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Roll Number: Student Name: Grade/Section:

Teacher’s Name: Date:

Life Skills Rubric:

M- Consistently Meets Standard
A - Approaching Standard – (Self correcting and learning the skills to independence)
N- Needs Support – (Need a behavior plan or support of an adult)

(A) - 2 (M) - 3
(N) - 1
Indicators Approaching Consistently meets Score
Needs Support
expectations expectations

off-task; distracting; shares some ideas; actively participates,

inappropriate responses requires paraphrases; encourages
or contributions encouragement; others; is patient; is
Participation sometimes needs enthusiastic
redirection; may need

demonstrates little identifies the problem clearly identifies

comprehension of the through restating problem; considers
problem; comes to hasty main points, showing others’ viewpoints;
conclusions, little or no a general formulates conclusions,
Critical Thinking consideration of others’ understanding; makes comparisons and
viewpoints some/limited contrasts; applies
application of ideas extended learning.

vague positions; demonstrate ideas in has a well-defined

judgmental; a general way; position; uses
confrontational; shares limited paraphrasing questioning,
own point of view in a and questioning; paraphrasing and
negative fashion or is passive interaction clarifying; uses positive
Communication non-committal/withdrawn body language (eye
of ideas contact; posture; voice);
supports others and is
refrains from contributing shares a general shares in-depth
any knowledge or knowledge of the knowledge; applies
Use of denigrates others’ issue knowledge to past,
Knowledge knowledge present and future issues
the reader can understand the reader can the reader can understand
little of what is being understand most of all of what is being
Comprehension communicated what is being communicated

stays on task with sporadically stays on sustains problem solving

prompting. task without process over time.
Problem Solving prompting.

manages negative preempts negative thinks before acting and

emotions with assistance; emotions before they maintains focus; sets
is unable to maintain escalate; engages in goals and strategically
Managing focus over time. L goal setting and plans to reach those
Impulsivity planning with goals; exercises self-
guidance; maintains restraint without
focus with assistance

selectively listens to always listens to listens and demonstrates

Understanding others. others understanding of another
and Empathy person's point of view.

has a limited awareness is aware of individual is aware of and applies

of certain basic learning learning processes individual learning
processes with guidance from processes and can
(metacognition) the teacher or using explain strategies in own
visual models. decision-making.

is able to partially works cooperatively is open and receptive to

accomplish tasks; works and is able to feedback from others;
ineffectively in groups. accomplish tasks in draws positive energy
certain small groups. from group members
interdependently while accomplishing
tasks in a variety of roles
and responsibilities.
inaccurately identifies somewhat accurately accurately identifies parts
parts of a system; cannot identifies parts of a of a system and explains
explain how those parts system with how those parts interact
interact with one another. assistance and with one another.
Reasoning attempts to explain
how those parts
interact with one
shows some regard for shows regard for shows considerable
peers and adults by peers and adults by regard for peers and
keeping work, play and keeping work, play adults and is involved in
public areas clean and and public areas home, school and/or
Responsibility organized with teacher clean and organized community service
intervention. with minimal

Total Score: ________ out of 36