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Roll No.

Sessional Examination: MCA CT - II (November 2019)

Subject: Computer Graphics & Animation (RCA- 501)
Duration: 1 Hours Maximum Marks: 30
1. Attempt all Sections.
2. Student should be present in the Examination Room 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
3. No student will be permitted to enter the examination venue after the commencement of the examination.
4. Students can’t leave the examination room during examination.
5. If the student is found using Unfair Means, his/her paper will be cancelled immediately & reported to COE by the
Invigilator/Flying Squad. Thereafter matter will be handed over to the Examination Discipline Committee.
6. No doubts will be entertained by the faculty invigilator. Attempt Question Paper as per your knowledge/discretion.
7. Do Not write anything (expect your roll no) on question paper, Otherwise it may considered as UFM case.

Q. No. Sections / Questions Marks

Section A: Attempt all questions 3*2=6

1 Define Cavalier Projection in 2D Graphics 2

2 Discuss positively oriented Polygon 2

3 What is the story board in respect of 3D Animation 2

Section B: Attempt any three questions 3*5=15

4 Describe working of Pin Hole Camera with respect of Perspective Projection 5

5 Explain the logic behind the Cohen Sutherland Line clipping Algorithm 5

6 Describe the Back-Face removal Algorithm with proper example. 5

7 How can scaling with respect to Point P0 (x0,y0,z0) be defined in terms of scaling with 5
respect the Origin
Section C: Attempt any one question 1*9=9

8 Explain 2D & 3D animation with proper example of real life animation industry 9

9 Explain the projection with respect to 2D and 3D Graphics 9