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Top 10 IOT companies as of

April 2017

1. Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the largest managed cloud platform that lets
IoT devices to connect to cloud apps and other devices.

2. Intel

The company introduced Joule, a computer module targeted at IoT developers. It is

a high performance system-on-module in a tiny low power package, what makes it ideal for a variety
of applications, including IoT, robotics, drones, and VR.

3. Google

Google entered the IoT market with the acquisition of smart thermostat producer
Nest for $3.2 billion in 2014.

4. IBM

IBM’s Watson platform allows users a range of capabilities, including the

opportunity to build their own IoT apps and services, monitor their assets and manage facilities.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft has developed its Azure Suite to allow users connect, monitor and analyze
IoT data remotely via Azure Stream.

6. Samsung

In 2016 Samsung announced that it would spend $1.2 billion by 2020 on its IoT
research and development and investment efforts. Besides, the company plans to make all of its
devices IoT ready within the next four years.
7. GE

The company’s IoT platform, called Predix Cloud, is the world’s first solution
developed for industrial data and analytics. The service allows companies to monitor, store and
analyze industrial-scale machine data in a more efficient and faster way.

8. Cisco

In 2016, Cisco announced layoffs in a move to optimize its business and focus on the
IoT segment. The company offers IoT solutions across multiple industries, including oil and gas, rail,
connected factories, aviation, and maritime.

9. AT&T

US telecom provider is a developer of M2X, a cloud-based data storage service that

will make it easier for developers to launch their own IoT apps.

10. Oracle

The company provides an IoT Cloud Service that allows users to connect their
devices to the cloud, gather data from those devices, and integrate with enterprise applications, web
services, and other Oracle Cloud Services.

Top 20 IOT Companies From “iot-analytics.com”as of 2016


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