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Conmissioned bythe Fist Bopest Church, Cobunbus, issgg, ix hovor end appreciation of James Allen, Organist, 3 for 25 yeas of fob servce tts church ond it mse minicir, Apr, 1991. Weyke Jackson, Minister of Music, He Leadeth Me SATB Choir and Keyboard Based on Psalm 23 MARY McDONALD cond the text by Joseph H. Gilmore Quoting the wne by William Bradbury Uatute wih surance J 66 pedal harmonically samp ® yay, ivi of The Loren: Corp Al igh sere J on! + tead-eth me, He leadsethme, + My steps, they may falter or mC sf £5 :; my. path - way may tara, fromHis side. ta ete 7S, = Me is He's (ith -' ful inme to s+ eek & 7 od, bide, te teadetnene, “He eadeth me, F tp criti VS EEL : as = = == SSS SS — ———_. + ——— seat pct pr) | pee EE : | | i | | : i | “© cuorr el By Hisownhand, He lead £ ten ='der-ly guid “ing. He His lov-inghand fen = der-ly guiding, He fead = eth. me, wot ceanenot fail He wail pre-val, for where I am Helps good = nets, His kind-ness, and mer - ey, 4 — wl t wil _ dwell fot = in my low me sli of * Fre thers house For - ev er 1M sing of His Dewees By His own hand He eth me; (en deroly guid sing, He His own bad He sos | ead eth” me; fen der-ly guiding, He ead = ethame. Fy : —rzy ae : Cie ‘cannot Gil Je = sus prevail, for whee 1 am, He“ jis —_==| Ir g i wp Oanicpee leid-eth™ me, He esd ethos" His’ own hand He, faith = fat wills be, For. by His and He Federal Copyright Law prot « the ¢eproduction or sound recording of this copyrighted publication. in wh hole or in part, by any process whatioever, ralrches, schools and other non-profit organizations are 0b exempt from any of the copyright prohibitions, M I compositions, arrange- cuants harmonizations, editorial annotations and texte are all Protected by ve copyrighted in this publication may be reprextuced in Peinied programs provided the Following conditions are mee ‘The copyright notice must be included on each, eprint of the test, tne utl exaetly 3s it is shounon the frst page af music Horch: aig On ded words, REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION. The wet Consrisie way be sabssinwted forthe @ synibol, z rangement isa criminal offense subject a prosecution with ines [” “P19 S1OH.AO ancl wo years imprisonment foreach cioltion,