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You might have heard the news, but I just want to make sure:

On November 8 — that is in just TWO DAYS — we along with

thousands of undocumented youth from across the country will
participate in a national walkout to demonstrate our demands for
protections and rights for the undocumented community in

Please consider chipping in $7 or more to support our National

Walkout Day in support of the undocumented community ahead of
this massive day of action >>


This national walkout comes days before the Supreme Court will finally
hear arguments for and against the termination of the DACA program
that protects so many of our friends, families, and neighbors.

The impact of our collective action has to be MASSIVE because we are

sending a message to the Supreme Court, elected leaders, and the
entire country that we will never stop fighting for our people.

This is our chance to make history, but we need your help to pull it
off. We’re going to need resources to transport folks to rallies, print and
create signage to get our message across loud and clear, snacks to fuel
the volunteers and supporters who come out to the event… and so much

No one ever said this fight would be easy. But if we are successful in
making our mark in the history books it will all have been worth it. This is
the moment we’ve been hustling toward for years, and we can’t throw
away our shot.

If you chip in $7 today, you’ll own a piece of this moment forever. It

means we’ll be able to give a few more people the chance to join us
or gather the supplies we will need to create change in our
community. What do you say: are you ready to chip in a few bucks
for the chance to build on our legacy?


As always, if you’re unable to give today, we totally get it. Every one of
us can be an organizer for $0 a day. It’s as easy as forwarding this email
to a few friends who you think might want to kick up a little dust and fight
for the lives of immigrants and undocumented youth everywhere.

Let’s do this,

Nestor from United We Dream Action

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