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Syracuse Orangemen 1999 Offense SHRACUSE OFFENSE (HUTSAS) page Huddle and Play Execution DOO OWO® DO M@®E 1.Center set up fast, five yards from ball. Get huddle formed quickly. ‘You are responsible. Call “set” when QB steps in. Team bends on knees look into QB's mouth. 1B. Gee . Aaiget one oncneen, ehihir- 2. The huddle will be and open huddle, as diagrammed above. If there is any question in your mind concerning the play, say “check” before the QB breaks the huddle and he will repeat the play. 3. Don’t be the last man in the huddle and don’t lean on anybody in the huddle. i **** Note: “Z” lines up to to the wide side of the field with the ball on the hash. T MOF Z lay QU, xtotle Lt PLAY CALLIN. THE HUDDLE _ Page 2 Listed below is the manner in which any possible set, play, or adjustment can be called: gem ty dD. ¥ Nee OBEN genyiny Call 1. MOTION - word description 2. FORMATION - word description a) Variation in receiver alignment b) Description of backfield alignment ¢) Direction of Tight End . SERIES - number description . POINT-OF-ATTACK - number description . BLOCKING VARIATION - word description ».. PASS ROUTE VARIATION - number and word description . STARTING COUNT ( on Quick, Audible, !,2,0r 3) ~AwWwEY Example: Zip Twins I Right 0 trap on two ° 8 Ye