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Experience Dubai, United Dubai Mall is the city’s The Jumeirah Mosque is a
Arab Emirates, with travel premier mall and provides must see since it is a land
Leisure Company and your entry to the Burj Khalifa, as mark of Dubai. It is not the
tour guide, Lizbeth well as the Dubai Aquarium. largest mosque in the UAE,
Rodriguez. Spend 10 days The shopping and eating is yet it is one of the few open
with us as we hear, see, endless, and there are many to non-Muslims. It looks
smell, touch, and experience events in the mall. amazing in the evening when
activities and attractions in lit with floodlights.

Travel with a sense of

security knowing all your
travel needs and details are
done for you. Meet people,
make new friends, and create
memories to last a lifetime! DUBAI MUSEUM WHAT TO PACK

Travel Leisure Company Dubai’s excellent museum is If you are travaling in the
does the planning. You do the housed in the Al-Fahidi Fort, summer, then I suggest you
packing! Come and enjoy! built in 1787 to defend Dubai pack loose clothing that
Make reservations soon! Creek. The courtyard is home covers your arms and legs,
Travel with us between April to several traditional boats especially if you want to
6 - April 16. and palm-leaf house with an enter a mosque or a
Emirati wind-tower. restaurant. Pack items that
THE BURJ KHALIFA prevent sunbrun. We
recommend you bring a
Dubai’s landmark building in waterproof camera, to capture
the Burk Khalifa, which at memories at the beach!
829.8 meters high, it is the
tallest building in the world
and the most famous city’s
points of interest. Also,its
when you know,you are in DUBAI FRAME
the land of the rich!
Sitting between two old and
new neighborhoods, this
ginormous 150 meter high
picture frame is one of INFORMATION
Dubai’s latest sigt.
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