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The Effects sof Using Kahoot!

to Improve Student’s Learning Result

Hafiza Adha Nisa


A. Background of Study
The need for information technology in this age of globalization is not can be set
aside and become a necessity vital. Mastery of information technology has become a "style
live "for most people, especially young people. Along with the world order that has shifted
from the realm conventional becomes the digital domain, then development information
and communication technology has penetrated the world education. For an educator,
mastery and knowledge technology (technological knowledge) is competence which must
be mastered in order to support improvement learning process. While for students, mastery
technology can support the process of thinking and mastery Science and technology. [Ni1]
This is due by technology gives space to access information without limit. For example,
from research conducted by Alantis and Cheema who uses media in the form of an
audience response system in learning medical giving space for students to access all
reading sources quickly so that it supports the learning process and results which increased
by about 10% compared to the class do not use the media according to Cheema (2015).
Development of learning media in universities slowly followed by innovations aimed at
facilitate the learning process. Therefore research about interesting learning innovations to
do. Besides that, good [ni2] learning media is media encourage students to achieve
learning goals according to Angraini (2017).
Learning outcomes using game-based media online on concrete design subjects
proved to be equivalent with traditional methods with excellence in the learning process
more fun and interactive according to Holzinger (2007) In addition, the use of games also
fosters character students according to Irwan (2018). Learning fun become one of the
benchmarks that make student more motivated to improve knowledge and skills they are
on the lesson. Fun learning process obtained from games can increase the effect positive
because it fosters learning motivation in students according to Virvou et al. (2005).
Kahoot is an online game developed to answer all challenges in the learning
process as well which has been described. Research on usage Kahoot on his learning was
carried out by Wang. He stated that student responses are based on games managed to
increase involvement, motivation and student learning after using it repeatedly for five
months. Besides that, using Kahoot also makes it students are more concentrated, more
collaborating, comfortable in learning, and increasing motivation to learn according to
Nokham (2017).
B. Research Question
Based on the description in the background,The problems can be formulated as
follows :
1. Does the use of Kahoot! Influence students’ learning result ?

C. The Aim of study

1) This study aims to measure the effectiveness of the use of learning media online
game based assessment namely Kahoot to improve learning outcomes students.

A. Keywords and Terminologies

1) Kahoot!
Kahoot an online classroom review game that students join using smartphones to
answer questions . Because game rooms can be made quicky , Internet users will
often publish in the room pin online so strangers can join the Kahoot. Kahoot uses
a point system that rewards correct responses and response speed.


A. Research Design
In this research , I’m going to use Qualitative approach because i think that
research approach is relevant to utilise in this study because the phenomenon being
studied is not easily distinguished from the context in which it is observed.
B. Sample and Population
The population of this study involved the First semester students in PBI Ar-Raniry
Banda Aceh . The reason why i took the sample from the first semester students
because i think this platform is suitable for every level of study especially college
students and they are allowed to use Mobile Phone in the class in case there is
something important that need to do but According to my experience which have
been used these platform ,It is not really recommended for Elementary School
students, The reason is Elementary School students are dont allowed to use mobile
phone in the class. I’m going to use Using an explorative case study, we intend to
unravel complex perceptions and issues relating to the use of Kahoot! in the context
of students’ engagement, motivation and learning .
At the end of the course students were interviewed using a semi-structured
approach. Purposive nonprobability sampling was used to recruit students enrolled
in the course. The study was announced and its purpose explained during the final
lecture. The study received human and behavioural ethics approval from the
university in which the study was conducted. The total sample will be 15 students
that will be asked some questions related to Kahoot! Experiences.

C.Method of Data Collection