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Ateneo de Naga University

Senior high School

Ateneo Ave, Naga, 4400 Camarines Sur



Simon Kyle S. Palino

Jay Christian Magidtrado

Alexandra May Jimeno

Corine Dasco Quilas

Kim Herbert Bismonte

Paolo C. Almanzor

Wesley Paligar

Marioli Therese Ann Llorin

Submitted to: Mark Junius Vasquez

Narrator 1: How do you perceive love? Now ask your friend who just recently experienced a break-up. On
how he/she perceives love.
Narrator 2: We all have that moment in life that affected us so deeply, that molds us into what we are today.
It maybe our first break-up, traumatic experiences, death of love ones, etc. For other philosophers, especially
for Edmund Husserl, in order to know or understood the true meaning of an object, we must first remove
our prejudices or biases (natural attitudes) towards that object. Contrary to Husserl’s belief, world renowned
continental philosopher, Hans-Georg Gademer believes otherwise.
Narrator 1: he believes that, there is no longer need to try to remove our preconceptions or prejudices (natural
attitude) when we seek to understand something; but rather we should try to remain open to the meaning of
other people. Gademer a leading continental philosopher, during the 20th century.
Narrator 2: this was the time of Heidegger, Nietsezhe, and other great philosophers. Hans-Georg Gademer
was born on February 11, 1900 at Marburg, Germany his father was a professor of pharmacy and his mother
died when he was only 4, because of diabetes.
Narrator 2: Gademer was a former student of martin Heidegger and was deeply influenced by Heidegger’s
“Question of being”. Gademer also utilized by Heidegger and other continental philosophers.

ANarrator 1: philosophy was more focused on aesthetic and metaphysics. He wanted to explain the historical
linguistic situatedness of human, hence the quote “history does not belong to us; we belong to it” but first
let’s talked about hermeneutics? In layman’s term, hermeneutics is a method of interpreting now going back
to Gademer’s quote, he believes that hermeneutics was not only a method of determining the truth, but is an
activity which aims to understand the conditions which makes the truth particular point in time and we can
never have follow?

Narrator 2: I will give you an example, in order for you to easily understand. Alex believes that paolo is
very bitter in terms of love and relationship. He despises seeing couples dating and is allergic to valentines;
on the other hand, corine views paolo as a charming and a very gentle guy, because on how he talk and on
how he perceives love. Using hermeneutical phenomenology Alex and corine’s perceptions towards Paolo
can be considered true, because of their situatedness. Maybe the reason why corine sees paolo as a charming
guy, is because Paolo reminds her of her father.
narrator 1: Gademer also believes that reading historical text often highlights our own cultural and historical
prejudices. If I read the book “romeo and juliet”, I am not just reading the book of William Shakespeare ,
but also Shakespeare is reading me. It sat’s the interpreter himself within the tradition or history, and does
not try to escape the historical reality. History and tradition are the context in which we are born free and it
is something that does not constrains us to see or know the authentic meaning.
Narrator 2: In an existentialist point of view of Husserl’s phenomenology, an object is reduced to its essence.
The library’s purpose is to provide tranquil spaces for students to study in as well as equipment used to aid
them in their academics.
Narrator 1:Silence and organization are rules to be followed at all times to maintain order and avoid any
disturbances. People, especially students, want to obtain knowledge about things through reading books and
searching online. The people who go to the library is also what makes the library, the "library". However,
Gadamer's hermeneutical approach, the library is now viewed as a place to go hang-out due to various
improvements to the library such as computers, wifi, air conditioning and more comfortable furniture.
Narrator 2: Students tend go to the library because of its ethical norms in the way that students feel
comfortable in silent place, in order for them to fully focused however some students tend to go to library
to waste time or leisure because of they would achieve satisfaction due to the conveniences stated above.
This achievement of comfort leads to inevitable noise like murmuring, loud stomping sounds and pulling of
chairs as to seat. This is due to technical advancements over the course of time.
Narrator 1: Hans-Georg Gademer was undoubtedly one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century, and
if not of all time. He urges us to look at the world, not just in our perspective, but also base on the perspective
of others. Now after hearing your broken hearted friend on how he perceives love, how do you perceive