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Contents of this Pro Forma shall not be changed without the Senate’s for items indicated with *. Changes
to the other items can be approved at the Academy/Faculty/Institution/Centre level.

Academy/Faculty/Centre Faculty of Law


Programme Bachelor of Laws

Course Code* LXEA 4123

Course Title* Legal Drafting II

Course Pre-requisite(s)/ None

Minimum Requirement(s)

Student Learning Time (SLT)* 120

Credit* 3

Learning Outcomes* At the end of the course, students must be able to:

a) Demonstrate a complete understanding of the practical skills in

drafting contentious legal documents including skills involved in
obtaining the material facts, preparing to draft, the careful and
prudent use of precedents and finally the actual drafting.

b) Apply the skills to deal with real life situations, demonstrate

ability to think critically and be able to act independently and
creatively in making and presenting decisions and choices when
drafting legal documents.

c) Evaluate the skills they have applied.

d) Suggest changes and improvements to the form and substance

of the skills.

Transferable Skills Teamwork Skills, Ethics & Professional Morals and Leadership Skills

Synopsis of Course Contents This course teaches the students the basic skills of drafting legal
documents. All documents that are an integral part of a lawyer’s work
are covered. This includes both non-contentious agreements as well
as documents related to litigation.

This course focuses documents that a lawyer must produce for

litigation. This starts off with pleadings, applications and affidavits
UM-PT01-PK03-BR003(BI)-S04 1

and letters before action. The documents that need to be drafted in

preparation for a trial are also included.

The course emphasises the skill of writing clearly, accurately and

concisely – in other words, in plain language. There are elaborate
exercises that take the student through every facet of drafting: from
obtaining the material facts, preparing to draft, the careful use of
precedents and finally the actual drafting.

The materials used are based on documents produced by lawyers in

Method of Delivery (lecture, Lecture, tutorials, group work and discussions
tutorial, workshop, etc)

Assessment Methods* Continuous assessment : 100%

Methodologies for Feedback on To be announced


Criteria in Summative -

UM-PT01-PK03-BR003(BI)-S04 2