abundance of health wealth, relationships and happiness ’.

The above prayers should be done with bhaav-pure intention (भाव), because such prayers
appease the Deities & the Ancestors they bless the one who does the prayers. This yields the
desired results equivalent of performing the actual ritual.

NOTE – Other than Pitra Paksh, this ritual can be performed on No moon day (Amavasya day)


Significance of Lonely places in Nature :

Nature's energy is a very powerful energy, and in calm places it works more intensively due to
absence of any types of pollution(sound, air etc.,). it just has very pure vibrations.At such places,
we feel more close to the Universal energies & the Divine and we experience more deeper
connection with them resulting in a calm & peaceful state of mind. So when we pray with open
arms raised up we are on total surrenderance mode, with complete devotion. Universe responds
to our surrenderance and our prayers are accepted more quicker and the deities bless us with
Happiness, Prosperity & Good Health, removing all kinds of obstacles from our life.

Significance of Pitra paksh :

During the 15 days of Pitra Paksh, Our ancestors in their ethereal bodies are at our closest at
this period of time and they are very easy to please. Other than these days, Amavasya(no moon
day) also belongs to our Ancestors.

Irrespective of your religion and faith, giving offerings to your ancestors and seeking their
blessings helps in removing a lot of obstacles from your life.They not only guide and protect you
but also help in enhancing your progress both materially and spiritually and bless you with good
health, happiness and abundance.

The results of this ritual are truly surprising and their blessings pours in leaps and bounds.

Significance of Durva Grass :

Durva or Darbha (Desmotachya bipinnata) is a tropical grass considered a sacred material in
Vedic scriptures and is said to purify the offerings during rituals. Durva grass consists of 3
blades,which represent 3 principles of primal shiva, of Primal shakti and of primal Ganesha. So,
when we offer Durva to our Ancestors with full devotion, they are pleased with our offering and
bless us & our family.

Significance of tying knot to Durva :

While trying knot we give strong intention to the universe about our act, deed and the ritual.

These magical knots of grass will please

Your ancestors and you will get blessings of them and they will guide and protect u. This ritual
will help you to remove financial blockages and other obstacles too.
(Vivek sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal pandya : Mahashakti Radiance)