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Evaluation / The Process

The process of creating a website, along with developing our own natural deodorant pastes
has been both a challenge and enjoyable. Our Idea has developed and been modified over
the course of 3 Terms. Our original idea of an ad on the Back of taxis to raise public
awareness, through advertising in a place that readily catches the attention of the majority of
the public, encouraging the lobbying for government action has developed and completely
changed. Change happens for numerous, reasons due to sickness during the later weeks of
Term 1 and a majority of Term 2, in Term 3 the reality became apparent. It would be
extremely time consuming and near impossible to come up with adequate designs as well as
find funding and willing cab companies. It was also around this time that are passion
surrounding our project had largely dimminshed. So we went back to the drawing board.

By a random coincidence we stumbled upon articles around the dangerous ingredients that
are found in mainstream deodorants. With previous knowledge about the amount of waste
produced by the plastic and tin can deodorant packaging that ends up in the ocean we
decided to reshape our project about creating a minimal waste, natural deodorant. Very
quickly we realised that paste deodorants were what we believed to the best and most
practical solution. I tested various shop paste deodorants and reviewed their
ingredients/formulas whilst Tanisha researched about the plastic and how we could make
our own with minimal packaging. This was when we decided to create our website *Insert
Name- Waste Free Pits?*

This website would have and informative page targeted to raise awareness about our two
main points of concern, waste and sustainable production (reflectant of our Sustainable
development goals number 13 Climate action and 12 Responsible consumption and
production). We aim raise awareness through our article about the serious issues
surrounding the extreme amounts of waste going into the ocean and their link to mainstream
deodorants, Mainstream deodorants and their potentially harmful and cancerogenic
properties and why we believed natural and Paste deodorants were the way to go. Finally
our main aspect was to develop our own easily, made and affordable recipes for paste
deodorant. And Finally Links to Charities and Organisations making a tangible difference,
informative and interesting articles and other natural deodorant paste sellers such as NO
Pong. Each Article/Page will have comments section, offering people to input their
opinion/take on the situation, getting people talking will further raise awareness

We began by researching recipes, and popular natural Paste deodorants such as NO Pong,
and Black Chicken Remedies, once we had a few base recipes completed. We asked
friends and family to fill out a survey, about whether they would consider paste deodorant
their opinions and preferences regarding fragrance, consistency etc, along with any
concerns or queries. Once we had these back, we began our trialling of recipes and
fragrances. Our first batch was tested on ourselves and willing but apprehensive parents.
After a few tries we finally had the balance of ingredients right and a recipe that we deemed
to be the one.
We developed 1 base recipe and 8 set scents, however, in no way are people restricted to
these scents and are more than welcome to try other variations eg rose and geranium. We
classified them as Female, Male and neutral but by no means are restricted to these
categories. Oils used the deodorants we made are From Young Living and Florame 100%
pure and organic essential oils, that are all completely safe and retail sale approved

Ours scents are:

The 3 Female scents ​a) ​Wild Orange and Young Living oil blend of Joy oil (Ylang Ylang,
Geranium, Lemon, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, and Rose oil), ​ b)​ Ylang Ylang
Roman Chamomile and Geranium, and ​c)​ Lavender, Hyssop and Bergamot

The 3 male scents;

d)​ Pine, Cypress and Vetiver, ​e)​ Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Black Pepper , ​f) ​Patchouli
and Young Living oil blend of Harmony (Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Pelargonium
(geranium), Orange, Rosewood, Hyssop, Lemon, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile and

The 2 Neutral scents; ​g) ​Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Orange citrus blend, ​ h) ​Lemongrass
and Cinnamon Blend

Evidently on the page where the recipes are found we have instructions on how to make the
Deodorants as well as how to apply.

Originally we wished to sell our products however, in doing so we would be creating more
rubbish which is against what we believe. However after further thought are goal for the
future is to make our products available, although stock will be reliant on the amount
containers we have. We will used old glass and tin pots that either we have at our
disposal.We would like to extend the opportunity for people to send in pots that they would
like us to put their deodorants in. They will sell for $8.00 and half of these will go to charities
that work to clear the ocean of rubbish such as The Ocean Clean up and Project Aware.
However, we strongly encourage people to make these deodorants themselves, as it saves
a postal bag, they are fun and easy to make and to make and upcycle/reuse your products
saves an enormous amount of unnecessary waste. We will only ship within Australia in order
to keep it local (reflectant of Sustainable development goal 12)

Skills I have developed and used include, rational thinking in having to decide when to
continue or when to take a step back. I have learnt how to research effectively and improved
my writing skills. Finally I have learnt to turn ideas into reality.

Due to sickness and time taken to reshape our idea there are aspects of our project that
could not have been completed or properly organised (selling, and receiving of used
containers from clients to put the deodorant in etc). The website is not exactly the way we
wish it to be in design and content (more articles written would have been nice).
However overall I am pleased with how it turned out. Not only do I feel that I (we) done my
(our) small bit in starting the wave of change by continually adding to awareness raising
content and giving/ inspiring people to make a simple deodorant recipe that not only aids
them (no nasty chemicals absorbed into the body) but helps promote reusing and upcycling,
a small dent in the large issue of waste.