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Grade Level: Grade 1 MST Name: Ms.


For each Tools used to monitor the Explain why you used that tool and reflect on
lesson learning (rubric, notes, how successful it was
taught chart…)
Lesson 1 Flash cards I did one English lesson as a start. And during that
lesson I used flashcards. Children had to take turns
and describe the animal without saying the name
to their groups. The rest of the group had to guess.
It worked very well, and children enjoyed the
activity and achieved the learning outcome.

Lesson 2 I used counting cubes with low – level students to

Counting cubes help them understand subtraction better. And how
to take away numbers. When they represent the
questions using counting cubes, they see
themselves how subtraction works.

Pictures /visuals To make sure that the lesson suits the students’
Lesson 3 needs and different learning style I used visuals/
pictures while presenting real life problems. To
clarify how subtraction works. By crossing out
pictures. And to make it relatable to the students.
Worksheets /charts I used charts in students’ worksheets to help them
Lesson 4 organize their thoughts. First row has real life
Question 1 Question 2 Question 3
problems. and the second row asks them to
represent the answer by drawing and writing the
number sentence. It worked well because they
knew what to do and it helped them to apply what
they’ve learned.

Play dough I used play dough for low-level group. Because I

Lesson 5 thought it would help them to count and subtract
and represent the answer instead of writing. And
since it’s fun they will be interested. I think it
went in a different way than I expect. They
struggled a bit. I still thing play dough is a good
tool but perhaps when using it differently net time.
Mini whiteboards After students finished the group work on real life
Lesson 6 problems, I asked them one more question to test
their knowledge. Each student as to answer the
question independently and in the count of 3 they
‘ere supposed to raise the whiteboards so I can
see. It was effective and timesaving. Children
were able to fix their answers easily.
Board magnets
Lesson 7 To clarify the concept of take-away subtraction. I
used board magnets while teaching whole class.
So, when a student answers a question in the
board he uses the magnets to help them answer. It
worked well for those who find it challenging to
subtract using their fingers.