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Chappell NO) a WRITING FOR RCHITECTS: and project lokeTolerorererlerere) Sao ee- eno en ome ae uaa owe eae pe ReReoneaplepregeepregragen) managers THIRD EDITION y a ST Report Writing For Architects and Project Managers Also from Blackwell Science The Architect in Practice D. Chappell & C.J. Willis 0-632-02267-1 Building Sub-Contract Documentation David Chappell & Vincent Powell- Smith 0-632-02084-9 The JCT Design and Build Contract David Chappell & Vincent Powell- Smith 0-632-02081-4 Contractual Correspondence for Architects and Project Managers David Chappell 0-632-04002-5 Standard Letters for Building Contractors David Chappell 0-632-03452-1 ‘Standard Letters in Architectural Practice David Chappell 0-632-03451-3 In preparation Causation and Delay in Construction Disputes Nicholas J. Carnell 0-632-03971-X Collateral Warranties Second Edition Winward Fearon 0-632-03896-9 The JCT Standard Form of Building Contract JCT 80 Vincent Powell-Smith 0-632-03963-9 Building Sub-contracts: A Guide for Specialist Contractors S.T. Rudi Klein 0-632-03763-6 An Arbitration Casebook John Parris & Vincent Powell-Smith 0-632-03936-1 Alternative Dispute Resolution in Construction Contracts Peter R. Hibberd & Paul Newman 0-632-03817-9 EU Public Procurement Law David Medhurst 0-632-03813-6