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Read the following invitations and choose the words in the box to complete


birthday celebrate owner April, 5th Mr. Rahmad

house-warming Amelia overnight Harun evening

You are invited to

Rahmad and Rini’s
House-warming party
On Saturday, 28 October 2017
At 21 Kawi Indah Street, Besuki
From 6 p.m.

RSVP Rahmad +628 525 8245 560

1. A person holds a ____________________ party when he moves to a new house.

2. Rahmad and Rini are the ____________________ of the house.
3. The party will be held in the ____________________.
4. If you want to come to the party you should call ____________________.

30 December 2017
To : Arifin
From : Harun
Dear Arifin
Happy New Year!
Let’s come to my party.
The party will start on:
31 December 2017
9 p.m. at my house

5. Harun invites Arifin to ____________________ the New Year.

6. The party will be held at ____________________’s house.
7. The party is likely to be ____________________.

8. The invitation is a ____________________ invitation.

9. ____________________ is celebrating her first birthday.
10. The party will be held on ____________________.