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10 Profile of Bazi (Direct and Indirect Wealth, Resources, Output, Officer, Companion)

Four pillar or Bazi has a lot of unique interpretation to understand yourself. I’ve been interpreting

Daymaster, Hour to year pillar, Peach Blossom, etc and to those addition what I want to share now is the

10 Profile of Bazi. You

this http://bazi.masteryacademy.com/App/Basic/Default.aspx , then input your birthdate if the hour is known, it is better to interpret.

can see your own Bazi chart by opening

Just scroll downward, and then see image like this:

opening Just scroll downward, and then see image like this: Above is the 10 Bazi Profile

Above is the 10 Bazi Profile of Madonna. This 10 Bazi Profile can explain why Madonna is famous for her influence and wealth. For musicians, her wealth is tremendeous compare to her peers.

Now for the chart of your own, you can have a really different percentage allocation to every kind of profile, 0% means you do not have that profile’s attitude/behavior. The top profile will be your main profile,

as it is like your default behavior, your default mindset. And the second to the top will be your sub profile,

the sub profile influences your way of thinking not as much as the main profile, take it like this profile is what do you think and sub profile is what your best advisor think.


You mostly and mainly think like your main profile, but you also think as your sub profile, and the third profile to the rest is just making your personality become who you are now.

The 10 Profile can help you to understand which career is the best for you, this is the starting point now. Of course you don’t want to end up doing something for living that is opposed to the ‘real you’. Now I’m gonna explain the 10 profile of Bazi:

Director (Direct Wealth)

As the Director Profile, your work style involves bringing organization, structure, and order to chaos. You are principled and ethical, and committed to taking the high road. You also adhere to discipline, are committed to seeing things through till the end, and are good at managing finances. You are enforcers and reformers, and will thrive as operational managers. You will be good at all types of management, but financial management will combine two of your strengths. You will also be fulfilled in law and as public officials, or even as religious authorities if spirituality is strong part of your foundation.

The Director has this innate ability to manage people and situations and likes to be in control. They are reliable, responsible, organized and very results-oriented. They strive for improvements and are able to make quick decisions easily. They are also known to be very good at managing their finances.


The Director has a good eye for details and never loses sight of principles; you know just how things ought to be. The Director profile is known for its ability to knuckle down and work hard. You believe in doing good by being good, and have a strong sense of integrity. You are careful and trustworthy, and can set order to chaos.

However, the Director can also be seen as rigid and inflexible. They dislike being proven wrong or for making mistakes. They can easily be irritable and sarcastic. But most of all, they are more prone to be self-critical and has difficulty being happy for their achievements. You tend to become a little too comfortable with routine. You may sometimes judge others severely on their value system.

If you have Director as your main profile you are:

Type of people who like to get things done right

They make things happen

They have the ability to reform things

They do not like things messed up

Their job is to fix everything, managing everything, fix husband, wife, children

They really like to take charge


They don’t care what others say about you

They are a master manager – higher end

They magnifying and multiplying profit, production and everything in business and career

Their job is to make better everything, restructure, reorganizing

But, it is hard for them to start their own business, It is easier to buy one over or take one over from friend who are not doing so well, change it, fix it, midas touch

Their financial management is top notch, they are good managing number, finance, especially managing other people

Whether you manage other people depends on your type of structure of your profile, if you are extrovert you manage other people, if you are introvert you manage your own


Pioneer (Indirect Wealth)

As the Pioneer Profile, your work style involves taking authority and creating action. You're not one to take things slowly or carefully. Instead, you're a livewire of energy and are quick thinking and fast in solving problems and finding solutions. You're good at managing trouble, and dislike having to do things by the book and being restricted by too many rules and “shoulds”. As such, you're a visionary leader who makes decisions and whom others turn to, so you thrive in leadership, managerial positions. You're a risk-taker, and so you will do well in entrepreneurship where you think up things and ideas from scratch. You'll also be good as independent consultants, financiers, and investors because you take bold risks. You'll do well in business and the corporate world, and can also dream up good plans and structures in leadership roles in sales, marketing, and advertising.

The Pioneer is known for their gumption, ingenuity and no-holds-barred approach to life. They are extremely pragmatic, risk-averse and action-oriented. They like having a sense of power and being able to prove their strength. They are loyal and generous to those close to them.

The Pioneer is a powerhouse of energy and daring go-getter, a competent and straight-talking force of change. The Pioneer Profile is a visionary who thinks big, with plenty of ambition to spare. You are independent and capable, and don’t see why you shouldn’t get what you want if you work hard to attain it. You build yourself and your life from scratch.

On the negative side, they can be extremely willful and domineering. The Pioneer can be headstrong, blunt, confrontational and vengeful. “Never say die” is their motto, and dislikes weakness or to be questioned. They are also likely to be careless as they tend to look at the bigger picture and neglect the


small details. You can become filled with temper when things go awry, and take your independence too far. You get impatient easily and expect things to always go your way.


lot of wealthiest, people who are extremely wealthy today

Super rich upper class

Most of them have

pioneer as their main profile.

Pioneer characteristics:

Like to leads and take action



Do a lot of things at the same time

Decisive, willful and positive

They are the one that create and make things happen

Entrepreneur, have vision

Create vision

Master of innovation

Pioneer jobs are to make innovation, improving something, creating something

otherwise you are not a


good pioneer

Extremely hard to work with people, normally do not like to agree with other people idea, you want to be unique.


Performer (Direct Output)



you're a Performer Profile, your style of work flashy, exuberant, and creative. You come up with all the

ideas. You work hard and are very focused and committed to delivering results. You like to be the star, which can be pretty exhausting for others, but at the same time you can inspire and energize the people around you. As such, you'll do well as educators or consultants, for example in advertising, marketing, or branding. You can come up with out-of-the-box ideas. It goes without saying that you'll be comfortable in the arts, especially in performing arts or the entertainment industry. You will also thrive as designers - interior, or clothing, and as motivational speakers. You need a hob that incorporates change, excitement, and unpredictability.

Being the star of any show clearly defines the Performer. They are creative, ambitious, highly-driven and success- and image-oriented people. A perfectionist by nature, they are very competent and adaptable, always ready to take on a challenge.

The Performer is the star of the show, a sparkling personality that gets the accolades. The Performer Profile is meant to be under the limelight. You are a high-energy person to whom verbal articulation and creativity come together as a second nature. You are eloquent and ambitious, and ready to work hard for your dreams.

As they love success and being in the limelight, they are terribly afraid of failure and being insignificant, which also means they can be shallow, vain and unpredictable as well. They may sometimes spread themselves too thin, no thanks to their many interests. Your place in the spotlight can sometimes go on for too long. You may become highly critical of yourself and others, and take it too far in trying to please everyone.

Performer characteristics are:


They have to shine in work


They are the brand

If you cannot brand yourself you are living unhealthy of your profile structure

Very good at creating themself as a brand

They love to attract


They bring money into business

They become unique essence of the brand

Different from artist, performer will perform only if they get paid

it means they can be bought

Their Personal magnetism sell.


Superstar, speaker, singer, anything that involve their name shining in bright light that’s their role

If you


are a performer and you enter this field you will be the star

money comes to you

you don’t have to look

for money

If you are a performer and enter the wrong field, for examples clerk, accountant or engineer

no need to



Performer need to shine


Need to be seen by other people

Work better alone or freelance

People find it hard to work together with divas (performer)

Performer has problem

diva-like attitude, demand all the attention


Artist (Indirect Output)

If you're an Artist Profile, your style of work also favors the creative and the non-routine, but in a quieter, more introspective way. You're not interested in being the star. You're independent, clever, and very creative, and you enjoy being prolific and being exposed to new thoughts and ideas. You're one of the Profiles that work best autonomously, and you will thrive when working on your own. You are likely to work in arts fields as writers, critics, journalists, or in other ways like a gallery or museum curator. You may also succeed as an artist, writer, or poet. You'll also enjoy immersing yourself in books and knowledge and may find a good life in academia and scholarship.

The Artist defines an individual who is intellectual, learned and display a wide range of interests and competencies. They are creative with many talents and choose to express themselves through some artistic venture. They are passionate about life and are typically very cultured and refined in their lifestyle habits.

The Artist is creatively gifted; a cultured sophisticate valuing the life of the mind and of the arts. The Artist Profile sees self-expression as the highest form or originality. You are merciful and compassionate, and adore indulging in the finer things of life. You desire freedom and variety, and tend to be inspired by all experiences of life – it provides the fuel for your creative endeavours. You like things to go your way, as it is the only ‘right’ way.

They can also be dreamy and idealistic, and may not be able to face the painful realities of life. The Artist dislikes being controlled or managed, and is constantly afraid of being bored or stuck in a rut. They are also prone for being egotistical and impatient. You can be obtuse in wanting to only see the pleasurable side of life, with a tendency to avoid the ugly. Painful realities may easily bring you down, and you tend to use pleasure as a crutch to avoid problems.

Artist people think that:

Money is not the most important things

Experince, relationship and art is the most important

They have a lot of ideas about life is the experience, They are not hesitate to use all their money to travel all away to different country

Money can not buy them

money can buy a lot of people except for the artist

Life is an art, life is an experience

for them


Whatever they do they do it for enjoyment and experience


They have unique power, they will have a lot of money its called power focus. They can focus on one thing and not concentrated with other things to perfect their art, despite whatever people say.

Highest level of people who can create idea for the longest of time

They don’t like to be labeled as someone working for money


Diplomat( Direct Officer)



you're a Diplomat Profile, your style of work tends to revolve around support and nurturance, which is

what you provide in spades for others. You find the middle ground among disparate people and factions, as befits your 'diplomat' name and smooth things over. You are precise and proficient and like to improve

on existing things. You don't do well in competitive, cut-throat environments. You will be good in the role of


middle manager, or that of a counselor or therapist. Your nurturing side also finds fulfillment in medicine

- whether as a doctor or nurse. You'll do well in social work and conflict resolution, as well as in politics at the grassroots level or in civil service.

As evident in the name, the Diplomat is mindful of what others think and is eager to keep the peace. They are righteous, law-abiding people with the ability to project a warm and calming vibe into the environment. They are often meticulous workers, great group leaders and solid friends.

The Diplomat is righteous and law-abiding; a well mannered personality committed to goodwill. The Diplomat Profile is an upright citizen and a protector of values. You enjoy good esteem among others and are often humble and unassuming. You will not be easily won over by lies and fraud, you respect principles and strive to uphold them. You are great supporter of rightful causes.

On the flip side, they tend to retreat in times of conflict and be only concerned with keeping a low profile. They can often suppress their own interests and opinions in order to “keep the peace”. At their worst, they can be alarmingly passive to kick start any endeavors or projects. Sometimes you can sacrifice your own needs and become overly accommodating to others to the point of being used. In some cases you may be too concerned with rocking the boat, and surrender your own opinion in favour of the bigger picture.

Diplomat Characteristics:


Compliant, normally they don’t like conflict


They are system worker

They are best in an existent system, when they create the system the rules are in order.

Very similar to director but they are too rigid, they don’t like to correct the wrong just go with the flow

This people cannot become super rich because they do what others do.

They are not the star, they always behind the screen



They do not care about people, they care about the system is working.

They like everything in place, in order.


They empower others to work with them, or for them.

They have uncanny ability to give confidence to other people.


Suitable jobs for diplomat PR, head hunting, consultant.

If you are about to die you are glad if a diplomat is next to you because they follow procedure

Extremely hard to find a business to start


They don’t like attention at all


Warrior (Indirect Officer)

If you're Warrior Profile, your style of work involves strategy and hands-on activity. You work hard, identify problems easily, and set to go about solving it. However, it is hard for you trust others easily. As such, you will generally tend to do well in job roles that require you to provide solutions, or run the ship - such a managerial role. You also make good leaders and strategists (ie. business restructuring).You will do well in the corporate environment, where it's a dog-eat-dog world! You also thrive in civil service and law, and the military. In terms of leadership, you'll also feel comfortable as life coaches and trainers, or for business and sports.

Expect this hero to save the day. The Warrior represents leadership skills, power and authority. Hence, they have outstanding natural-born ability to exercise command and authority. They are courageous, robust and resilient, and no setback can slow them down.

The Warrior is strong and powerful; a natural-born leader commanding authority. The Warrior Profile zeroes in on a problem, and effortlessly masters control of the situation and the people. You are robust and resilient, and dive headfirst into challenges. Once you’ve got your mind made up, only the foolish would dare oppose you.

That said, the Warrior can also be overly-demanding and pushy – or worst: brutish and forceful. They have a reactive personality, which may be less prone to analytical thinking and reasoning. They are also likely to be suspicious, temperamental and defensive. You can be overbearing and blunt, and have strongest rules to follow that may prove to be difficult to other people. You dislike being pressured, and may become temperamental.

Normally, Pioneer and warrior are in the richest people main/sub Bazi profile, Warrior itself has charateristics:

Warrior love challenge under pressure

They are told to bring order to chaos

They think about something before they do

They think strategic

Convert energy into power to excel

If you told them they cannot do something, they will do and show you

The more pressure you give them the better they work

Peak headed discipline

They can get paranoid as well, they afraid too many things could happen

They control cash generating asset

Warriors is like a general, they run the army but they don’t own the army

Warrior is not a long term investor, they kill first, then profit, then do something else


Analyzer (Direct Resource)

If you're an Analyzer Profile, your style of work involves analysis! You work hard at comprehending and understanding systems, facts, ideas, and numbers. You invest in the knowledge you learn, and create and engineer organizational systems. As such, you'll work well as researchers or developers in the sciences, including social and computer science. In politics, you'll gravitate towards policies and law. You're good with numbers, so you'll be comfortable as financial analysts, advisors, investors, or fund managers.


Economics will also speak to you! Because of your respect for knowledge and knowledge processes, you'll also do well in education and academia.

Typically introspective, the Analyzer is known for their brainpower, their considerable intellect and reputation of being wise and knowledgeable. They have sophisticated practices and tastes in their habits, and dislikes anything flashy or attention-seeking.

The Analyzer dissects and breaks down information; a sharp mind with a gentle demeanor. The Analyzer Profile is the consummate examiner. You enjoy investigating every nook and cranny of information, and can absorb information like a sponge does water. You are caring and unselfish, and like to bring your intelligent and humane perspective to all that you do.

On the other hand, they can be overly laid-back or too impractical. Prone to mood swings, they rely too much on an emotional compass. They can be too proud and pretentious, and can easily be seen as snobbish because they consider themselves too good for others. You may be prone to over-thinking matters, with a tendency to fall prey to moodiness. You can become easily dissatisfied, and take the easy way out when things become difficult.

Analyzer characteristics:

They always crave for data and theory and insight is their strength and also their weaknesses, everything about them is academic

They will excel in field that require research and scientific proof, information based as well but they don’t use it to generate money.

They want to know why too much, everything must have a reason to happen.

They have the ability to understand why things happening

Relationship is their wealth

Their ability is to build relationship

Very good observation power

Their key to wealth is timing (like trader)


Philosopher (Indirect Resource)

If you're a Philosopher Profile, your style of work tends to focus on ideas and strategies. You have a unique vision and way of thinking, and you will feel stifled if you're not allowed to be creative. You're also very independent and curious, and routine jobs will suppress your inclination. You can be focused and insightful, and do well working independently instead of in sustained team or group work. As such, you'll be happy indulging your creativity in the arts, or working in research that is unique and groundbreaking. You'll fit well in academia, but can navigate comfortably between the sciences and the arts depending on your interests. You can also be surprisingly adept in finance and economics as a strategist, thinker, or theorist.

Known for their insights and wisdom, the Philosopher is keen to understand how the world works and have an inherent desire to explore. They are observant and curious, and can often be geniuses of some sort. They can be very focused and are also known to be good strategists.

The Philosopher is free-flowing and unique; an idiosyncratic mind that seeks special knowledge. The Philosopher Profile is the ultimate free-spirit. You are often gifted in intellect and creativity, and love to explore the unexplored and the esoteric. You can be extremely observant and open-minded, and often attain mastery in your wide variety of interests.


However, they can spend too much time mulling over internal thoughts and feelings that they lose touch with the world around them. They can be intensely solitary and pull themselves into isolation when under pressure. They may end up with a case of a nervous breakdown if overwhelmed with too much thoughts and worries on their mind. You tend to keep your thoughts to yourself too often, becoming mysterious to even those who know you. You may at times escape from reality that is too harsh by going away on flights of fancy denial.

Philosopher has characteristics:

They live in the fantasy world, they may get lost in their dream and thinking exploration of the mind

They explore data, information is their friend

They can be very wealthy, but they also precautious because people are not their asset

Transform data into information that bring money

Extremely observant and always curious

Knowledge is power and knowledge alone is useful to this philosopher

Their home is full of stuff, they keep every old things, buy iPad and keep the box. The house will be plenty of whole stuff.

They often don’t need people help, information is the only thing they need.


Friend (Direct Companion)

As the Friend Profile, your work style involves connection and engagement. You're good at delegating work to people as you're sensitive to others' strengths and weaknesses. You are food at persuading and negotiating, and like being in the middle of things as opposed to on the outside. As such, you're good in the job of consultants and advisors, or in sales positions that require you to win people over. You will also be excellent in customer service positions. You can also thrive as top-level management because you know how to harness the proper resources to the proper people and talent. You'll thrive in public relations, marketing, sales, and event management or even in business. You'll also do well in team sports, as coaches or consultants.

Friend is the consummate networker and the ultimate people-person. They are identifiable by their strong need to engage and connect with people. They make excellent delegator at work and are super resourceful.

Friend brings people together and creates connections; supporting others and recognizing strength. The Self Profile is naturally drawn to people. You are also extremely resourceful and have the inherent gift of being able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. You know how to get things done and are often generous and warm.

At an unhealthy level, they can be too people-pleasing to the detriment of their own interests and may resort to manipulative and crafty tactics to get their way. When courage takes the wrong turn, they can be very rebellious for the sake of being so. They are also prone to being self-centered, stubborn and insincere. You can sometimes take a fall from your pride, and when pushed into a corner you may become insecure and focus too much on others instead of yourself.

Friend Characteristics:

Has the art of dealmaker

Has the uncanny ability to bring people together

They make money very quickly, just look for deals, be a dealmaker, even in their work they can trade

Get someone to do their work for them

The power to connect is their key to wealth

They make deal because they know somebody, and then you curse them because you have study so


hard you got master, you think this people are joker study nothing but get money because they have


they have significant percentage of friend in their profile.

They are naturally resourceful

Friend profile are the full connecting people, They can easily make every deal on the phone, they are best to connect with the useful people to make healthy their profile.


Leader (Indirect Companion)

If you're a Leader Profile, then it goes without saying that your style of work involves taking the lead! You have a lot of initiative and like to be at the forefront, and dislike being at the backend following instructions. You like building connections, and dislike working alone - working with people, in teams, is when you thrive. You thrive in jobs that allow you to exercise your sense of initiative at the forefront - so being brand consultants or leaders, as well as CEOs, suit your temperament. You like being 'the face' of something you do. You are good at taking risks with money, so jobs as investors, traders, or venture capitalists suit you, as well. You'll do well in public relations, advertising, branding, event management, and even sales. Depending on your inclination, the entertainment industry will suit you as well - less as the star consultant or manager or CEO.

Charisma is one word to describe The Leader. They are captivating types who inspire, persuade and motivate people to rally around them, which is why they tend to make very effective and personable leaders. They are often tough, no-nonsense go-getters and ambitious with a strong drive to succeed. The Leader is confident and courageous; a charismatic personality that connects to others emotionally. The Leader Profile is ambitious and possesses attractive allure. You are undeterred by problems and will do what’s necessary to get what you want in life. You are robust and not easily weakened, and can be extremely jovial and fun-loving.

On the negative side, they can be manipulative and devious in order to get what they want. The Leader is usually adept at putting on masks and facades to behave differently around different people. They are prone to envy and are likely to be stubborn and argumentative. You can easily become too severe in your quest for success. You sometimes have trouble separating your public persona from your personal self, and may find it difficult staying consistent.

Leader Characteristics:

They want adventure, they want fun

Screw the money, it’s all about fun

That’s why people like this are the happiest when they make money

They usually pull their relatives or friends to their business

Their wealth comes from inspiring other people, leading a team, see possibility

They have charisma


They don’t know how things work mostly, but they just cheer up, inspire, people like to follow them, their charismatic leadership appear to people at emotion level.

If you feel the emotion level with this people, you will follow them


3 Main Structure


There are 3 main structure where people could be categorized from their 10 profile. If you ever heard of

people who were a natural leader, natural entrepreneur, or just a happy-go-lucky-worker. This is what I’m

gonna talk about

the main structure. Main structure is based on the biggest proportion of your Bazi

profile. For example of how to determine your main structure see this picture:


Above is Jodie Foster 10 Profile chart her main profile is the performer, and in her chart we can see that

she has almost 100% output

That is hard to argue, since she is a beautiful and talented actress, she is

the best actress of her generation. Consistent with her main profile as the performer, and her sub profile is The Friend, meaning she has a lot of connection, she can fit in well with any type of people. Because her

mains structure is mostly consist of Friend, Director and she also has small percentage of Diplomat main structure is Management / Tactician.


If you want to start your own business your main or secondary profile must be at least indirect wealth (Pioneer Profile). The second profile that can do it is leader profile. The other one is warrior (if your chart primarily made with this 3 you are a businessman) by nature you are a talented entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner Type:


1. Pioneer


2. Leader

3. Warrior


Strategist people who can think why they do it, why they should drive it this way, the whole scheme of

things, they don’t normally think tactics (send email blast, advertising, sales) the business

They plan

they working on

If you have business without 3 of this in your profile, you do not know how to run it or manage it. You can’t really understand how things operate.

Skill Profesional:

1. Artist


2. Analyzer


Some of you better become skill profesional, study to become accountant, engineer, dentist, yet some of you can still be wealthy

Management / Tactician:

1. Director


2. Friends

3. Diplomat

People with structure consisting of 3 of this Profile as majority, is a good tactician. Really good at managing people, business and financial. If you have 3 of this in your profile but your main profile is Diplomat, you might be slightly different with another person who have 3 of this with their main profile is Director. And also depends on your whole structure of your Bazi chart. And remember your personality is not determined by only this 10 profile.