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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born to Jewish parents in Ulm, Germany, on 14 March 1879. He
went to primary school in Munich. Albert did not do well in school, but he became interested in
mathematics and science. Later he studied physics and mathematics at a technical college in
Zürich, Switzerland.

After graduating in 1900, Einstein became a citizen of Switzerland. He moved to Bern

and took a job in the government office that gave patents for new inventions. Meanwhile, he
continued studying physics on his own.

Einstein’s papers of 1905 made him well known to other scientists. In 1909 he left the
patent office and took up teaching. In 1916, while at the University of Berlin, he published a
new theory – the general theory of relativity. This expanded his special theory of relativity to
include gravity. When other scientists confirmed the theory in 1919, Einstein became famous
worldwide. His famous equation is E = mc2.

In 1933 the Nazi Party took over Germany. The Nazis hated the Jews, so Einstein
decided to leave Germany. He eventually settled in the United States. He became an American
citizen in 1940.

Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey, on 18 April 1955. Albert Einstein was one of the
greatest geniuses in the history of science. His theories led to new ways of thinking about space,
time, matter, energy and gravity. However, his work also had a destructive result – the
development of nuclear weapons.