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Write reference to the context of “You yourself are the pollution of this country”

Reference: This line has been taken from a Greek Tragic Play “Oedipus Rex”
Written by Sophocles. It Occurs in the Scene I and line 42 .The Teiresias spoken
this line to Oedipus Rex in the presence of Choragus in the theater of Athens.
Thebes is struck through a plague and the oracle of Apollo says the illness is the
result of injustice: the ancient king's assassin still walks free. Creon enters his first
scene bringing news from the gods, “there is’pollution’ in Thebes, an abomination
which must be driven out”.The Oedipus Rex makes a proclamation to his citizens that
might be helpful to discover out the murderer, but The Choragus suggests Oedipus to
call out the blind seer Teiresias who communicates The Lord Apollo directly, He is
the one who can help us clearly to resolve this mystery. The Prophet Teiresias tells
Oedipus that he is the murderer and is residing incestuously. Their dialog turns into a
spin out argument. Teiresias led back through the servant boy and Oedipus goes into
his palace
The irony of the play starts offevolved from this line of Teiresias. Teiresias is
conversing with Oedipus Rex that he is the root cause of the crises faced by the
Thebans.Teiresias is not willing to tell this Oedipus in the beginning that who is the
murdered because he is aware of already how ruinous the truth ought to be. The reign
of Oedpus will be cleaned out after revealing this truth however as Oedipus enforces
him to tell about murderer due to the fact it is the utmost requirement of the Theban’s
crisis As Teiresias says “How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be

When there’s no help in truth! I know well” We can see the resentment proven by
Oedipus.The truth is now not accepting for Oedipus .He becomes outrageous and he
accuses Teiresias himself is the offender and along Creon they are plotting in
opposition to him. It’s a deception and a conspiracy towards Oedipus by As Oedipus
says “Are you speaking for Creon or for yourself? And additionally says “Creon
desire in secret to destroy me!” He believes that Teiresias is a false fortune teller and
he is just blaming himself for the kingship. Teiresias offers him extra clues and says
you have the potential to resolve the riddles search it and locate out the reality
Teiresias says “You were a great man once at solving riddles” The Teiresias knows
that Oedipus should no longer endure the actuality and curse himself and he would be
experience ashamed on his repute and his residents would no longer acquire
liberation of him anymore.